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A preliminary survey of practice patterns across several European kidney stone centers and a call for action in developing shared practice.

Pietro Manuel Ferraro, Miguel Ángel Arrabal-Polo, Giovambattista Capasso, Emanuele Croppi, Adamasco Cupisti, Thomas Ernandez, Daniel Guido Fuster, Juan Antonio Galan, Felix Grases, Ewout J Hoorn, Felix Knauf, Emmanuel Letavernier, Nilufar Mohebbi, Shabbir Moochhala, Kremena Petkova, Agnieszka Pozdzik, John Sayer, Christian Seitz, Pasquale Strazzullo, Alberto Trinchieri, Giuseppe Vezzoli, Corrado Vitale, Liffert Vogt, Robert J Unwin, Olivier Bonny … & Giovanni Gambaro
Currently an evidence-based approach to nephrolithiasis is hampered by a lack of randomized controlled trials. Thus, there is a need for common platforms for data sharing and recruitment of patients to interventional studies. A first step in achieving this objective would be to share practice methods and protocols for subsequent standardization in what is still a heterogeneous clinical field. Here, we present the results of a pilot survey performed across 24 European clinical kidney stone...

Mood As Cumulative Expectation Mismatch: A Test of Theory Based on Data from Non-verbal Cognitive Bias Tests

Camille M. C. Raoult, Julia Moser & Lorenz Gygax
Affective states are known to influence behavior and cognitive processes. To assess mood (moderately long-term affective states), the cognitive judgment bias test was developed and has been widely used in various animal species. However, little is known about how mood changes, how mood can be experimentally manipulated, and how mood then feeds back into cognitive judgment. A recent theory argues that mood reflects the cumulative impact of differences between obtained outcomes and expectations. Here expectations...

Electromyographic reactivity measured with scalp-EEG contributes to prognostication after cardiac arrest.

Matteo Caporro, Andrea O Rossetti, Andrea Seiler, Thomas Kustermann, Nathalie Ata Nguepnjo Nguissi, Christian Pfeiffer, Rebekka Zimmermann, Matthias Hänggi, Mauro Oddo, Marzia De Lucia & Frederic Zubler
AIM To assess whether stimulus-induced modifications of electromyographic activity observed on scalp EEG have a prognostic value in comatose patients after cardiac arrest. METHODS 184 adult patients from a multi-centric prospective register who underwent an early EEG after cardiac arrest were included. Auditory and somatosensory stimulation was performed during EEG-recording. EEG reactivity (EEG-R) and EMG reactivity (EMG-R) were retrospectively assessed visually by board-certified electroencephalographers, and compared with clinical outcome (cerebral performance category, CPC) at three...

Can Ultrasound Be Used to Predict Loss of Remission in Patients with RA in a Real-life Setting? A Multicenter Cohort Study

Pascal Zufferey, Almut Scherer, Michael J. Nissen, Adrian Ciurea, Giorgio Tamborrini, Laure Brulhart, Sandra Blumhardt, Martin Toniolo, Burkhard Möller & Hans-Ruedi Ziswiler

Comparison of Fixation Techniques for Acetabular Fractures Involving the Anterior Column with Disruption of the Quadrilateral Plate: A Biomechanical Study.

Christian May, Mike Egloff, Andre Butscher, Marius Keel, This Aebi, Klaus-Arno Siebenrock & Johannes Dominik Bastian
BACKGROUND In elderly patients who have sustained an acetabular fracture involving disruption of the quadrilateral plate (QLP), postoperative loading of the joint beyond the level of partial weight-bearing can result in medial redisplacement of the QLP. The purpose of this biomechanical study was to compare the performances of 4 different fixation constructs intended to prevent medial redisplacement of the QLP. METHODS Anterior column posterior hemitransverse (ACPHT) fractures with disruption of the QLP were created on...

Употребление глагольных времён в древнерусских перформативных высказываниях: прагматический подход

Simeon Dekker
The Novgorod birchbark letters occupy an intermediate position on a continuum between orality and literacy. Thanks to this corpus, we can trace the development of a formal written language over a period of more than four centuries. Its emergence can partly be traced to (1) the adaptation of Church Slavonic norms to secular text types, and partly be attributed to (2) an adaptation of vernacular oral habits to the written medium. The twofold origin of...

The Role of Middle Management in the Implementation of Sustainability Strategies

Arthur Posch & Gerhard Speckbacher
This paper aims at contributing to a better understanding of the role of middle management in implementing sustainability strategies. We propose three main levers for the substantive implementation of sustainability strategies: virtues- and values-based staffing procedures for middle managers, their cultural alignment with corporate strategy, and a “middle-up-down role” for middle managers in performance measurement. Moreover, we argue that secondary stakeholder pressure impedes cultural alignment and thus such pressure generates a tradeoff to be managed....

Polycentric governance compensates for incoherence of resource regimes: The case of water uses under climate change in Oberhasli, Switzerland

Elke Kellner, Christoph Oberlack & Jean-David Gerber
Incoherent institutional regimes are among the most critical barriers to adapt water governance under climate change. However, it remains unclear how different governance processes can coordinate competing resource uses despite incoherence of institutional resource regimes. This paper examines how institutional resource regimes and polycentric governance processes are co-evolving and to what extent these processes coordinate competing resource uses in incoherent resource regimes. Empirically, we performed an embedded case study of the institutional resource regime and...

Light curing through glass ceramics with a second- and a third-generation LED curing unit: effect of curing mode on the degree of conversion of dual-curing resin cements

Simon Flury, Adrian Lussi, Reinhard Hickel & Nicoleta Ilie
Objectives The aim of this study was to measure the degree of conversion (DC) of five dual-curing resin cements after different curing modes with a second- and a third-generation light-emitting diode (LED) curing unit. Additionally, irradiance of both light curing units was measured at increasing distances and through discs of two glass ceramics for computer-aided design/manufacturing (CAD/CAM). Materials and methods Irradiance and spectra of the Elipar FreeLight 2 (Standard Mode (SM)) and of the VALO...

Du riechst heute aber fruchtbar

Alexandra Bröhm & Daria Knoch
Männer sind sich überraschend einig darin, welche Frauen einen anziehenden Duft verströmen. Eine Studie zeigt, woran das liegen könnte.

SNSF Career Tracker Cohorts (CTC) Newsletter 2019/1

Ben Jann, Michèle Amacker, Janine Lüthi, Janine Widmer & Barbara Zimmermann

Toward an Ecological Approach to Prospective Memory? The Impact of Neisser’s Seminal Talk on Prospective Memory Research

Beat Meier
Prospective memory is important because it enables a person to lead an autonomous life by remembering duties, chores, and appointments. Examples such as remembering to pick up the kids at daycare on the way home from work, meet your doctor to check the blood pressure tomorrow at 2 o’clock, or remembering to take your anticoagulants are some of the typical examples. In his seminal talk entitled “Memory: What are the important questions?” Neisser (1978) harshly...

Genetic lineage tracing of targeted cell populations during enthesis healing.

Helen Laura Moser, Anton P Doe, Kristen Meier, Simon Garnier, Damien Laudier, Haruhiko Akiyama, Matthias Zumstein, Leesa M Galatz & Alice H Huang
Rotator cuff supraspinatus tendon injuries are clinically challenging due to the high rates of failure after surgical repair. One key limitation to functional healing is the failure to regenerate the enthesis transition between tendon and bone, which heals by disorganized scar formation. Using two models of supraspinatus tendon injury in mouse (partial tear and full detachment/repair), the purpose of the study was to determine functional gait outcomes and identify the origin of the cells that...

Imperialismustheorien und Geschichte: Eine empirische Annäherung

Daniel Marc Segesser
For decades, if not centuries, the term imperialism has been used in manifold and ambivalent ways. Some historians, such as William Hancock, therefore shied away from using it in their texts, while others set up theories to explain as much as possible with regard to the European expansion into the non-European world – and in some cases even beyond. Taking the three cases of German colonial policy before 1890, the granting of “responsible government” to...

Co-producing Knowledge for Sustainable Development in Telecoupled Land System

Julie Gwendolin Zähringer, Flurina Schneider, Andreas Heinimann & Peter Messerli
Land is at the core of our planet’s sustainable development challenges. Different actors have contesting claims on ecosystem services provided by local land systems. Land-use changes therefore always entail trade-offs in terms of ecosystem service provision. The United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development offers a normative frame for land system science to produce relevant knowledge for transformation. Such knowledge should include an understanding of social-ecological systems from a systemic as well as a power...

PreImplantation Factor Dictates Oligodendrocyte Differentiation by Modulating NCOR2 Methylation in H19 Dependent Manner.

Marialuigia Spinelli, Daniel Surbek, Andreina Schoeberlein, Irene Keller, Angelique Bordey, Eytan Barnea, Michael Paidas & Martin Müller
Introduction: Premature infants face multiple challenges including periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) and successful therapies are lacking. Oligodendrocyte Progenitor Cells (OPCs) give rise to myelin producing cells during brain development. Activation of dormant OPCs at the epigenetic level represents an attractive strategy. Long non-coding RNA H19 is a potential candidate to regulate epigenetic cell differentiation since it inhibits S-adenosylmethionine-dependent methyltransferases that methylate DNA at regulatory sites. Since synthetic PreImplantation Factor (sPIF) protects against multiple neuronal disorders, we...

Soziale Akzeptanz der Talsperre Trift in den Schweizer Alpen

Elke Kellner
Neue Talsperren-Projekte in landschaftlich wertvollen Gebieten können ein hohes Konfliktpotenzial haben aufgrund ihrer ökologischen und landschaftlichen Auswirkungen sowie konkurrierenden Wassernutzungen. Der Artikel untersucht Einflüsse auf die soziale Akzeptanz beim Projekt Trift in der Schweiz. Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass sich die Akzeptanz durch das Zusammenspiel von Meinungen einzelner Akteursgruppen zu bestimmten Faktoren sowie durch komplexe, polyzentrische Prozesse auf verschiedenen Ebenen entwickelt. Dies sollte bei der Planung von Talsperren beachtet werden.

Sputtering of water ice films: A re-assessment with singly and doubly charged oxygen and argon ions, molecular oxygen, and electrons

André Galli, Audrey Helena Vorburger, Peter Wurz & Marek Tulej
We studied the erosion rates from thin water ice films on a microbalance upon irradiation with ions (O⁺, O₂⁺, O²⁺,Ar⁺, and Ar²⁺) and electrons at energies between 0.1 keV and 80 keV. The results with O⁺ and Ar⁺ irradiation confirm previous results of other research groups that relied on the same experiment set-up. In addition, we assessed how the ice film thickness affects the results and we compared the results for singly versus doubly charged...

Umbilical Cord Stem Cell-Derived Exosomes as a Treatment in Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury.

Gierin Florence Thomi, Marianne Jörger Messerli, Valérie Haesler, Daniel Surbek & Andreina Schoeberlein
Introduction: Survivors of preterm birth are at risk to suffer from hypoxic-ischemic brain injury leading to subsequent neurodevelopmental deficits. Preterm-specific hypoxic-ischemic brain injury is characterized by a disruption of normal developmental myelination of the brain. In animal models of hypoxic-ischemic brain injury, Wharton’s jelly mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (WJ-MSC) derived from umbilical cords restore normal myelination, in part through the release of cell-derived extracellular vesicles like exosomes. We aimed to test the therapeutic potential of WJ-MSC-derived...

Periprosthetic Infection: Major Cause of Early Failure of Primary and Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty.

Dimitrios Stergios Evangelopoulos, Sufian Ahmad, Anna Krismer, Christoph Albers, Sven Hoppe, Barbara Katharina Kleer, Sandro Kohl & Atesch Ateschrang
Revision total knee arthroplasty (RTKA) represents an effective treatment for failed TKA, but with less favorable outcomes. Considering the technical complexity and economic burden of RTKA procedures, it is mandatory to investigate current mechanisms and predictors for RTKA failure. The objective of this study is to evaluate the survivorship and determine the predominant causes of failure of RTKA. A total of 146 patients undergoing RTKA between 2003 and 2013 were identified from the institutional database....

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