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Det spadserende i 2010ernes Berlin-litteratur

Jan T. Schlosser
Two contemporary German books – Hanns Zischler‘s Berlin ist zu groß für Berlin (2013) and Tanja Dückers‘ Mein altes West-Berlin (2016) – express the criticism that inhabitants of big cities have stopped walking. The main subject in these texts is the walk in Berlin without having a specific purpose. The big city Berlin is considered a space of formation that should be ‘read’ to disclose history. The article examines if Zischler’s and Dückers’ walk is...

En note om allokeringsanalyser

Lasse Møller-Jensen
Geoforum Perspektiv, Vol 18 No 33 (2019): ANNUAL ISSUE, PLUS++ 2019

Algoritmisk Økonomi, Finansiel Geografi – og den techno-finansielle acceleration

Thomas Skou Grindsted
Algoritmiske økonomier er over os. Massere af computerkraft, avancerede algoritmer og big data er ved at forandre verden. World Economic Forum har udråbt algoritmers håndtering af big data til at udgøre en ny industriel revolution. Algoritmer eksisterer mange steder i vores samfund, og koblet til big data, er de ved at få afgørende betydning for virksomheders produktivitet, logistik, kundeinformation, marketing og meget mere. Også på finansmarkederne udgør algoritmer en af de seneste teknologiske udviklinger. Algoritmisk...

Heading South in Search of Female Development

Minjeong Kim
In this essay, Minjeong Kim examines the ways in which D.H. Lawrence’s 1920 novel The Lost Girl describes its female protagonist Alvina Houghton’s journey to southern Italy. This novel introduces the motif of journey as part of the female Bildungsroman structure. Alvina travels to Pescocalascio, repudiating the patriarchal restrictions in her parochial British hometown of Woodhouse and pursuing development outside home. But the colonial fear and anxiety about what lies outside European civilization inform the...

Book Review: Gustavo Moser, Rethinking Choice of Law in Cross-border Sales (Eleven International Publishing 2018)

Luca G. Castellani
The general conclusion of the book is that uniform law – namely the CISG – is often excluded because it is simply not liked by traders and their legal advisors and that the reasons for this dislike are unclear and may be unrelated to rational legal arguments. This is a dangerous approach that does not serve commercial interests and may expose involved lawyers to professional liability. Hence, this conclusion highlights the importance of capacity-building. Universities...

Editorial - International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management Vol 19

Poul Alberg Østergaard
This editorial introduces the 19th volume of the International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management. The volume present work on oil and electricity use in Africa, heating and cooling demands for buildings in Algeria, spot and futures markets in the Iberian electricity markets, transportation sector energy scenarios in Indonesia and corporate willingness to adopt renewable energy sources in Nigeria.

Technological Populism and Its Archetypes: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Cătălin-Gabriel Stănescu & Asress Adimi Gikay
Blockchain technology claims to disrupt the existing financial system, the way of doing business, and to empower ordinary citizens against an elitist economy through decentralization of the decision-making process. In the political arena, the disruptive ideology branded as ‘populism’ challenges the neo-liberal establishment. By appealing to peoples’ fears, frustrations, and dissatisfaction with the political elites, exploiting distrust in the so-called establishment, populism claims to deliver more power to the people. In this article, we draw...


Anne-Marie S. Christensen & Patrik Kjærsdam Telléus
In this issue of Academic Quarter, we focus on the concept of utility. References to utility are ubiquitous in both practical and theoretical settings. One of the most widespread ways of arguing for the initiating of or holding on to a certain practice or activity is that it is useful to us, and appeals to utility is a common and important argumentative move in theoretical discussion. However, the vast and often diverse specifications of utility...

Chinese Peoples and the Others

Jarkko Haapanen
The May Fourth Movement (1917-1921) has always been an important part of the official historical narrative of the Chinese Communist Party. Today, the Movement is often celebrated as being closely connected with the emergence of modern Chinese patriotism and nationalism in contemporary China. In the 21st century, Chinese nationalism has voiced more assertive overtones with a tendency to glorify Chinese imperial history. What is more, contemporary Chinese nationalism often adopts a negative attitude towards foreign...

Journal of China and International Relations, Vol 7 No 1 (2019): JCIR: Upcoming Issue (2019)

Journal Of China And International Relations
Early Access to select articles from the upcoming edition (2019) of the Journal of China and International Relations

Consumption of tattoos

Bodil Stilling Blichfeldt, Emilie Wammen, Zuzana Krystynova & Tobias Bjørn
Bodil Stilling Blichfeldt, Emilie Wammen, Zuzana Krystynovaand Tobias Bjørn Consumption of tattoos. Getting, Having and Being. In recent years the scope of consumption studies has expanded and increasingly includes studies of more ‘untraditional’ consumption acts. However, few studies have looked at the consumption of tattoos. Tattoos are interesting in a consumption context since they are, literally, very durable ‘products’ difficult to ‘dispose’ of. In the paper, we account for the results of a qualitative study...

Developing a viable Business Model for Start-ups at the Gruendungsgarage

Christiana Mueller, Elisabeth Poandl & Martin Glinik
Developing a viable business model is crucial when founding a start-up. This paper presents how this is achieved in the Gruendungsgarage initiative for start-ups following an experience-oriented teaching approach including a blended-learning business model workshop. Insights from instructors and participants allow the proven concept to be adopted to other formats.

Beneath the Pretty Wrapping

Pam Aloisa & William Newmiller
Human rights issues are increasingly common subjects for artists, translated in a variety of media and hybrid forms. Art is action; activism and social research are two terms that define the po¬litical field that has gained prominent status in the contemporary art scene. Consideration of wrongful convictions in the United States is more than an academic inquiry. The article considers and analyses works of art created in the context of incarceration. Artists are William and...

How play enhances creativity in problem based learning

Ann Charlotte Thorsted
This article draws on 20 Danish university students’ reflections in and on a Problem-based Learning process (PBL). The study showed how a more playful approach changed how the students collaborated, communicated, and approached a given task. They felt more creative, open minded and engaged compared to some of their earlier learning experiences. They sensed a change in how they interacted with each other, a different tone arose in their social bonding, which led to the...

An Animated Adoration

Dale K. Andrews
Consumers of manga (comics), anime (cartoons), and video games increasingly search for alternative ways to forge a connection with their favorite characters. In Japan, many of the actual places used in such media as models for background scenery have within recent years become popular as tourist destinations. In an effort to connect with the characters from the action-adventure game Sengoku Basara, female gamers began to gather at a shrine dedicated to Japan’s war dead. At...

The Poiesis of Charles Dickens’s Night Walks

Jørgen Riber Christensen
The case of the article is six of Charles Dickens’ articles based on his walks in London. The theoretical approach of the article is Heidegger’s conception of poiesis, in particular his central concept Geschehnis der Wahrheit (unconcealment of truth), which is regarded as a notable element of Dickens’ wish for social reform and his societal critique. This has the context of Dickens’ work as a reporter and editor of his periodicals Household Words and All...

Ensemble, Entrainment, and Movement in the Mess of the Matter: Non-anthropocentric Design of Responsive-Media Environments

Garrett Laroy Johnson, Todd Ingalls, Britta Joy Peterson & Xin Wei Sha
In this paper, we describe an experimental approach to the study of coordinated group activity (ensemble) through the development of a responsive media system and enacted movement-based research. Interested in how ensembles emerge, we take into account the material conditions of phenomena associated with coordination and entrainment. To this end we share about the development of a responsive media system and as well as a series of movement experiments with the system. As a unframing...

Biopics as Postmodern Mythmaking

Valentina Cucca
Biopics as Postmodern Mythmaking by Valentina Cucca takes as its starting point the fact that the biographical genre has experienced a renewed prominence. The main goal of her article is to identify links and connections between many contemporary socio-cultural issues and the ways in which biopics are able to thematize and rework them. She also aims at explaining which have been and are the more or less intrinsic changes and trends of this genre, which...

Techno-Economic Design and Social Integration of Mobile Thermal Energy Storage (M-TES) within the Tourism Industry

Archishman Bose, Mohammad Samir Ahmed, Denitsa Dobrinova Kuzeva & Johannes Van Kasteren
Industrial facilities including power plants are potential sources of cheap and low-carbon waste heat, which is often not utilized due to lack of techno-economically viable options. The present paper is based on a case study focussing at Albena tourist resort in Bulgaria to design and develop a potential Mobile Thermal Energy Storage (M-TES) system for waste heat utilization from an existing biogas-based combined heat and power (CHP) plant. Besides techno-economics, integration of the system within...

Rædsler fra Ribe og omegn

Mathias Clasen
In Horrors from Ribe and its environs: the horror tale as a global tale, Mathias Clasen takes as a starting point the fact that the human beings from all documented cultures spend a lot of time in fictive worlds , considering that their biological goal is to pass along their genes. According to Clasen, this suggests that art has deep roots in the human biological design. Through a reading of Teddy Vorks' horror novel The...

Leaders’ learning orientation and the HCM-turn in call centres

Dorina Gnauer
Research on call centres is increasingly concerned with high levels of work intensification and unveils deep-seated contradictions in this new form of service organizations. The current debate opposes management interests in rationalization and technologies of efficiency and control to employee wellbeing and the quality of the customer service. Based on a single-case study, this paper advances a differentiated view of management focusing on the mediating role of operational management in striking a balance between structural...

How the researcher’s experience of visual images can contribute to qualitative research

Nielsen, Anne Maj
This article presents a theoretical argument exploring how visual images appeal to sensory knowledge, and how sensory knowledge can contribute to qualitative research where visual images are included as part of the method. The argument is based on a phenomenological approach and a conceptual model of ‘the aesthetic object’. The experience of the aesthetic object comprises three different attitudes, each of which approaches specific aspects of the aesthetic object. By reflectively differentiating between these various...

一带一路与人类命运共同体: 中国倡议与全球行动 / Belt and Road Initiative and Concept of a Community with Shared Future for Mankind: Chinese Proposals and Global Actions

Yueqin Lin
当下,全球化以及多边主义和国际合作遭遇单边主义与孤立主义的阻击,严 重威胁着全球稳健发展与良性治理格局的形成。理性思考和探寻有效应对之策理应成为人类 共同国际社会的积极选择。中国以强烈责任感和使命感提出一带一路倡议及以其最终推动区 域命运共同体和人类命运共同体建设的宏大目标,积极探求通过平等互利共赢的多边国际合 作应对各种全球发展与全球治理挑战。但国际上诸多误解误读严重干扰一带一路倡议的落 地。在回顾相关研究基础上考察人类命运共同体建设对于全球发展与治理良性格局形成的重 大意义及其核心支撑体系及中国一带一路倡议的核心价值,厘清两者内在关联及互动共进规 律,提出中国相关世界讲清一带一路倡议本质内涵和普遍时代价值、创新实践并以此引领、 带动区域乃至全球力量推动人类命运共同体建设的基本选择。

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