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Kantian grammar applied to French, English, Danish and some other languages

Hanne Korzen
Many linguists refer to Kant, but they do not really seem to take him seriously. I will try to show that a little closer look at Kant's cognitive model might yield insight into certain important aspects of the syntactic-semantic constitution of the sentence in different languages. I will also show that Hamann, Herder and their many followers are completely wrong in arguing that Kant's model was influenced by his own language without himself knowing it....

Paving the Way for Heat. Local Government Policies for Developing Bioenergy

Bente Johnsen Rygg
Local governments play dual roles in developing renewable energy projects. They are the targets of many goals concerning energy and climate, set by national and international actors, and they are important actors in energy planning, regulation setting, and the development of infrastructure and residential areas. In this paper, I study how local governments’ technology policies affect the actual outcome of project development based on experiences from 14 local governments. Technology policies are studied from the...

Integration, mentoring & networking

Lotte Bloksgaard

Det kønnede demokrati

Birte Siim

Economic Citizenship

Anna-Birte Ravn

Methodology to characterize a residential building stock using a bottom-up approach: a case study applied to Belgium

Samuel Gendebien, Emeline Georges, Stéphane Bertagnolio & Vincent Lemort
In the last ten years, the development and implementation of measures to mitigate climate change have become of major importance. In Europe, the residential sector accounts for 27% of the final energy consumption [1], and therefore contributes significantly to CO2 emissions. Roadmaps towards energy-efficient buildings have been proposed [2]. In such a context, the detailed characterization of residential building stocks in terms of age, type of construction, insulation level, energy vector, and of evolution prospects...

Kvinder i den nye fredsbevægelse i Danmark

Ann-Dorte Christensen

Culture, creativity, and conceptual dynamics: A structural hypothesis

Per Aage Brandt
We redefine the concept of concept and focus on its role in the intersubjective processes that characterize cultures and socio-cultural communities. Conceptual density determines communitary coherence, whereas highly variable conceptual velocity determines inter-conceptual dynamics within distinct conceptual fields of activity. Conflicts opposing force of conceptual authority by knowledge value and force of conceptual authority through social power lead to states of socio-cultural consensus or dissensus. A model of socio-cultural concept structure is proposed. The creativity...

Democratisation of Denmark

Birte Siim & Christina Fiig

Insights from Actual Day-Ahead Bidding of Hydropower

Erik N Alnæs, Roger B Grøndahl, Stein-Erik Fleten & Trine K Boomsma
We analyse bidding behavior in the Nordic electricity market, where producers submit supply schedules for tomorrow's generation in a day-ahead auction. We use the two-stage stochastic mixed-integer linear program of Fleten and Kristoffersen (2007) to generate efficient bids to assist in the analysis. These bids are compared to those submitted by three Nordic reservoir hydropower producers over four two-week periods in 2011. Being price takers, the producers maximize their profits by bidding their marginal cost....

Dialects and linguistic identity of Italian speakers in Bozen

Chiara Meluzzi
This paper focuses on the variety of Italian spoken in Bozen (South Tyrol, Italy) by Italian L1 speakers. Due to the peculiar multilingual situation of South Tyrol, Italian speakers are concentrated in the big towns of this area (e.g. Bozen), whereas the majority of Tyrolean people speak German or German dialects. Leaving apart the interaction problems between the two speaking groups, this work focuses on Italian community settled in Bozen by emphasizing the composition of...

Energy Reforms in The Developing World: Sustainable Development Compromised?

Said Mbogo Abdallah, Hans Bressers & Joy Sheila Clancy
Energy sector reforms with an emphasis on electricity growth have been taking place extensively and rapidly worldwide Particularly, motivated chiefly by classical economics’ standpoint of efficiency and market considerations, reforms have been made in the developed North. Models of reforms in the North have in turn been replicated in developing countries. However, questions arise as to whether the models used are suitable for the mostly rural and socioeconomically disadvantaged economies in the South. It is...

Dilemmas of Citizenship

Birte Siim

Grammatische, lexikalische und stilistische Züge einer Reisebeschreibung im 16. Jahrhundert. Daniel Ecklins “Reiß zum heiligen Grab” (1575)

Larissa Naiditsch
The article deals with a 16th century book written in Early New High German and describing a trip to the Holy Land. The research is centered on grammatical, and lexical, as well as stylistic peculiarities of the text. The linguistic analysis includes the ways of moving narrative forward, the alternation of tenses, the use of pronouns, as well as lexical exotisms. Special attention is paid to the grammatical peculiarity innovative for that time and typical...

The confinements of ‘metaphor’ – Putting functionality and meaning before definition in the case of metaphor.

Katie Jane Patterson
In recent research, metaphor is increasingly confronted in terms of a cline rather than a dichotomy. Yet the decision of whether a word or phrase is metaphoric is not as straightforward as a one-level cline suggests. The notion of 'metaphoric meaning' has further reaching implications on our language understanding and use than is commonly discussed. Metaphor is often subjective and dependent on changes in language specific to time period, genre, environment of the speakers or...

Energy Systems Modelling Research and Analysis

Frits Møller Andersen & Poul Alberg Østergaard
This editorial introduces the seventh volume of the International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management. The volume presents part of the outcome of the project Energy Systems Modelling Research and Analysis (ENSYMORA) funded by the Danish Innovation Fund. The project carried out by 11 university and industry partners has improved the basis for decision-making within energy planning and energy scenario making by providing new and improved tools and methods for energy systems analyses.

Regarding negative interrogatives in American English as argumentative structures

Pauline Levillain
This article investigates the use of negative interrogatives in English and provides new support as to why they can be regarded as argumentative structures (Heritage, 2002). Questions are usually described pragmatically as enabling the speaker to seek information. However, when they are negatively formulated, they are analysed in the literature as allowing the speaker to express their point of view: “negative interrogatives are treated as accomplishing assertions of opinion rather than questioning” (Heritage, 2002). This...

An econometric analysis of electricity demand response to price changes at the intra-day horizon: The case of manufacturing industry in West Denmark

Niels Framroze Møller & Frits Møller Andersen
The use of renewable energy implies a more variable supply of power. Market efficiency may improve if demand can absorb some of this variability by being more flexible, e.g. by responding quickly to changes in the market price of power. To learn about this, in particular, whether demand responds already within the same day, we suggest an econometric model for hourly consumption- and price time series. This allows for multi-level seasonality and that information about...

Gender Integration and the Swedish Armed Forces

Daniel Marcus Sunil Gustafsson

Power, Intersectionality and the Politics of Belonging

Nira Yuval-Davis

Jämställdhet, mångfald och medborgarskap

Pauline Stoltz

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