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APT02 Monthly temperature and precipitation records from Manhattan, KS

Jesse Nippert
Data set contains the monthly values of maximum, minimum and average temperatures and monthly total precipitation for Manhattan, KS since 1985. Data are in three separate files, one for each measurement. Data comes from the Weather Data Library in the computer system office of the Cooperative Extension Service of Kansas State University, Manhattan Kansas. (211 Umberger Hall, (785) 532-6270.

GFE01 Ghost Fire: an experimental manipulation of fire effects on multi-trophic community dynamics in the ungrazed uplands of unburned and annually burned watersheds of Konza Prairie

Sally Koerner, Meghan Avolio, David Hoover, Kimberly Komatsu, Melinda Smith, Kevin Wilcox & Lydia Zeglin
Frequent burning is a common land practice in many grasslands worldwide, and this land use strategy has large impacts on a wide variety of ecosystem functions and services. Fire in tallgrass prairie, in the absence of grazing, alters plant community composition, decreases richness, and increases plant production. Proposed mechanisms for the changes in community composition and function are that fire decreases N availability (through volatilization) and removes litter (thereby increasing light availability and decreasing soil...

Plant species composition data for Martinelli slope, 1988 - 1997.

Marilyn Walker
Permanent plots were established on the Martinelli slope in 1987. The 25 plots are organized in a Latin square design consisting of 5 rows and 5 columns. Plots are numbered according to row and column, beginning with 11 at the northwest corner of the grid. Plot 55 is located at the southeast corner of the grid. Each plot has dimensions of 1.5 m x 2.0 m. The corners of each plot are marked with rebar...

Kellogg Biological Station site, station Barry County, MI (FIPS 26015), study of population (urban) in units of number on a yearly timescale

Inter-University Consortium For Political And Social Research, Christopher Boone, Michael R. Haines, U.S. Bureau Of The Census, Nichole Rosamilia, Ted Gragson & EcoTrends Project

Hubbard Brook site, station Vegetation zone 5 at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest's watershed 6, study of plant biomass of Betula papyrifera in units of kilogramsPer625SquareMeters on a yearly timescale

Steven Hamburg, R.H. Whittaker, Hubbard Brook, F. H. Bormann, Chuck Peters, Timothy Fahey, Gene Likens, J.S. Eaton, Chris Johnson, Thomas Siccama, Charles Driscoll & EcoTrends Project

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