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Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, N I 6:69 : Balbus gromaticus, Expositio et ratio omnium formarum (Fragment)

Johann Sichard & Gromaticus Balbus
Fragment of an agrimensor manuscript, which evidently came to Basel from Fulda at the beginning of the 16th century in order to serve Johannes Sichardus in 1628 as a master copy for printing in the printshop of Henricus Petrus. Poggio Bracciolini should have seen it in Fulda in 1417. The manuscript was produced in the first half of the 9th century in Fulda. In the second half of the 16th century it was used in...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 144 : Augustinus, Sermones; Excerpta.

Aurelius Augustinus
This 10th century composite manuscript produced at the Abbey of St. Gall contains the pseudo-Augustinian sermons De consolatione mortuorum, together with Augustine's sermon 172 and excerpts from the Augustinian works De cura pro mortuis gerenda, De octo Dulcitii quaestionibus and De civitate dei.

Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, B X 8 : Composite manuscript with material for sermons

Von Vitry Jakob, Urban Moser, Johannes Loy, Georgius Carpentarii, Jakob Louber & De Voragine Jacobus
This manuscript for regular use consists of four parts; it contains material for preparing sermons, including a register of sermon topics, an extensive corpus of legends and more than 100 exempla. The manuscript shows various signs of use and, on the back, it still has a title label from the Carthusian Monastery of Basel, where it was held in the 15th and 16th century.

Fribourg/Freiburg, Archives de l'État de Fribourg/Staatsarchiv Freiburg, Archives du Chapitre St. Nicolas/Kapitelsarchiv St. Niklaus, CSN III.3.5 : Antiphonarium Lausannense. De Sanctis, pars hiemalis. Officium B.M.V. Commune Sanctorum

This antiphonary with musical notation, whose text corresponds to the Lausanne Ordinary, contains the winter portion of the de Sanctis, the Officium B.M.V. and the Commune Sanctorum. The parchment codex was written between 1510 and 1517 in the workshop of Master Ruprecht (Fabri) in Fribourg by 2 hands (A and B). The book decorations are by Jakob Frank of the Augustinian monastery ofFribourg and an assistant.

Fribourg/Freiburg, Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire/Kantons- und Universitätsbibliothek, Ms. L 39 : Liber Ordinarius officii et missae und Rituale, some parts in German

The Liber ordinarius is a liturgical text that describes the ceremonies for every day and for holidays for a certain cathedral or for a certain collegiate or monastery church. In this case it is a Liber for Augustinian Hermits; according to a note on f. 63v-64r, it was written by Brother Georius Vituli from the Convent of the Augustinian Heremits in Freiburg in Breisgau. It contains various sermons, instructions and a treatise on the Ten...

Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, N I 3:41 : Fulda Legendary

Leaf from the third volume (May-June) of a Fulda Legendary that originally consisted of six volumes, commissioned in 1156 by Rugger, monk at Frauenberg Abbey in Fulda (1176-1177 abbot of Fulda as Rugger II). This fragment contains parts of the vita of St. Athanasius and probably was written by Eberhard of Fulda. The legendary was still used in the middle of the 16th century in Fulda by Georg Witzel (1501-1573) for his Hagiologium seu de...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 440 : Psalter with antiphons and hymns, hymnal

Balbulus Notker
This manuscript was written at the behest of St. Gall Abbot Ulrich Rösch (1463-1491) (dating on f. 227r: 1467). Its content corresponds substantially to that of Cod. Sang. 438: a Psalter with the Psalms in biblical order, as well as several liturgical rubrics, antiphons (partly only with the Initium) and hymns are followed from f. 148v by Cantica, and from f. 172v by a hymnal. Antiphons and hymns have melodies in German plainsong notation ("Hufnagelnotation")...

Samedan, Chesa Planta Samedan, Ab 31 : [La chianzun da la guerra dalg Chiaste da Müs] (The song of the Musso War)

This is the oldest surviving copy of Gian Travers’ epic verse report about the events of the Musso War of 1525/1526, written in 1527. This report is the oldest known Romansh (bünderromanische) text. Johan Schucan from Zuoz signed as scribe; at the time of this copy, he was Protestant pastor in Zernez.

Zürich, Braginsky Collection, B52 : Seder Tikkun ha-Mohel ("Prayers for the circumsicion ceremony")

This codex contains prayers for the circumcision ceremony. The ceremony, depicted on f. 10r, takes place in a synagogue. The prophet Elijah, who will come in order to announce the advent of the Messiah, is considered to be present at the ceremony. An illustration on f. 18r depicts the blessing over wine. The decoration is the work of the illustrator Uri Fayvesh ben Isaac Segal, who was a prominent representative of the so-called Hamburg-Altona school...

Cologny, Fondation Martin Bodmer, Cod. Bodmer 84 : De victus ratione liber II seu De observantia ciborum

This Carolingian manuscript from the period before 850 comes from the Cloister of Fulda. It contains the sole extant copy of the Latin version of a text falsely attributed to Hippocrates: "De victus ratione", which sets forth the foundations of dietetics and emphasizes the antagonism between the elements of fire and water within the body. Numerous scholars and physicians have relied on this text throughout history.

Cologny, Fondation Martin Bodmer, Cod. Bodmer 47 : Catullus, Carmina

Sydney Carlyle Cockerell, Martin Bodmer & Gaius Valerius Catullus
The Carmina by Catullus contained in this codex was written in a humanistic cursive, attributed to the calligrapher Ludovico Regio di Imola. The frontispiece in grisaille with gold highlights is framed by motifs in the manner of antiquity with trophies, sphinxes and mascarons, while the title in gold letters stands out from the crimson background. At the bottom of the page, the coat of arms on a disc held by two putti is overlaid in...

Aarau, Aargauer Kantonsbibliothek, MsWettF 11 : Biblia Sacra . Short tract „De fructibus carnis et spiritus“

Hirsaugiensis Conradus
This manuscript, which probably originated in a German-speaking region, contains a Biblia sacra decorated with numerous initials with a gold ground, as well as the short tract entitled De fructibus carnis et spiritus, attributed to Hugo of St. Victor or Conrad of Hirsau, with two schematic diagrams. During the 16th century the richly decorated manuscript was owned by Christoph Silberysen, Abbot of the Cistercian cloister at Wettingen.

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 610 : Computistic Texts and Tables; Lives of Saints and Martyrs; Casus sancti Galli etc.

De Dacia Petrus, De Fabaria Conradus, Strabo Walahfridus, Augiensis Berno, Vadianus Joachim, Elwangensis Ermenricus, Minimus Eccardus, Sangallensis Eccardus I, Sangallensis Ratpertus, Ildefons Von Arx, Eccardus IV, Sangallensis, Ildefons Von Arx, Anonymus, De Bellovisu Armandus, Sangallensis Iso, Ildefons Von Arx, Steffan Kapfman, Lugdunensis Eucherius & Sangallensis Hermannus
The two main components of this manuscript are the lives of the house saints of St. Gall (Gallus, Otmar, Wiborada and Notker Balbulus) and of the apostles and early Christian saints and martyrs, and the Chronicle of the Abbey of St. Gall, from the Casus sancti Galli by Ratpert (612-883) to the Continuatio by Conradus de Fabaria (1204-1234). St. Gall reformer Vadian added marginal notes, some of them quite detailed and critical, to the text...

St. Gallen, Kantonsbibliothek, Vadianische Sammlung, VadSlg Ms. 296 : Boethius, De arithmetica, De institutione musica

Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius & Sebastian Schobinger
In the works De arithmetica and De institutione musica Boethius transmitted Greek mathematics and music theory to medieval readers. The polychrome schematic illustrations in this 12th century manuscript are particularly carefully made.

Hermetschwil, Benediktinerinnenkloster, Cod. chart. 192 : Prayer book

Von Kempen Thomas, Venerabilis Beda & Von Lindau Marquard
This manuscript contains a collection of prayers and texts for contemplation. Some pages are torn. Entire quires have been ripped out.

Müstair, Benediktinerinnenkloster St. Johann, XX/48 Nr. 15 : Cartulary

Fragment of a cartulary written around 800. Copies, in part complete, of six deeds of donation have survived. With these, several persons donated - for the salvation of their own soul or for that of relatives - pieces of land to the churches St. Hilarius in Chur and St. Carpophorus in Trimmis. The fact that the two churches St. Hilarius in Chur and St. Carpophorus in Trimmis are named as beneficiaries of the donations suggests...

Sion/Sitten, Médiathèque Valais, S 51 : Pseudo-Cyrillus, Speculum sapientiae. Anonymus Neveleti (Gualterus Anglicus ?), Aesopus moralisatus

Aesopus, Von Messina Bonjohannes, Anglicus Gualterus, Aristoteles, Georg Supersaxo & De Venetiis Jacobus
Volume S 51 from the library of Walter Supersaxo (ca. 1402-1482), Bishop of Sion, and of his son Georg (ca. 1450-1529) contains two collections of Latin fables, the first printed, the second handwritten. The first part, printed around 1475 by Michael Wenssler in Basel (GW 7890), contains the Speculum sapientiae, which had erroneously been attributed to the holy bishop Cyril. This collection of 95 fables in Latin prose was probably compiled around 1337-1347 by the...

Lausanne, Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire - Lausanne, IS 4254 : Othon de Grandson, Poems

De Grandson Oton
Othon de Grandson, knight and poet, distinguished himself both through his verses and through his heroic deeds during the Hundred Years War. He was an adviser to Count Amadeus VII of Savoy. After the death of the count, he fled to England. After his return to the land of Vaud he died in an ordeal by battle in the form of a duel in Bourg-en-Bresse in the year 1397. In addition, Othon de Grandson's poetry...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 105 : Sulpicii Severi vita S. Martini; Medicinalia; Grammaticalia.

Pater Pius Kolb, Sangallensis Grimaldus, Felix Cassius, Turonensis Gregorius & Severus Sulpicius
A composite manuscript from the Abbey of St. Gall, consisting mainly of two parts. The first part includes a copy of the life of St. Martin of Tours, originally written by Sulpicius Severus sometime after 400 AD. This life of St. Martin, into which 5 pages containing an excerpt from the Historia Francorum by Gregory of Tours have been inserted, was copied in two phases, one during the first half of the 9th century under...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 365 : Lectionarium plenarium

This unadorned manuscript, which was probably not produced in St. Gall, is a double lectionary or Lectionarium plenarium sive „Comes duplex“. The lectionary follows the pericope practice of the city of Rome and contains all the readings for the Mass (Old Testament / Acts of the Apostles, letters and gospels). It begins with Christmas but is defective in the beginning.

Hermetschwil, Benediktinerinnenkloster, Cod. chart. 197 : Prayer Book

Von Lindau Marquard
This book, from the time around 1400, contains prayers and treatises for personal prayer. It has a limp binding of red leather.

Schlatt, Eisenbibliothek, Mss 14 : L’architettura pratica

Giuseppe Valadier
This manuscript by the Italian architect and town planner Guiseppe Valadier (1762-1839) vividly illustrates various aspects of architecture and technology. The manuscript contains 127 panels of pen and ink drawings in vivid colors that were created before 1828 (Tav. CI to Tav. CCXXXV, many panels are missing). Partly the panels are grouped thematically by material (e.g., wood (fol. 1r-8r), iron (fol. 9r-24r), copper (fol. 25r-31r), bronze (fol. 32r-58r)), partly by construction themes (e.g., construction of...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 250 : Astronomical-computistic encyclopedia

Solensis Aratus, Schireburnensis Aldhelmus, Aurelius Augustinus, Sophronius Eusebius Hieronymus, Caesariensis Priscianus, Prumiensis Wandalbertus, Mythographus Hyginus, Venerabilis Beda & Balbulus Notker
Collection of Astronomical-computistical tables and charts with high-quality pen drawings of the constellations.

Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, A IV 6 : Composite manuscript of theological content

Textor Guilelmus, Von Messina Bonjohannes, Papa Gregorius I, CanR Johannes Herstael & Michael Furter
This manuscript, parts of which are dated, is from St. Leonhard Monastery of the Canons Regular of St. Augustine; it contains mostly patristic and liturgical texts. For a while, this volume, along with the corrections later added to the manuscript, served as a model in the printshop of Michael Furter of Basel, who in 1496 edited the Expositio super cantica canticorum, which has been preserved among the works of Gregory the Great, but today is...

Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, N I 5:G : Fragments from a gradual

Ludwig Sieber
These twelve leaves are what have survived from a large-format gradual that was produced around 1460 in the Upper Rhine region (probably in Basel); they contain chants for the mass, changing according to the liturgical year. The decoration with initials and miniatures (e.g., the birth of Christ, the entry into Jerusalem, or the depiction of the resurrection) refer to the respective liturgical holiday, whereas the initial for Ecce advenit dominator dominus wrongly depicts the presentation...

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