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An Integrated Media, Integrated Processes Watershed Model – WASH123D: Part 8 – Reactive Chemical Transport in Subsurface Media

Fan Zhang, Gour-Tsyh Yeh, Jack Parker, Scott Brooks, Molly Pace, Young-Jin Kim, Philip Jardine & Fan Zhang
A watershed system includes river/stream networks, overland regions, and subsurface media. This paper presents a reaction-based numerical model of reactive chemical transport in subsurface media of watershed systems. Transport of M chemical species with a variety of chemical and physical processes is mathematically described by M partial differential equations (PDEs). Decomposition via Gauss-Jordan column reduction of the reaction network transforms M species reactive transport equations into M reaction extent-transport equations (a reaction extent is a...

Flow field over a Gaussian hill by RANS simulation

Ju Feng & Wen Zhong Shen
RANS simulation of flow field over a 2D Gaussian hill without turbine. This data set can be used in studies on wind farm layout optimization in complex terrain.
This data set has been used in the following paper:
Feng, J., & Shen, W. Z. (2014). Wind farm layout optimization in complex terrain: A preliminary study on a Gaussian hill. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 524, No. 1, p. 012146). IOP Publishing.
Python script to parse and...

Integrated urban and rural water management using modern meteorological data

A. H. Lobbrecht & S. J. Van Andel
This paper describes applications of modern meteorological data for water management in urbanised areas. A case study for the city of Rotterdam (NL) is presented. It is stated that integrated water management in urbanised areas should include another dimension by integrating operational water management of urban and rural areas. The use of modern precipitation radar contributes to this goal. The Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI) delivers operational radar data to municipalities and waterboards these days....

Communication in engineering education – a new way of looking at integrated learning activities and forms of communication

Ida Klasén
A new analysis and development model has been designed to make the discussion about ‘integrated communication in engineering education’ more multifaceted. The model combines the two main principles of communication in education – communicate to learn and learning to communicate with a new dimension of how learning in communication is integrated in subject courses, passively or actively. The model can help education developer and teachers to increase different types of communication task of communication (e.g....

Possibilities for redevelopment of slope roof constuctions

Florian Nöske, Andreas Holm & Klaus Sedlbauer
The demand on living room is growing continiously. Increased wealth is expressed with higher living space per person. The statement of higher prices for estate and a big amount of old buildings forces builder to think about the loft. Meanwhile there are a lot of possibilities to develope the loft. Insulation under rafter, between rafter, at the top of rafter, diffusion, moisture barriers, ecological and conventional materials of insulation are important factors for builders, architects,...

CO2 absorption from power plants

Tim Sønderby, Kim Carlsen, Nicolas Von Solms & Lars George Kiørboe
This work is on optimizing the absorption of CO2 from post combustion by using MEA(monoethanolamine) as solvent. The aim is to report detailed experimental concentration and temperature profiles for various operation conditions. In this work the height and liquid/gas ratio has been changed to find the optimum operation conditions. The data has been compared with theoretical values based on mathematical models.

Visualizing improvements of care processes- supporting engagement and perceived systems performance in improvement work


Statistical and Stochastical Approaches to Assess Reasonable Calibrated Parameters in a Complex Multi-Aquifer System

Phatcharasak Arlai, Manfred Koch, Sucharit Koontanakulvong & Phatcharasak Arlai
Effective assessment of reasonable calibrated aquifer parameters can be mainly divided into three categories; firstly, the conventional analysis of the misfit error between observed and calculated head, secondly, the calculation of sensitivity- and correlation coefficients and, finally, the pure stochastical approach applying well-known stochastical formulae (cf. Gelhar, 1993 ). We have applied these three approaches to the Bangkok Multi-Aquifer System. The latter consists of eight complex water bearing layers under Bangkok and neighboring provinces, namely,...

Supporting data - Effects of the cooperative interaction on the diffusion of hydrogen on MgO(100)

Ivano Eligio Castelli, Stefan Gabriel Soriga & Isabela Costinela Man
This dataset is the supporting data for the manuscript "Effects of the cooperative interaction on the diffusion of hydrogen on MgO(100)", I.E. Castelli, Stefan G. Soriga, Isabela C. Man, J. Chem. Phys. 49, 034704 (2018). In the manuscript, we have investigated the role of pre-adsorbed fragments on H diffusion on MgO(100).

The data set contains all the relaxed structures and Nudged Elastic Bands (NEB) calculations in xyz and traj (Atomic Simulation Environment - ASE) format. Each...

Work related musculoskeletal disorders among nurses

Deepak SHARAN, Mathankumar MOHANDOSS, Rameshkumar RANGANATHAN, Jerrish JOSE & Joshua Samuel RAJKUMAR
A systematic review was conducted to study the current literature related to work related musculoskeletal disorders in nurses. A review was done using MEDLINE by the keywords “nurses”, “risk factors”, and “musculoskeletal disorders”. All the articles were reviewed by three reviewers based on the EPOC criteria and studies which were not adequate and inappropriate were excluded. Study design, type of data collection, assessment tools and outcomes obtained in the respective study were noted. Nurses were...

Parameter Estimation of the Nonlinear Muskingum Model Using Ant Colony Optimization

Mortazavi Naeini Seyed Mohammad & Mortazavi Naeini Seyed Mohammad
There are two types of basic approaches to route floods : the hydrologic routing approaches and the hydraulic routing approache. One of the hydrologic routing techniques, the Muskingum method has been frequently used to route floods in natural channels and rivers.In this paper, parameter estimation of the nonlinear Muskingum model is presented by Using Ant Colony Optimization. Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is one of the recent optimization methods which is inspired by the fact that...

Water quality criteria for total suspended solids (TSS) in urban wet-weather discharges

L. Rossi, R. Fankhauser & N. Ch\303\251vre
Total suspended solids (TSS) from combined sewer overflows (CSOs) and stormwater discharges represent a crucial parameter for evaluating wet-weather pollution in urban areas. In fact, the increase of TSS in water during rain events can have ecotoxic effects on aquatic organisms. Furthermore, major potentially harmful substances such as heavy metals, PAHs and organic matter are adsorbed onto TSS and later settle on sediment. Water quality criteria for TSS consequently enable the risk of wet-weather pollution...

Nano Imprint Lithography, a green technology

Andreas Bundgaard Fønss, Mads Bjerregaard Laursen, Martin Uhd Grønbech, Simone Tanzi, Anders Kristensen & Peter Bøggild
In the 3-week term June 2010 we have worked with Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) in the course 33422. NIL is a nonconventional lithographic technique for high-throughput patterning of polymer nanostructures at great precision and at low costs. NIL relies on direct mechanical deformation of the resist material and can therefore achieve resolutions beyond the limitations set by light diffraction or beam scattering that are encountered in conventional techniques. In this presentation we will present NIL...

Flow and transport in a constructed infiltration system for wastewater treatment characterised by electrical resistivity and 2D numerical unsaturated zone modeling.

Helen K. French, Nicolas Forquet, Knut-Robert Robertsen, Trond Mæhlum & Helen K. French
Disposal of domestic sewage effluents in soil has been used for several decades in Norway and more than 100000 constructed systems for wastewater purification have been built with capacities between 5 and 8000 pe (person equivalent). However, the infiltration of wastewater effluents into soils and the estimation of application rates for a given system design and environmental setting are extremely complex and often poorly understood and oversimplified (Siegrist, 2004). The infiltration system presented here consists...

iPhone application to support commuters

Johan Van Beusekom, Lars Libak Pedersen, Peter Gammelgaard Poulsen & Jakob Eg Larsen
A great deal of today’s CO2 emissions comes from cars. A way to reduce these emissions is by making people drive together instead of going alone. With our project we are creating a simple application for iPhone that will allow people to carpool easily. The application is convenient since a smartphone is something that you always carry with you. The application lets the user create and request rides and announce this on Facebook or Twitter.

Physical activity patterns in workers with neck pain assessed using accelerometry and GPS


Pore network modeling of convective drying

Andreas Yiotis, Ioannis Tsimpanogiannis, Athanassios Stubos, Yanis Yortsos & Andreas Yiotis
Drying of porous media is a process of significant scientific and applied interest. It involves several mechanisms at the pore scale that affect the macroscopic behavior of the drying process. These include phase change at the liquid-gas interface, mass and heat transfer by diffusion and convection, capillarity-induced flow through wetting liquid films and the receding of the liquid gas interfaces under combined viscous, capillary and buoyancy forces. In most typical applications, porous materials are subjected...

Assessment of CSO loads \342\200\223 based on UV/VIS spectroscopy by means of different regression methods

M. Hochedlinger, H. Kainz & W. Rauch
The use of UV/VIS-spectroscopy for water quality measurements is based on the solution of the correlation between the surrogate parameter absorbance and the resulting equivalence parameters. The coherence of absorbance and equivalence parameters (CODtot, CODsol, TSS) will be solved in this paper with different regression methods. The correlation of absorbance and concentrations are analysed based on linear regression methods, model tree regressions, multivariate regression methods and support vector machines using sequential minimal optimisation algorithm. For...

Bottom shear stress in unsteady sewer flow

V. Bare\305\241, J. Jir\303\241k & J. Pollert
The properties of unsteady open-channel turbulent flow were theoretically and experimentally investigated in a circular cross section channel with fixed sediment deposits. Velocity and turbulence distribution data were obtained using an Ultrasonic Velocity Profiler (UVP). Different uniform flow conditions and triangular-shaped hydrographs were analysed. The hydrograph analysis revealed a dynamic wave behaviour, where the time lags of mean cross section velocity, friction velocity, discharge and flow depth were all evident. The bottom shear stress dynamic...

Treatment of CSO water using floating plant beds

L. Buts, C. Thoeye & G. De Gueldre
A pilot installation treating a combined sewer overflow (CSO) at Bornem, Flanders is built. The construction comprises a presettler and a plug flow treatment zone with floating vegetation elements. The installation is aimed to treat efficiently a so-called two-year overflow event of 2,309 m\302\263 volume and 0.17 m\302\263/s peak flow. During the past three years a number of overflow events were registered. Initially the system performed well, with an observed COD-removal efficiency of 68% and...

An industry case - Prediction of Glass Cartridge Robustness in Assembly line Loading

Torben Hansen & Bo Kristiansen
Each year Novo Nordisk produces multimillion injection devices incorporating drug contained glass cartridges. These cartridges will inevitably be subjected to various loadings in both line feeding systems and in the device assembly rigs. It is obviously crucial to preserve the structural cartridge integrity and avoid any form of cracking and fragmentation of the glass for the full life time of the devices. The robustness is quantified by a safety factor against cracking. As shown in...

A Knowledge / Capabilities / Competencies Descriptor Based Graduate Grading System for CDIO compliant Programs

Antonio Costa & Angelo Martins
This paper discusses the problem of graduate program grading and proposes a descriptor based graduate grading system that is more suited to CDIO compliant engineering programs. It identifies the weaknesses of Cumulative Grade Point Average techniques as a means to quantify the “quality” of graduates and describes a grading system for individually characterizing proficiency in terms of Knowledge, Capabilities and Competencies. This alternative grading system, derived with feedback from capstone project supervisors and other external...

Energysaving sockets

Benjamin Lundsgaard, Ole Petersen, Rasmus Dahl & John Heebøll
Very few people would disagree that it is a good idea to save energy, either for environmental or economic reasons. The point of the smart socket is to inform the owner of the amount of consumed energy and gives the opportunity to easily control their energy consumption and thereby to save energy while sustaining or even increasing their comfort of living. Only few sockets needs to be installed since information is send through the electricity...

In silico exploration of the chemical space of natural compounds from Ayurveda traditional medicine

Honey Polur & Irene Kouskoumvekaki
Natural products and their derivatives have historically been invaluable as a source of therapeutic agents and our natural environment remains a non-exhausted creative pool for the discovery and synthesis of new drug compounds. Natural products can be viewed as a population of privileged structures selected by evolutionary pressures to interact with a wide variety of proteins and other biological targets for specific purposes. On basis of these concepts, in the proposed project the natural compounds...

Comparison of infiltration flows at three types of infiltration facilities in serial rainfall events with different characteristics

M. Murakami, H. Furumai, F. Nakajima, H.K.P.K. Jinadasa & R.K. Aryal
Infiltration facilities function for the groundwater recharge, retention of non-point pollutants as well as the reduction of stormwater peak flow in urban areas. Although there have been several simulation researches focusing on reduction of stormwater peak flow by introduced infiltration facilities, limited simulations have been done to estimate the water balance and discuss the characteristics of infiltration flows. In this study, runoff quantity simulation was carried out to compare the contribution of infiltration volume for...

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