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Eye on Music Reading: A Methodological Review of Studies from 1994 to 2017

Puurtinen, Marjaana; University Of Turku

Synchronizing eye tracking and optical motion capture: How to bring them together

Burger, Birgitta; Finnish Centre For Interdisciplinary Music Research, Department Of Music, Art And Culture Studies, University Of Jyväskylä, Finland, Puupponen, Anna; Sign Language Centre, University Of Jyväskylä & Jantunen, Tommi; Sign Language Centre, University Of Jyväskylä

Gazing at the partner in musical trios: a mobile eye-tracking study

Thomas De Baets, Brône, Geert; KU-Leuven University, Belgium, Geert De Bièvre, Vandemoortele, Sarah; LUCA School Of Arts, Leuven, Belgium, Reybrouck, Mark; KU-Leuven University, Belgium & Feyaerts, Kurt; KU-Leuven University, Belgium

The rhythm of cognition – Effects of an auditory beat on oculomotor control in reading and sequential scanning

Hans A. Trukenbrod, Lange, Elke B.; Max-Planck-Institute For Empirical Aesthetics, Pieczykolan, Aleksandra; University Of Würzburg & Lynn Huestegge

Early attraction in temporally controlled sight reading of music

Ylitalo, Anna-Kaisa; University Of Jyväskylä, Finland, Puurtinen, Marjaana; University Of Turku, Finland & Huovinen, Erkki; Royal College Of Music In Stockholm, Sweden; University Of Jyväskylä, Finland

The impact of music and stretched time on pupillary responses and eye movements in slow-motion film scenes

Hammerschmidt, David; Universität Hamburg & Wöllner, Clemens; Universität Hamburg

Eye movements in scene perception while listening to slow and fast music

Šefara, Denis; University Of Hradec Králové, Mlejnek, Roman; The Prague Conservatoire, Franěk, Marek; University Of Hradec Králové, Petružálek, Jan; University Of Hradec Králové & Leon Van Noorden

Culture shapes how we look: Comparison between Chinese and African university students

Duan, Zhaohui; Central China Normal University, Wang, Fuxing; Central China Normal University & Hong, Jianzhong; Central China Normal University

The Illusion of Being Located in Dynamic Virtual Environments. Can Eye Movement Parameters Predict Spatial Presence?

Weibel, David; University Of Bern, Switzerland, Mast, Fred W.; University Of Bern, Switzerland, Stricker, Daniel; University Of Bern, Switzerland, Siegenthaler, Eva; Distance Learning University Switzerland & Wissmath, Bartholomäus; University Of Bern, Switzerland

Visual Fixation Durations and Saccade Amplitudes: Shifting Relationship in a Variety of Conditions

Helmert, Jens R.; Applied Cognitive Research/Psychology III, Technische Universitaet Dresden, Roth, Katharina; Department Of Psychiatry, University Of Bonn, Walter, Henrik; Department Of Psychiatry, University Of Bonn, Pannasch, Sebastian; Applied Cognitive Research/Psychology III, Technische Universitaet Dresden & Herbold, Ann-Katrin; Department Of Psychiatry, University Of Bonn

When words and graphs move the eyes:The processing of multimodal causal relations

Parodi, Giovanni; Pontificia Universidad Católica De Valparaíso, Recio, Inés; Heidelberg University & Julio, Cristóbal; Pontificia Universidad Católica De Valparaíso

The Central Bias in Day-to-Day Viewing

Frouke Hermens, Timothy L Hodgson & Flora Ioannidou

A Skeleton-based Approach to Analyze and Visualize Oculomotor Behavior when Viewing Animated Characters

Thibaut Le Naour & Bresciani, Jean-Pierre; University Of Fribourg

Learning to search. The importance of eye movements in the decrease of response times during a visual choice reaction time task

Mak, Monika; Independent Clinical Psychology Unit, Department Of Psychiatry, Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin, Poland, Kroll, Aleksandra; Independent Clinical Psychology Unit, Department Of Psychiatry, Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin, Poland & Samochowiec, Jerzy; Department Of Psychiatry, Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin, Poland

Image preference estimation with a data-driven approach: A comparative study between gaze and image features

Ozaki, Yasunori; The University Of Tokyo, Japan, Sugano, Yusuke; The University Of Tokyo, Japan, Kasai, Hiroshi; The University Of Tokyo, Japan, Ogaki, Keisuke; The University Of Tokyo, Japan & Sato, Yoichi; The University Of Tokyo, Japan

Eye-tracking Study of Reading Speed from LCD Displays: Influence of Type Style and Type Size

Podlesek, Anja; University Of Ljubljana, Možina, Klementina; University Of Ljubljana & Franken, Gregor; University Of Ljubljana

Anticipation of physical causality guides eye movements

Wende, Kim; Université Catholique De Louvain, Missal, Marcus; Université Catholique De Louvain & Theunissen, Laetitia; Université Catholique De Louvain

Different judgments about visual textures invoke different eye movement patterns

Renken, Remco; University Medical Center Groningen, Cornelissen, Frans W.; University Medical Center Groningen, Jacobs, Richard H.A.H.; University Medical Center Groningen & Thumfart, Stefan; Profactor GmbH

Using Eye Tracking to Trace a Cognitive Process: Gaze Behaviour During Decision Making in a Natural Environment

Gidlöf, Kerstin; Lund University, Dewhurst, Richard; Lund University, Holmqvist, Kenneth; Lund University & Wallin, Annika; Lund University

Abstracts of the 15th European Conference on Eye Movements 2009

Liversedge, Simon P.; University Of Southampton

Increased microsaccade rate in individuals with ADHD traits

Stafford, Tom; The University Of Sheffield, Overton, Paul; The University Of Sheffield & Panagiotidi, Maria; Staffordshire University

Error Correction in Vergence Eye Movements: Evidence Supporting Hering’s Law

Semmlow, John L.; Rutgers University, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Alvarez, Tara L.; New Jersey Institute Of Technology & Granger-Donetti, Bérangère; Essilor International

Systematic tendencies in scene viewing

Vincent, Benjamin T.; University Of Dundee & Tatler, Benjamin W.; University Of Dundee

Gaze Tracking in Semi-Autonomous Grasping

Castellini, Claudio; LIRA-Lab, University Of Genova, Italy

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