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Cost effective strategies

Lorenzo Colone

Hull-Propeller Interaction and Its Effect on Propeller Cavitation

Pelle Bo Regener

Fracture mechanics approach to optimize inspection planning of offshore welds for wind turbines

Gustavo-Adolfo Ruiz-Muñoz

Inflow measurements from blade-mounted flow sensors: Flow analysis, application and aeroelastic response

Mads Mølgaard Pedersen

Værktøjskasse til Agil Stage-Gate®: Ny model for udviklingsprojekter i mellemstore virksomheder

Tomas Vedsmand, Kasper Edwards, Nicoline Hvidt, Michael Nielsen & Jens Kristian Jørgensen

Agil Stage-Gate®: Ny model for udviklingsprojekter i mellemstore virksomheder

Tomas Vedsmand, Kasper Edwards, Nicoline Hvidt, Michael Nielsen & Jens Kristian Jørgensen

Adhesive Joints in Wind Turbine Blades

Jeppe Bjørn Jørgensen

Probabilistic Design of Wind Turbine Structures


Computational Tools and Studies of Graphene Nanostructures

Nick Rübner Papior

Impact of renewable energy uncertainty on electric power system reliability

Edgar Nuño Martínez

Design optimization of jacket structures for mass production

Kasper Sandal

Modelling Wind Turbine Inflow: The Induction Zone

Alexander Raul Meyer Forsting, Niels Troldborg, Andreas Bechmann & Pierre-Elouan Réthoré

Remotely measuring the wind using turbine-mounted lidars

Antoine Borraccino

Coordinated control of wind power plants in offshore HVDC grids

Jayachandra N. Sakamuri

The State-Of-The-Art in Short-Term Prediction of Wind Power: A Literature Overview, 2nd edition

Gregor Giebel, Richard Brownsword, George Kariniotakis, Michael Denhard & Caroline Draxl

Ergonomisk VærdiStrømsanalyse (ErgoVSM)

Caroline Jarebrant, Jan Johansson Hanse, Kerstin Ulin, Jørgen Winkel, Kasper Edwards, Birna Dröfn Birgisdóttir & Sigrún Gunnarsdóttir

Sustainable healthcare through professional collaboration across boundaries

Sigrun Gunnarsdottir

Abstract book - 9th NOVO Symposium, Quality in health care

Beate André, Frode Heldal & Kasper Edwards

USEtox® 2.0 Documentation (Version 1.00)

Peter Fantke, Marian Bijster, Michael Zwicky Hauschild, Mark Huijbregts, Olivier Jolliet, Anna Kounina, Violaine Magaud, Manuele Margni, Tom E. McKone, Ralph K. Rosenbaum, Dik Van De Meent & Rosalie Van Zelm

Communication Technologies Support to Railway Infrastructure and Operations

Aleksander Sniady
GSM-Railways (GSM-R), which is state-of-the-art railway mobile communication technology, is gradually replacing legacy analogue radio systems. Although GSM-R is an unquestionable achievement in terms of European railway interoperability, from a telecommunication point of view, it is an obsolete technology. In the research work presented in this thesis, GSM-R technology is analysed and its main shortcomings are identified, namely: lack of capacity, limited data transmission capabilities, and inefficiency in radio resource usage. Due to these significant...

Broadband optical characterization of material properties

Otto Højager Attermann Nielsen
Optical inspection of material properties is of great interest to industry because it can perform objective and non-invasive characterisation of large sample quantities. This may be used in various ways to lower production costs and improve product quality. In this thesis the objective has been to develop and investigate the applicability of optical broadband characterization techniques in industrially relevant production process. Both combined broad and high resolution techniques have the potential to provide important information...

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