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MCR LTER: Reference: Fish Taxonomy, Trophic Groups and Morphometry

Moorea Coral Reef LTER, Andrew Brooks & Tom Adam
These reference data document the maximum length, length to weight conversion parameters, trophic status, and items consumed for fish species observed in the Annual Fish Survey Time-series core data set (knb-lter-mcr.6). With knb-lter-mcr.6, these data enable the investigation of temporal trends in the biomass of taxa as well as the abundance and biomass of different trophic groups. This material is based upon work supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation under Grant No. OCE 16-37396...

CGR01 Sweep Sampling of Grasshoppers on Konza Prairie LTER Watersheds in 1981 Only

Anthony Joern
Sweep samples for estimating grasshopper (Acrididae) composition and relative abundance at one site for each of 12 Konza Prairie LTER fire/grazing/soil treatment combinations (3 fire treatments x 2 soils x 2 grazing treatments). Samples were collected in June, August, and September. At each site on each occasion, 18 sets of 10 sweeps each (180 sweeps total) were taken. Stored data include for each site on each occasion: total number of each species (all instars combined)...

CGP01 Gall-insect Densities on Selected Plant Species in Watersheds with Different Fire Frequencies

David Hartnett
Long-term monitoring of gall-insect densities on Solidago canadensis, Vernonia baldwinii, and Ceanothus herbaceous. Gall abundances are censused in watersheds burned at one- to twenty- year intervals to asses the role of fire frequency and time since fire on gall-insect population dynamics. The data sets contain the following: Watershed fire frequency, number of growing seasons since last fire, plant species, number of galled stems, and number of censused stems. Censuses conducted for the 1989-1996 growing seasons...

Baltimore Ecosystem Study: Household Telephone Survey in support of Locke et al 2019 in PLoS One

Dexter H Locke, Morgan J Grove & Colin Polsky
This is a subset of the data found in Grove and Locke (2018), to be included with: Locke, D.H., Polsky, C., Grove, J. M., Groffman, P. M., Nelson, K.C., Larson, K. L., Cavender-Bares, J., Heffernan, J. B., Roy Chowdhury, R., Hobbie, S. E., Bettez, N., Neill, C., Ogden, L.A., O’Neil-Dunne, J. P. M.. [accepted]. Heterogeneity of practice underlies the homogeneity of ecological outcomes of United States yard care in metropolitan regions, neighborhoods and households. PLoS...

Harvard Forest site, station Suffolk County, NY (FIPS 36103), study of county area in units of squareKilometers on a yearly timescale

U.S. Bureau Of The Census, Michael R. Haines, Inter-University Consortium For Political And Social Research, Christopher Boone, Nichole Rosamilia, Ted Gragson & EcoTrends Project

Surface Elevation Data for the Upper Phillips Creek Marsh at the Virginia Coast Reserve 1998-2016

Linda Blum, Robert Christian, Mark Brinson & Patricia Willis
This dataset contains data from Surface Elevation Tables (SETs), Root SETs (RSET), and Marker Horizons (MH) located at the Virginia Coast Reserve. NOTE: These research plots are highly sensitive to disturbance and should not be approached by anyone not engaged in taking measurements.

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