355 Works

Local Community, Mobility and Belonging

Anja Jørgensen, Mia A. Fallov & Lisbeth B. Knudsen

Living with Atrial Fibrillation

Vibeke Høgh

Allocation of annual electricity consumption and power generation capacities across multiple voltage levels in a high spatial resolution

Ludwig Hülk, Lukas Wienholt, Ilka Cußmann, Ulf Philipp Müller, Carsten Matke & Editha Kötter

Entire issue

Jane Bak Andersen

Hvordan har jeg det i dag?

Lisbeth Kappelgaard

Walking Without Moving

Niels Chr. Nilsson

Youth Crime, Sanctions, and Education

Britt Østergaard Larsen

Multimedia Journalism and Narrative Flow

Kate Kartveit

Innovative system for delivery of low temperature district heating

Anton Ivanov Ianakiev, Jia Michelle Cui, Steve Garbett & Andrew Filer

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  • 2017

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