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Alexandre Cesar Cunha Leite & Xing Li
Introduction to the Special Issue on Brazil and China at the BRICS for the journal of China and International Relations (Volume 6, Number 1: 2018).

Outcomes-Based Authentic Learning, Portfolio Assessment, and a Systems Approach to ‘Complex Problem-Solving’: Related Pillars for Enhancing the Innovative Role of PBL in Future Higher Education

Cameron Richards
The challenge of better reconciling individual and collective aspects of innovative problem-solving can be productively addressed to enhance the role of PBL as a key focus of the creative process in future higher education. This should involve ‘active learning’ approaches supported by related processes of teaching, assessment and curriculum. As Biggs & Tan (2011) have suggested, an integrated or systemic approach is needed for the most effective practice of outcomes-based education also especially relevant for...

På vej mod 3D/4D geografisk information

Henning Sten Hansen

Grunddataprogrammet - en dansk infrastrukturmodel for offenlige data

Nicolas Lemcke Horst, Sara Bjerre, Morten Lind & Line Hvingel
Regeringen, Kommunernes Landsforening og Danske Regioner indgik i efteråret 2012 aftalen om "Gode grunddata til alle - en kilde til vækst og effektivisering". Grunddataprogrammet blev dermed født, og Danmark fik en officiel og autoritativ infrastrukturmodel for geografisk information. Arbejdet har kørt parallelt med implementeringen af INSPIRE-direktivet, og selvom de to udviklingsarbejder har haft hvert deres bane, har der været og er stadig god synergi mellem de to infrastruktur-arbejder. Artiklen præsenterer grunddataprogrammet og gør status på...

自主开发与国际市场:新格局下的中国页岩气战略 / Self-Development and International Market: A Strategy for China’s Shale Gas Revolution

Xinyi Yuan & Kai Qi
员欣依 戚凯 【摘要】近年来,美国本土的页岩气开采呈现了迅猛增长的势态,在此背景之下,国际能源格局开始出现了战略性的新变化。与此同时,受美国巨大成功的启发与刺激,中国也有意掀起页岩气的勘探与开发热潮,政府部门及油气生产企业对页岩气开发抱有较高的期待,学界也开始对此予以了较多的关注。在信心和乐观之下,我们必须注意仍然要保持应有的冷静思考的态度和能力,既要关注页岩气大规模开发背后带有的高度的复杂性和风险,又要注意具有战略意义的页岩气资源必须受到应有的重视和必要的开发。同时坚持长期的自主开发战略和近期的利用国际市场战略,将是一种较为明智的选择。 In recent years, the shale gas production in the U.S. has experienced a rapid development due to new features in the international energy structure. Inspired by American success, China intended to set off a similar shale gas revolution. The government, industries and academic world paid increasing attention to this issue. On one hand, we may be confident and stay optimistic about the possible future, on the other hand, we still have to...

En fænomenologisk undersøgelse af modoverføring i musikalsk improvisation i voksenpsykiatrien – en praksisbaseret og praksisrelateret forskningsundersøgelse

Inge Nygaard Pedersen
Denne artikel er baseret på uddrag fra min senior-ph.d.-afhandling om modoverføring i musikterapi i voksenpsykiatrien. Der bringes uddrag fra de vigtigste teoretiske bidrag til emnet inden for den del af musikterapilitteraturen, som også er inkluderet i afhandlingen. Der bringes detaljerede beskrivelser af dele af undersøgelsesmetoden for at illustrere, hvordan jeg i forberedelsen til de dybdegående interviews har fokuseret på, at deltagernes subjektive betydningsfulde udsagn er knyttet til og har rod i udvalgte praksiserfaringer. Selve analysemetoden...

Energy system impacts of desalination in Jordan

Poul Alberg Østergaard, Henrik Lund & Brian Vad Mathiesen
Climate change mitigation calls for energy systems minimising end-use demands, optimising the fuel efficiency of conversion systems, increasing the use of renewable energy sources and exploiting synergies wherever possible. In parallel, global fresh water resources are strained due to amongst others population and wealth increase and competitive water uses from agriculture and industry is causing many nations to turn to desalination technologies. This article investigates a Jordanian energy scenario with two different desalination technologies; reverse...

Consejo editorial Internacional

Hugo Cancino
Sociedad y Discurso, No 12 (2007)

Kantian grammar applied to French, English, Danish and some other languages

Hanne Korzen
Many linguists refer to Kant, but they do not really seem to take him seriously. I will try to show that a little closer look at Kant's cognitive model might yield insight into certain important aspects of the syntactic-semantic constitution of the sentence in different languages. I will also show that Hamann, Herder and their many followers are completely wrong in arguing that Kant's model was influenced by his own language without himself knowing it....

Paving the Way for Heat. Local Government Policies for Developing Bioenergy

Bente Johnsen Rygg
Local governments play dual roles in developing renewable energy projects. They are the targets of many goals concerning energy and climate, set by national and international actors, and they are important actors in energy planning, regulation setting, and the development of infrastructure and residential areas. In this paper, I study how local governments’ technology policies affect the actual outcome of project development based on experiences from 14 local governments. Technology policies are studied from the...

La Muerte de la Idea de que no hay Alternativa a la política neoliberal: Argentina 2001-2004

Steen Fryba Christensen
Sociedad y Discurso, No 7 (2005)

Building Sustainable Value Propositions for Multiple Stakeholders: A Practical Tool

Doroteya Vladimirova
This study explores a practical approach for helping innovation leaders to build value propositions that result in more sustainable businesses. The Sustainable Value Proposition Builder is a new tool developed to support the development and communication of value propositions to multiple change stakeholders participating in business model transformations.

Indonesia Energy Mix Modelling Using System Dynamics

Kartono Sani, Manahan Siallagan, Utomo Sarjono Putro & Kuntoro Mangkusubroto
This paper is to introduce a new approach in building the national Energy Mix Vision, share an initial stage of the system dynamics modelling and discuss the modelling challenges. A literature review defines the preferred modelling for Indonesia, empirical data are then solicited to demonstrate the supply mix trends and used as baseline in developing the initial model to represent the past behaviour prior to be enhanced, upgraded and simulated to perform the desired behaviour...

印度对印太外交的考虑及其局限: India’s Indo-Pacific Diplomacy and its Limitations

Li Li
印度的印太外交脱胎于其东向政策,初心是为融入亚太。以莫迪2018 年6 月 香格里拉论坛讲话为标志,印度已全面接受“印太”概念,印太外交或印太构想将成为印度 对外政策的新视角和新支柱。印度的印太外交将继续重视东盟外交,尊重东盟在地区安全合 作中的中心地位。同时,印度将与美、日、澳这些“志同道合”的国家在多个层面、多个领 域强化互动与合作,会继续参与四国集团但会适度保持低调。尽管在应对中国崛起上印度与 美国有共同利益,但印度目前仍希望在中美间采取对冲战略,不想过早选边站队,因此其印 太外交将保持较强的战略自主性。印度印太外交的局限在于:印度的主要战略方向印度洋与 其印太外交的主要方向——亚太之间似乎存在某种矛盾;印太本身冲击东盟的地区中心地 位;以及印度同时参与四国集团和上合组织也让人感觉印度“脚踩两只船”。

Design, implementation, and evaluation of a tutor training for problem based learning in undergraduate psychology courses

Manfred Mühlfelder, Tobias Konermann & Linda-Marie Borchard
In this paper we describe a “Train the Tutor” programme (TtT) for developing the metacognitive skills, facilitator skills, and tutor skills of students in a problem based learning (PBL) context. The purpose of the programme was to train 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students in psychology to become effective PBL tutors for “freshmen” (1st year psychology students). Based on the 3C3R concept of Hung (2006), various instructional problems have been designed and used in a...

El Ibañismo (1937-1952, un caso de populismo en la política chilena), por Hugo Cancino

Jorge Fernández Abara
Sociedad y Discurso, No 14 (2008)

Increased demand-side flexibility: market effects and impacts on variable renewable energy integration

Åsa Grytli Tveten, Torjus Folsland Bolkesjø & Iliana Ilieva
This paper investigates the effect of increased demand-side flexibility (DSF) on integration and market value of variable renewable energy sources (VRE). Using assumed potentials, system-optimal within-day shifts in demand are investigated for the Northern European power markets in 2030, applying a comprehensive partial equilibrium model with high temporal and spatial resolution. Increased DSF is found to cause only a minor (less than 3%) reduction in consumers’ cost of electricity. VRE revenues are found to increase...


Inge Nygaard Pedersen

Estrategias de integración enérgetica

Silvia Quintanar
Sociedad y Discurso, No 18 (2010)

Using PBL and Interactive Methods in Teaching Subjects in Medical Education

Nadiia Demikhova
In modern life information and telecommunication technologies are becoming more and more developed. It especially attracts and captures the young - young scientists, teachers and students.The purpose of the article is to highlight the experience of implementing technology of problem-based learning in the traditional system of teaching medical disciplines. We try to analyze the impact of the training project Tempus «Introduction of innovative teaching strategies in medical education and the development of the international network...

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Anne Lyhne Høj

Perspektiver og udfordringer ved at etablere SMART CITY og SMART COMMUNITY-løsninger

Thomas Møller & Sine Dyreborg
SMART CITY-initiativer eller SMART COMMUNITY (herefter: SMART CITY) er nogle af de termer, der anvendes til at beskrive en trend i de store internationale bysamfund såsom Rio, London, Barcelona, München, Tokyo og København. Trenden går ud på at gøre bysamfundene mere ”intelligente” ved at opsamle, analysere og anvende information om fra byrummene. Et af fundamenterne i SMART CITY er digitalisering. Danmark har igennem mange år haft en førende position inden for digitalisering, og de første...

La necesidad de una teoría de la Modernización

H.C.F. Mansilla
Sociedad y Discurso, No 12 (2007)

A Handful of Takes on the Body

Max Ryynänen
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