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Il vestito forma la persona – “clothes make the man”: Fashion morality in Italian nineteenth-century conduct books

Annick Paternoster & Francesca Saltamacchia
Using a corpus of 40 influential conduct books published in Italy in the long nineteenth century, we apply current insights in the role of values for the emergence and maintenance of conventions developed within the pragmatics of politeness to the prescriptive discourse on fashion, because in these sources norms for verbal and non-verbal behaviour are justified in a similar way. We argue that fashion choices are always said to communicate moral values. Most conduct books...

Consumers’ experiences of appropriate sales interaction – a speech code theory perspective

Saara Julkunen & Jonna Koponen
Little is known about what kind of salesperson-consumer interaction is valued in different cultures. We explore the influence of national speech culture in sales-related communication in business-to-consumer (B2C) environments. We apply speech codes theory to identify the B2C context-specific speech codes attached to the sales-related communication described in consumers’ narratives. The results inform three discourses among sales-related communication: consumer orientation, professionalism and independency. The results suggest that independency, fact-oriented talk, and consumer-oriented communication are central...

Data stories. Rethinking journalistic storytelling in the context of data journalism

Martin Engebretsen, Helen Kennedy & Wibke Weber
This paper addresses the increased use of data and data visualization in newsrooms, which has yielded a new form of storytelling: data stories. In journalism, data stories or storytelling with data are the new buzzwords. What journalists mean by data stories, however, remains blurred. We use the emergence of data stories as an opportunity to describe the changing understanding of journalistic storytelling. Based on interviews with editorial leaders, data journalists, developers, and designers in 26...

Key challenges for the fashion industry in tackling climate change

Matthew Hibberd
The global rise in the earth’s surface temperature in coming decades will bring with it increased instances of flooding, drought and volatile weather patterns. One of the main industries affected is fashion, which is responsible for some 5% of current global carbon emissions (Bauck, 2017). There is common acknowledgement that every stage in the production of garments for the fashion world creates pollution and emission problems: from sourcing and use of scarce water resources in...

Trauma journalism and disaster resilience. German journalists’ coping strategies when reporting about crime, violence, accidents, crises and natural disasters

Melanie Verhovnik
Accidents, violent crimes, war and natural disasters are traumatic experiences for individuals directly and indirectly involved, and often result in long-lasting consequences which are difficult to deal with. Journalists who report on these incidents are part of this group. Since the events on 9/11, this topic has shifted into the public’s focus, but there is still little known about the effects of crisis coverage for the journalists involved. The results of 30 semi-structured interviews show...

Migration and Swiss identity: How much space for the foreign in the familiar?

Diana Ingenhoff
Twentyfive years ago, in 1992, the Seville Expo world exhibition took place on the subject of “national identity”. The Swiss pavilion presented its country in a rather controversial and provocative way with the slogan “La Suisse n’existe pas” (Switzerland does not exist), created by the artist Ben Vautier.Today, the topic is even more relevant and up-to-date, probably more so than ever before, as voting results show society to be deeply divided on many aspects of...

The influence of sensationalist features in television news stories on perceived news quality and perceived sensationalism of viewers in different age groups

Rob Eisinga, Mariska Kleemans, Johannes W. J. Beentjes & Paul G. J. Hendriks Vettehen
This study investigates whether the decreased trust in news media can be explained by the increase in sensationalism in news. To this end, an experiment was conducted in which viewers (N = 288) evaluated sensationalist versus non-sensationalist television news in terms of perceived news quality and perceived sensationalism. Each participant watched four television news stories that varied in the presence of two categories of sensationalism: arousing content and tabloid packaging. Findings showed that sensationalist television...

Journalismus aus erzähltheoretischer Perspektive

Karl N. Renner
The essay demonstrates how the narratological theories developed in the field of literary studies can accomplish a better comprehension of journalistic narratives. As they have to accommodate the principles of journalism, these narratives have to be true, topical and impartial. From this point of view storytelling and the inverted-pyramid principle prove themselves as two complementary approaches of journalistic narration, whose stories are all constructed on the basis of real world occurrences and the ideologies of...

It’s still the media. How professionalism in corporate communication influences the prioritisation of organizational environments

Rada Babic, Jochen Hoffmann & Ulrike Röttger
This article challenges the widely accepted understanding that corporate communication has been professionalised through its development from traditional press relations into integrated multi-stakeholder management. Based on a cross-cultural survey in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and Indonesia, we analyse the links between expertise, autonomy and value-orientation indicating the professionalism of senior communication managers on the one hand, and the perceived relevance of organizational environments on the other. Overall, the results show that professionalism in a traditional...

Sophie Lambolez. « Dites donc il fonctionne pas ce machin. » Regard sur le support informatique.

Sara Greco
Sophie Lambolez. « Dites donc il fonctionne pas ce machin. » Regard sur le support informatique. Paris: L’Harmattan, 2016, pp. 198. With a preface by Alain Trognon and Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont. ISBN 978-2-343-09716-9This volume, appeared for the book series « Figures de l’interaction » (figures of interaction) published by L’Harmattan, deals with communication processes within a technical professional domain: Namely, remote troubleshooting and maintenance support (in French, “dépannage informatique à distance”) in the field of informatics....

Public nuisance or an asset to democracy? Does the free press aim to provide a public service? An empirical study examining journalistic functions within the normative framework of the European Union

Andreas Riedl & Marie-Isabell Lohmann
Utilizing an empirical approach, this paper lays out how journalistic functions differ from the perception of journalists working for the free and paid press in Austria. Analyses indicate that free press journalists appear to be significantly more inclined to generate discourse with their audience, but are also more influenced by commercialization than their colleagues working for the paid press. Both the free and paid press seem to fulfill diverging democratic functions that can be valuable...


Sara Greco
We are excited to announce that, starting with this issue 17(1), our journal Studies in Communication Sciences (SComS) will be published Open Access on the HOPE platform of the Hauptbibliothek of the University of Zurich; you can access our new SComS at www.scoms.ch. HOPE refers to Hauptbibliothek Open Publishing Environment. Located in and managed by a Swiss academic institution, this platform provides full open access to SComS contents, with a strong commitment to a transparent...

What prevents knowledge inequalities among citizens from increasing? Evidence from direct-democratic campaigns in Switzerland

Laurent Bernhard
This article seeks to enrich the normative debate on the advantages and drawbacks of direct democracy through an empirical analysis of individual learning about the contents of ballot propositions during campaigns. Following the knowledge gap paradigm, this article examines the factors that prevent socio-economic- knowledge inequalities among citizens from increasing. I argue that ballot propositions of low complexity exert a moderating influence, since such environments provide citizens with easy learning situations. The empirical analysis, based...

Communicating seduction. Luxury fashion advertisements in video campaigns

Paula Von Wachenfeldt
This study examines the different themes of communication that take place in video ad campaigns deriving from the French luxury fashion houses Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Cartier and Hermès. By using semiology as a method we were able to recognize the themes of adventure, seduction, love and play in the videos. This study explores also how the myth becomes an important meaning-maker of the luxury commodity and fills it with sensations and pleasure. Unlike all...

Fragmentary narrative reasoning. On the enthymematic structure of journalistic storytelling

Daniel Perrin & Marta Zampa
Journalists worldwide conceive of their work mostly as writing stories, because the narrative mode is extremely effective in delivering information to all social categories. Nonetheless, journalists hardly ever tell a whole story that complies with the criteria contemplated by narratology. Instead, they tell parts of a story and let the audience supply the rest, an operation made possible by the fact that narrative patterns are culturally shared by newswriters and their audiences. In this paper,...

Journalists like the rest of them? A case study of journalistic work routines at a Danish free newspaper

Kirsten Sparre
Academics have paid little attention to the practice of journalism at free newspapers since the free daily press emerged in 1995. A few studies have looked at the contents of free newspapers but not at the way journalism is practiced at free newspapers and whether these practices are different from journalistic work routines in the paid press. This article addresses that gap with a case study of the Danish free newspaper Metroxpress. After identifying the...

Girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch: Reading fashion branding aesthetics into music videos

Myles Ethan Lascity
Teen clothier Abercrombie & Fitch’s mix of shirtless associates, nightclub-like stores and risqué photography by Bruce Weber helped propel the brand into icon status. The brand’s name entered the popular lexicon as a synonym for cool and even received a memorable call out in LFO’s pop song, “Summer Girls.” This paper explores the interplay in aesthetics between A &F Quarterly, the brand’s popular magazine-catalog hybrid, and popular music videos of the time. Specifically, this paper...


Katharina Lobinger & Sara Greco
This issue marks the second year since Studies in Communication Sciences (SComS) is published Open Access on the HOPE platform of the University of Zurich (www. scoms.ch). The present issue of SComS perfectly reflects the unique character of the journal. Not only do we present you a thematic section with a very innovative topic, namely Fashion Communication. We also collect three papers in the general section that, despite their different topics, have something in common...

Communicating material characteristics in a digital age: Three case studies in independent fashion

Alexandra Tuite
This article focuses on the intersection of the material and the digital in the independent fashion sector, with a focus on ways in which digital media and contemporary communication tools are being used to unite them. It explores the tension between the opportunities provided to small business in the contemporary media landscape and its use in a sector closely associated with a nostalgic valorisation of material qualities related to nature, artisanship and luxury. It further...

Editorial: Fashion communication: Between tradition and digital transformation

Lorenzo Cantoni, Nadzeya Kalbaska & Teresa Sádaba
We are happy and thrilled to introduce this thematic section of Studies in Communication Sciences (SComS), devoted to Fashion Communication. It was about two years ago when we first discussed the idea in Madrid: then we got the approval by SComS Editors, published the call, and eventually secured the outstanding collection of papers you have in your hands (or on your screen). A long and enriching journey, full of interactions, conversations, views and reviews, a...

Science communication scholarship in Lithuania: A scoping study

Auste Valinciute
This study analyzes the extent, range and nature of science communication scholarship in Lithuania. The purpose of this study is to explore whether there is a presence of this research field in the Lithuanian academic context and if there exists a body of empirical evidence that can be used to inform practical science communication initiatives. More generally, this study asks: is there a science of science communication in Lithuania? Results indicate the presence of an...

Understanding domestic social media use among Chinese college students under the framework of uses and gratifications

Hua Pang
Although China has the world’s largest population of social media users, little is known what drives Chinese users to adopt the country’s leading media platforms, like QQ, WeChat, and Weibo, and what gratifications are satisfied by using these fastest-growing sites. In light of the literature on the uses and gratifications theory, the study explored the essential pattern of computer-mediated communication phenomena and interaction behaviors in Mainland China. In this exploratory study, 258 college students from...

Conflict management in adult sibling relationships: Differences in interpersonal power, sibling influence, and conflict tactic use among sibling types

Megan R. Dillow & Mary E. Donato
This study examined differences in conflict management-related perceptions and behaviors as a function of Gold’s (1989) adult sibling types. Participants were 157 adults who reported on their relationship with a sibling by completing a series of self-report measures about themselves and the sibling administered in paper-and-pencil format. Results revealed that adult siblings who classified their relationship as intimate perceived more positive sibling interpersonal power and parallel sibling influence, and were more likely to use prosocial...

The effects of public diplomacy on country identity in countries with different language regions and cultures: The case of Switzerland

Diana Ingenhoff & Dominique Richner
The aim of this study is to explore the existing differences in (regional) country identity between the two biggest language regions of Switzerland, and the effects that differently-framed public diplomacy messages have on these country identities. To analyze the heterogeneous dimensions of regional country identity in the two language regions and the effects of public diplomacy messages, an experimental study with four different groups was conducted. The results show that a) even within one country,...

Saying “story” in the newsroom. Towards a linguistic ethnography of narrative lexicon in broadcast news

Gilles Merminod
Despite a general agreement on the narrative nature of news, the question of what it means for the journalists to tell a story is usually taken for granted, while the analysis of the actual narrative practices in the newsrooms often remains shallow. A way of overcoming this state of affairs is to have a look at the narrative practices and norms in the newsroom. On the one hand, one can track the sites of narrative...

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