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Nationalism, Gender and Welfare

Birte Siim & Pauline Stoltz

Women against feminism: Exploring discursive measures and implications of anti-feminist discourse

Alex Phillip Lyng Christiansen & Ole Izard Høyer
The present paper studies anti-feminist discourse within the tumblr-based group Women Against Feminism, and explores how the sentiments of these anti-feminists, as expressed in a multi-modal format, may help to understand the difficulty feminism has with gathering support from its female audience. The textual corpus, gathered through the site, is analysed with methods inspired by Fairclough's 2012 version of CDA, focused on discovering social issues within feminism as it relates to a female audience. By...

Politiske identiteter og kønspolitiske holdninger i tre generationer

Ann-Dorte Christensen & Mette Tobiasen

Editorial - International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management Vol 6

Poul Alberg Østergaard
This editorial introduces the sixth volume of the International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management. Topics include methodology for assessing solar power and solar heat potentials using geographical information systems using Swiss cases, a similar analysis focusing on solar power in Kenya and the spatio-temporal distribution of the production, and the establishment of the correct economic framework conditions or incentives to promote changes towards renewable energy systems taking a Danish community as a case....

At 'gøre' køn i det moderne arbejdsliv

Lotte Bloksgaard

Kvindearbejde og kønsarbejdsdeling i tekstilindustrien i Danmark ca. 1830-1915

Marianne Rostgaard

Gender mainstreaming or diversity mainstreaming?

Carol Bacchi & Joan Eveline

Mænd, barselsrettigheder og brug af barsel

Lotte Bloksgaard

Democratisation of Denmark

Birte Siim & Christina Fiig

Integration, mentoring & networking

Lotte Bloksgaard

Heks, hore eller heltinde?

Margrethe Holm Andersen

Decision Support Tools for Electricity Retailers, Wind Power and CHP Plants Using Probabilistic Forecasts

Marco Zugno, Juan Miguel Morales & Henrik Madsen
This paper reviews a number of applications of optimization under uncertainty in energy markets resulting from the research project ENSYMORA. A general mathematical formulation applicable to problems of optimization under uncertainty in energy markets is presented. This formulation can be effortlessly adapted to describe different approaches: the deterministic one (usable within a rolling horizon scheme), stochastic programming and robust optimization. The different features of this mathematical formulation are duly interpreted with a view to the...

Grammatische, lexikalische und stilistische Züge einer Reisebeschreibung im 16. Jahrhundert. Daniel Ecklins “Reiß zum heiligen Grab” (1575)

Larissa Naiditsch
The article deals with a 16th century book written in Early New High German and describing a trip to the Holy Land. The research is centered on grammatical, and lexical, as well as stylistic peculiarities of the text. The linguistic analysis includes the ways of moving narrative forward, the alternation of tenses, the use of pronouns, as well as lexical exotisms. Special attention is paid to the grammatical peculiarity innovative for that time and typical...

Electricity cost effects of expanding wind power and integrating energy sectors

Victor Maxwell, Karl Sperling & Frede Hvelplund
Recently, questions have arisen in Denmark as to how and why public funding should be allocated to wind power producers. This is, among other reasons, due to pressure from industrial electricity consumers who want their overall energy costs lowered. Utilising existing wind power subsidies across energy sectors may be an effective means of dealing with these concerns. The following article takes the case of a community owned renewable energy project as a microcosm for the...

The gentle art of number crunching in linguistic research

Kim Ebensgaard Jensen
Review of Sebastian M. Rasinger,Quantitative Research in Linguistics: An Introduction. (Series: Research Methods in Linguistics). London: Bloomsbury, 2013, xii + 286 pp., ISBN 978-1-4725-6697-3.

Strategies for Charging Electric Vehicles in the Electricity Market

Nina Juul, Giovanni Pantuso, Jan Emil Banning Iversen & Trine Krogh Boomsma
This paper analyses different charging strategies for a fleet of electric vehicles. Along with increasing the realism of the strategies, the opportunity for acting on the regulating market is also included. We test the value of a vehicle owner that can choose when and how to charge; by presenting a model of four alternative charging strategies. We think of them as increasing in sophistication from dumb via delayed to deterministic and stochastic model-based charging. We...

Feminist Research

Birte Siim, Ruth Emerek & Ulla Koch

Mining for constructions in texts using N-gram and network analysis

Yoshikata Shibuya & Kim Ebensgaard Jensen
In constructionist theory, constructions are functional entities that pair form and conventionalized semantic and/or discourse-pragmatic function. One of the main tasks of the construction grammarian is thus to identify and document constructions. Seeing that it is unlikely that this can be done satisfactorily via introspection, there is a need for different ways of identifying constructions in language use. In this paper, we will explore the extent to which the N-gram information retrieval technique – which...

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