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Speaking of language and culture: A report on the conference “Approaches to Migration, Language, and Identity”

Gian Hernandez
The entwined phenomena of migration, language and identity occupy a unique global position. Global mobility influences how human beings relate to one another on geographic, political, and social scales, and these connections and their individual parts stand in a mutually constitutive relationship. It is of utmost importance that academic discourses on these topics are addressed in ways that help positively shape the effects of global flows. Therefore, Anita Auer and Jennifer Thorburn from the University...

Saying “story” in the newsroom. Towards a linguistic ethnography of narrative lexicon in broadcast news

Gilles Merminod
Despite a general agreement on the narrative nature of news, the question of what it means for the journalists to tell a story is usually taken for granted, while the analysis of the actual narrative practices in the newsrooms often remains shallow. A way of overcoming this state of affairs is to have a look at the narrative practices and norms in the newsroom. On the one hand, one can track the sites of narrative...


Sara Greco
We are excited to announce that, starting with this issue 17(1), our journal Studies in Communication Sciences (SComS) will be published Open Access on the HOPE platform of the Hauptbibliothek of the University of Zurich; you can access our new SComS at www.scoms.ch. HOPE refers to Hauptbibliothek Open Publishing Environment. Located in and managed by a Swiss academic institution, this platform provides full open access to SComS contents, with a strong commitment to a transparent...


Tom Häussler & Sébastien Salerno
This is the second issue of Studies in Communication Sciences (SComS) as a full open access journal at our new home (www.scoms.ch). Open access in the “platinum” version endorsed by SComS is most readily associated with the benefits it has for authors in making their work accessible to a global audience without any delay and without incurring any costs. At the same time, open access allows journals such as SComS to operate more independently of...

Journalists in Switzerland: Structures and attitudes revisited

Vinzenz Wyss, Vittoria Sacco, Filip Dingerkus, Guido Keel & Annik Dubied
It is often stated that journalism and the media are going through some fundamental changes. In this article, we present a description of the journalists in Switzerland, based on a nation-wide survey conducted in 2015. This data gives a quantitative description of journalists in Switzerland. Furthermore, this article makes comparison between various groups of journalists, for example between the different language regions in Switzerland, in order to give a differentiated picture of who the journalists...

Journalists like the rest of them? A case study of journalistic work routines at a Danish free newspaper

Kirsten Sparre
Academics have paid little attention to the practice of journalism at free newspapers since the free daily press emerged in 1995. A few studies have looked at the contents of free newspapers but not at the way journalism is practiced at free newspapers and whether these practices are different from journalistic work routines in the paid press. This article addresses that gap with a case study of the Danish free newspaper Metroxpress. After identifying the...

Koenen, Erik (Hrsg.) (2016): Die Entdeckung der Kommunikationswissenschaft. 100 Jahre kommunikationswissenschaftliche Fachtradition in Leipzig: Von der Zeitungskunde zur Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft.

Mike Meißner
Koenen, Erik (Hrsg.) (2016): Die Entdeckung der Kommunikationswissenschaft. 100 Jahre kommunikationswissenschaftliche Fachtradition in Leipzig: Von der Zeitungskunde zur Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft. Theorie und Geschichte der Kommunikationswissenschaft, Band 14. Köln: Herbert von Halem. ISSN 1865-3367.Der von Erik Koenen herausgegebene Band, der im Kontext des hundertjährigen Jubiläums des Leipziger Instituts für Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft (IfKMW) entstanden ist, zeichnet auf einer ersten Ebene die organisatorische Entwicklung des Instituts nach. Auf einer zweiten Ebene wird die Bedeutung des Leipziger...

The ripple effects of a partisan, free newspaper: Israel Hayom as disruptive media actor

Michael Dahan & Mouli Bentham
During its 10 years of existence, the free newspaper Israel Hayom (Israel today) has come to play a pivotal role in Israeli national politics and to serve as what we define as a disruptive media actor among other, commercial, daily newspapers in Israel. The seemingly innocuous daily newspaper, founded in 2007 and distributed widely, has, since 2011, become the most widely read newspaper in Israel. We suggest that Israel Hayom be viewed as a “disruptive”...

Consumers’ experiences of appropriate sales interaction – a speech code theory perspective

Saara Julkunen & Jonna Koponen
Little is known about what kind of salesperson-consumer interaction is valued in different cultures. We explore the influence of national speech culture in sales-related communication in business-to-consumer (B2C) environments. We apply speech codes theory to identify the B2C context-specific speech codes attached to the sales-related communication described in consumers’ narratives. The results inform three discourses among sales-related communication: consumer orientation, professionalism and independency. The results suggest that independency, fact-oriented talk, and consumer-oriented communication are central...

Data stories. Rethinking journalistic storytelling in the context of data journalism

Martin Engebretsen, Helen Kennedy & Wibke Weber
This paper addresses the increased use of data and data visualization in newsrooms, which has yielded a new form of storytelling: data stories. In journalism, data stories or storytelling with data are the new buzzwords. What journalists mean by data stories, however, remains blurred. We use the emergence of data stories as an opportunity to describe the changing understanding of journalistic storytelling. Based on interviews with editorial leaders, data journalists, developers, and designers in 26...

Global media and time: A conceptual and historical perspective

Christian Morgner
This paper addresses the role of time and meaning-making in the global mediascape. Particular attention will be paid to the role of past and future narratives, connections of messages with a global outreach and time as a topic of communication. The empirical analysis will use a comparative approach to explore these different dimensions by analysing three global media events, such as, the sinking of the Titanic, the assassination US President John F. Kennedy and the...

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