6 Works

Assessment of offshore wind turbines in extreme weather conditions

Shaofeng Wang

Performance assessment of BlueINNOship maritime innovation network

Melanie E. Kreye & Zoran Perunovic

Microstructure and Fatigue Properties of Railway Steels for Switches and Crossings

Somrita Dhar

Minute-Scale Wind Forecasting Using Lidar Inflow Measurements

Elliot Simon

Analysis of Uncertainty in the Development of Integrated Solutions

Tabea Ramirez Hernandez, Melanie Kreye & Daniela Cristina Antelmi Pigosso

Wind field determination from multiple Spinner-Lidar line-of-sight measurements using linearized CFD

Poul Astrup, Torben Krogh Mikkelsen & Marijn Floris Van Dooren

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  • 2019

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