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Evaluation of a Telehealthcare Intervention for Patients with COPD

Pernille Heyckendorff Lilholt
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University

Traditional Housing & Settlement

Sultan Hesari
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Adjusting to the Emergent

Line Revsbæk
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Aalborg University

Building Sustainable Value Propositions for Multiple Stakeholders: A Practical Tool

Doroteya Vladimirova
This study explores a practical approach for helping innovation leaders to build value propositions that result in more sustainable businesses. The Sustainable Value Proposition Builder is a new tool developed to support the development and communication of value propositions to multiple change stakeholders participating in business model transformations.

Orderings of life at the margins

Rasmus Birk
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Aalborg University

印度对印太外交的考虑及其局限: India’s Indo-Pacific Diplomacy and its Limitations

Li Li
印度的印太外交脱胎于其东向政策,初心是为融入亚太。以莫迪2018 年6 月 香格里拉论坛讲话为标志,印度已全面接受“印太”概念,印太外交或印太构想将成为印度 对外政策的新视角和新支柱。印度的印太外交将继续重视东盟外交,尊重东盟在地区安全合 作中的中心地位。同时,印度将与美、日、澳这些“志同道合”的国家在多个层面、多个领 域强化互动与合作,会继续参与四国集团但会适度保持低调。尽管在应对中国崛起上印度与 美国有共同利益,但印度目前仍希望在中美间采取对冲战略,不想过早选边站队,因此其印 太外交将保持较强的战略自主性。印度印太外交的局限在于:印度的主要战略方向印度洋与 其印太外交的主要方向——亚太之间似乎存在某种矛盾;印太本身冲击东盟的地区中心地 位;以及印度同时参与四国集团和上合组织也让人感觉印度“脚踩两只船”。

Using PBL and Interactive Methods in Teaching Subjects in Medical Education

Nadiia Demikhova
In modern life information and telecommunication technologies are becoming more and more developed. It especially attracts and captures the young - young scientists, teachers and students.The purpose of the article is to highlight the experience of implementing technology of problem-based learning in the traditional system of teaching medical disciplines. We try to analyze the impact of the training project Tempus «Introduction of innovative teaching strategies in medical education and the development of the international network...

Small Scale Harmonic Power System Stability

Changwoo Yoon
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University

Social Citizenship in China and the Nordic Countries

Kristian Kongshøj
The PhD Series of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Aalborg University

Perspektiver og udfordringer ved at etablere SMART CITY og SMART COMMUNITY-løsninger

Thomas Møller & Sine Dyreborg
SMART CITY-initiativer eller SMART COMMUNITY (herefter: SMART CITY) er nogle af de termer, der anvendes til at beskrive en trend i de store internationale bysamfund såsom Rio, London, Barcelona, München, Tokyo og København. Trenden går ud på at gøre bysamfundene mere ”intelligente” ved at opsamle, analysere og anvende information om fra byrummene. Et af fundamenterne i SMART CITY er digitalisering. Danmark har igennem mange år haft en førende position inden for digitalisering, og de første...

Ensemble, Entrainment, and Movement in the Mess of the Matter: Non-anthropocentric Design of Responsive-Media Environments

Garrett Laroy Johnson, Todd Ingalls, Britta Joy Peterson & Xin Wei Sha
In this paper, we describe an experimental approach to the study of coordinated group activity (ensemble) through the development of a responsive media system and enacted movement-based research. Interested in how ensembles emerge, we take into account the material conditions of phenomena associated with coordination and entrainment. To this end we share about the development of a responsive media system and as well as a series of movement experiments with the system. As a unframing...

What allows us to kinesthetically empathize with motions of non-anthropomorphic objects?

Kensho Miyoshi
The physical movements of designed objects not only have utilitarian purposes but also make us experience the diverse kinetic sensations. Such an imaginative projection of one’s own embodied sensation to observed movements is called “kinesthetic empathy”. Despite the majority of its research focused on observation of human movements, little is known about how kinesthetic empathy works with the movements of everyday, non-anthropomorphic objects. Through my close observations, I propose a new concept of “kinesthetic elements”...

Conceptual design for INTIMAL: a physical/virtual embodied system for Relational Listening

Ximena Alarcon Diaz
This paper describes the preliminary design of INTIMAL: a physical-virtual embodied interactive system for relational listening in the context of human migration, within the artistic practice of improvisatory telematic sonic performance. Informed by the Deep Listening experiences of nine Colombian migrant women in Europe, INTIMAL departs from their sensorial experience in dreams, virtual and physical spaces, for a holistic understanding of the body as interface that keeps memory of place. In counterpart with an oral...

The Aesthetics of Human Rights

Karen-Margrethe Simonsen & Ben Dorfman
Human rights are up for debate. The sense of how many and what types of rights we have continually expands, and rights’ cultural and political significances are diverse. As Michael Ignatieff (2000) has argued, human rights have undergone a “revolution” in the second half of the twentieth century. This entails human rights’ growth from a limited concept pertaining to international institutions (specifically the UN and the state actors involved) to a broad social concept deployed...

Gender Politics Orientation

Brian Russell Graham
Relating the articles published in this issue to the content of the original call, this piece will turn to the gender politics orientation of the various pieces included. I will locate each of the contributions in a discussion dealing with the kind of orientation which makes up the main section of this article. That discussion will point to the enduring appeal of different feminist approaches, although, as I shall explain, not all contributions are easily...

Bestseller and Blockbuster Culture. Introduction

Gunhild Agger, Rasmus Grøn, Hans Jørn Nielsen & Anne Marit Wade
Bestseller and blockbuster culture includes new ways of producing, distributing and experiencing media. Bestseller and blockbuster productions encompass production values in which a new type of pragmatic cooperation with external partners takes place. Films and television series are produced as platform productions for different media (cinema, television, mobile media) in combination with merchandise, franchising and destination tourism. To an increasing degree, books are published as e-books, thus contributing to changes in the culture of reading....

Cultural Iconicity

Bent Sørensen & Helle Thorsøe Nielsen
This issue of Academic Quarter on the topic of Icon brings together scholars from film and media history, art history, literary history, imagology, cultural semiotics, star studies, fashion studies and cultural studies, initiating a further exploration of the phenomenon of ‘cultural iconicity’. For the purpose of this issue we propose the following definition of a cultural icon: A commercialized, yet sacralized visual, aural or textual representation anchored in a specific temporal/historical and spatial/geographical context, broadly...

Introduction - Two Stories of the Arts and Humanities – and a Third Version Emerging

Gunhild Agger, Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Antje Gimmler, Falk Heinrich & Tytti Soila
During the past few decades, a spectre has emerged, which is now haunting the Arts and Humanities in the Western world. The question posed by this spectre is: What is the usefulness of studying Arts and Humanities? This has manifested itself in a decreasing acknowledgment, which again has resulted in considerable downsizing and diverse forms of crisis man¬agement. In this political realm this volume provides an alternative story about Arts and Humanities through the more...

Humanistisk Sundhedsforskning

Jens Lohfert Jørgensen, Malene Kjær & Anita Holm Riis
I dette nummer af Akademisk Kvarter præsenteres tolv artikler under den brede betegnelse ’humanistisk sundhedsforskning’. Artiklerne repræsenterer fire temaområder; et litterært-æstetisk, et interaktionsanalytisk, et diskursanalytisk og et filosofisk-etisk. Områderne danner tillige en ramme for artiklernes kronologi, om end der i sagens natur også forekommer overlapninger mellem temaerne. Under en samlet betragtning er de her præsenterede forskellige tilgange til den humanistiske sundhedsforskning et godt eksempel på, at såvel helt praksisnære studier som abstrakte fortællinger og filosofiske...

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