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Detecting word endings in an unknown script

Michael Mäder

Some new Linear Elamite inscriptions

Michael Mäder

Thoughts on the possible Iranian origins of the Jemdet Nasr painting style

Mouheyddine Ossman

Provincial Administration in Babylonia: A Case of Kassite Nippur

Marina Redina-Thomas

At the intersection of material finds and identity

Jeannette Boertien

Beauty beyond aesthetics: the abstract thought and the universal language of the natural world to the Sumerian/roman farmer’s eyes

Nelson Henrique Da Silva Ferreira

Garments and Shrouds of Egyptian and Nubian Pilgrims from Qasr el-Yahud, Ninth Century CE

Orit Shamir

Women in Neo-Assyrian Palaces: The case of the ekal mašarti in Nimrud/Kalḫu

Eva Schmalenberger

The Bay of Kiladha Project (Argolid, Greece): Bridging East and West

Julien Beck, Despina Koutsoumba, Julien Beck, Patrizia Birchler Emery, Ioanna Kraounaki, Ioanna Kraounaki & Despina Koutsoumba

The motive of Hieros Gamos in Jesus’s Baptism in the Jordan River and in Jewish Kabballah

Ofir Jacobson

Mesopotamian cylinder seal from Lori Berd (Armenia): An object in an unusual location?

Ruben Davtyan

The Iron Age I in the Northern Levant: New perspectives from Lebanon

Hanan Charaf

Following the Collapse: Regeneration or Transformation of the Urban Societies?

Mohammed Alkhalid

Polymorphic iconography common influences or individual features in the Near Eastern perspective

Grzegorz First

The never-ending Quest for the Elites:New Approaches to the Study of Cemeteries and Social Organization

Pınar Durgun

Loom weights as a research tool

Boertien, Jeannette; Groningen University

A Review of Pottery Cultures in Central Anatolia during the Middle Iron Age, taking Yassıhöyük (Kırşehir) as a Case Study

Nurcan Küçükarslan

The visible dead: dolmens and the landscape in Early Bronze Age Jordan

Fraser, James; British Museum

Towards a Definition of the Sumerian Sergida

Anna Glenn

Easy-Going: The Treatment of Written Records in the Ancient Syropalestine

Pavel Čech

Visualizing the Provenance of Sumerian Literary Texts

Sebastian Borkowski

Linking a rural sanctuary with ancient metallurgy at Kataliondas Kourvellos (Cyprus)

Patrizia Birchler Emery, Julien Beck, Bertrand Merminod, Vasiliki Lysandrou, Dragos Constantin, Athos Agapiou & Kyriakos Themistocleous

Syro-Hittite iconography and food in practice

Nicole Herzog

The Treatment of Troublesome Regions

Boaz Stavi

The Tell 'Uqair temple (4th mill.BC) : colours and iconography

Sarah Dermech

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