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The Cultural Soft Power of China: A Tool for Dualistic National Security

Jukka Aukia
Research on the soft power of China has proliferated to the point where little coherence can be detected. This paper attempts to bring together the various forms of analyses in both international and Chinese literature. A division in the non-Chinese research is drawn between those who recognize the international and domestic dimension in the Chinese soft power discourse and those who do not. It is concluded that Chinese academia envisages cultural soft power as a...

On social pragmatics: Its origin and early development

Jacob L. Mey
An overview of the early history of social pragmatics.

Coaching a musical mindset

Fredens Line
This article describes and analyzes the improvisational and innovative process that takes place among professional musicians during the extraordinary concert. The aim is to draw parallels to the professional coaching conversation in order to examine what new angles this analogy can contribute in proportion to coaching as a practice. In other words, how can an analysis of the musician’s communication during a successful concert shed light on what is happening in a successful professional dialogue....

Economic comparison of low-temperature and ultra-low-temperature district heating for new building developments with low heat demand densities in Germany

Isabelle Best
District heating risks to lose competitiveness the lower the linear heat density of a district is. The distribution network needs to be highly efficient in order to ensure economic feasibility. The heat distribution temperatures are crucial to keep distribution heat losses as low as possible. For a new development in Germany consisting mainly of single family houses, two district heating networks at different supply temperature levels are examined in terms of economic and efficiency aspects....

Coaching tutors to observe and regulate leadership in PBL student teams or you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink…

Noreen O'Shea, Caroline Verzat, Benoit Raucent, Delphine Ducarme, Thérèse Bouvy & Benoit Herman
The purpose of this paper is to investigate how PBL student teams develop specific leadership configurations when implementing interdisciplinary projects and whether or not tutors help in dealing with the group interactions that are subsequently generated. The data set was drawn from 2 cohorts of first-year students engaged in PBL activities in an engineering school in Belgium in 2011 and 2012. Following qualitative content analysis of tutor and student feedback and the use of sociometric...


Hugo Cancino
Sociedad y Discurso, No 9 (2006)

Sparse Nonstationary Gabor Expansions - with Applications to Music Signals

Emil Solsbæk Ottosen
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Global Tales

Pablo Christoffanini & Lotte Dam
It is well known that different processes have contributed to the creation of a global culture: the internet, sport idols, satellite transmissions, American films and their distribution through DVD rental chains, fast food chains, beverages such as Coca-Cola, brands, shopping malls, etc. Perhaps the political narratives that made possible a world of more or less free movement of goods, capital, symbols, and partly of people are even more important that these signs, symbols, icons and...

Verdensklasse eller blålys

Sune Auken
Sune Auken's contribution to this volume, World Class or Will-o'-the-Wisp, discusses a new global narrative about the universities. A narrative that has become more and more worldwide and makes itself prevalent, and whose purpose is to apply the logics of business institutions to the universities in order to measure them better and to make them more useful. Auken questions the value of competition criteria derived from business organizations (competition between organizations) for the universities that...

Klimaproblematikken som global fortælling

Mikkel Fugl Eskjær
Mikkel Eskjær presents us with three different narratives about the climate issue in The climate problematic as a global narrative: Medialization of a late modern risk: a) different sociological scenarios that give us an understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change, b) the media's narratives, their character, and content, and c) popular culture representations in the form of disaster narratives about the climate. Those narratives are helping to create the meanings that climate...

Bøgerne om alt – fortalt af mange

Kim Toft Hansen
In Books about the lot - told by a lot. Lene Andersen's global existentialism, Kim Toft Hansen presents and analyzes Baade og, a comprehensive and distinctive work in five volumes by Lene Andersen. You can place this intellectual performance as a kind of map in which different genres and sciences are mixed. An especially interesting theme in this issue of Academic Quarter is Lene Andersen's ideas of a global existentialism containing a critique of religion,...

Globaliseringen hos Ernst Jünger

Jan T. Schlosser
In The globalization in Ernst Jünger. From World War to World State, Jan Schlosser follows the German writer's understanding of global phenomena and the development of global narratives in his writings. In the early works of Jünger he reflected on the modern technology that was developed in connection with World War I. In this period he had the controversial view that there are people who master these technologies. After Germany's defeat Jünger was a spokesman...

Hybridism in the understanding of media “stories”

Valentina Marinescu
Valentina Marinescu's Hybridism in the understanding of media "stories" - An analysis of the Romanian popularity of K-drama treats a very recent phenomenon in Romania: the nation-wide exposure to "Hallyru" popular culture products. The article aims at explaining the reasons of the popularity of this type of products with the Romanian viewers, and to give an answer to how Korean historical drama series viewing influence Romanians' perceptions in general and especially their perceptions of Asia.

Biopics as Postmodern Mythmaking

Valentina Cucca
Biopics as Postmodern Mythmaking by Valentina Cucca takes as its starting point the fact that the biographical genre has experienced a renewed prominence. The main goal of her article is to identify links and connections between many contemporary socio-cultural issues and the ways in which biopics are able to thematize and rework them. She also aims at explaining which have been and are the more or less intrinsic changes and trends of this genre, which...

Rædsler fra Ribe og omegn

Mathias Clasen
In Horrors from Ribe and its environs: the horror tale as a global tale, Mathias Clasen takes as a starting point the fact that the human beings from all documented cultures spend a lot of time in fictive worlds , considering that their biological goal is to pass along their genes. According to Clasen, this suggests that art has deep roots in the human biological design. Through a reading of Teddy Vorks' horror novel The...

Tales of Tourism

Karina M. Smed
Tales of Tourism - Global Changes and tourism discourse by Karina Smedpresents us with what has been the dominant discourse of tourism, i.e. a discourse which has had its roots in the West's economic and cultural hegemony and the problem of the formation of identity from the dichotomy "self" and the "others". The author discusses to which extent tourism discourse is global as the reception of it has been different depending on the context. Moreover,...


Nicolai J. Graakjær
Nicolai Jørgensgaard Graakjær's contribution, McJingles - On the use of music in the McDonald's-campaign 'i'm lovin' it', is a stylistic and linguistic analysis of a slogan in an advertising campaign from McDonald's. McDonald's is one of the most prominent symbols of global culture and as such has been the focus of discussions about the homogenization of culture at a global level. Based on its analysis of the slogan's musical minimization and variation Graakjær argues that...


Jørgen Riber Christensen
In Starbucks: Value-driven Consumerism as a Global Tale, through an analysis of a Starbucks campaign, Jørgen Riber Christensen uncovers new trends in marketing, i.e. a new type of market campaign characterized by ethical considerations from both the producer's and the consumers' side, at the same time the appeal to purchase goods with an ethical dimension has as agents the consumers through their use of new global fora such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and various blogs....

Poet-Intellectual and Public Sociologist

Michael Hviid Jacobsen & Keith Tester
Finally, this issue contains an interview, Poet-Intellectual and Public Sociologist, with Zygmunt Bauman by the Danish sociologist Michael Hviidand the British Keith Tester. Bauman has enriched our understanding of modernity, postmodernity and globalization. In this interview, asked about his audience, the Polish-born sociologist takes us through the different conceptions, especially those the Marxist tradition has developed about the place and role of intellectuals, their mission and importance to society. Bauman focuses specially on Adorno and...

Det globale prisuddelingsshow

Helle Kannik Haastrup
In The global awards - cross-mediality, mainstream movie cult and celebrity matrix, Helle Kannik Haastrup argues that awards have to be considered media events with several functions at the same time. The article mainly treats The Academy Awards, and secondly MTV Movie Awards (2010). According to Haastrup, both awards stage-manage the "red carpet" and the "speech of thanks", and work as a platform for image management of the stars and mediated fashion.

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