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Advanced Bus Signaling Methods for DC MicroGrids

Assessment Of Electricity Distribution Grid Control Utilizing Information Access Over Non-Ideal Communication Networks

Strategic Design Fiction

Thessa Jensen & Peter Vistisen

Humanoid Robots for Health and Welfare

Jens Dinesen Strandbech

Coaching a musical mindset

Line Fredens

目录/Table of Content - Chinese & English

Journal Of China International Relations

Editorial - International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management Vol 17

Poul Alberg Østergaard

Studying the Aesthetics of Images and Advertising Films

Anders Bonde & Birger Larsen

Redaktørens ord

Ole Michael Spaten

Visiting the psychotherapy versus coaching psychology conundrum

Ole Michael Spaten


Laura Holm Dalsgaard, Nadja Lagoni Holst, Tanja Ryberg Jensen & Ole Michael Spaten

Narrative Therapy and Narrative Coaching Distinctions and similarities

Tanja Ryberg Jensen, Therese Rauff Høyer & Ole Michael Spaten

Cognitive behavioural coaching

Maja Lautsten, Ulrik Daniel Frederiksen, Tanja Ryberg Jensen & Ole Michael Spaten

Samtaler med unge universitetsstuderende

Ole Michael Spaten & Nadja Lagoni Holst


Steen Ledet Christiansen, Jens Lohfert Jørgensen & Frederik Tygstrup

Sounds of Futures Past

Steen Ledet Christiansen

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