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Effects of repeated adolescent stress and serotonin transporter gene partial knockout in mice on behaviors and brain structures relevant to major depression

Simona Spinelli, Tanja Müller, Miriam Friedel, Hannes Sigrist, Klaus-Peter Lesch, Mark Henkelman, Markus Rudin, Erich Seifritz & Christopher R Pryce

Experimental superinfection of a Lesser Malayan mousedeer (Tragulus javanicus) persistently infected with bovine viral diarrhea virus

A Semrau, G Wibbelt, M Hilbe, D Lieckfeldt, R Hermes, K H Müller, H P Heckert, M J Hoyer & K Frölich

Parameter properties of electronic and biological circuits and systems

R-L Stoop, F Gomez, R Schönenberger, C Baumann & R Stoop


Simon Andreas Mügler, Sarah Marlène Iseli, Claudine Meindl-Fridez, Albina Nowak & Corinna B Brunckhorst

Effect of Cumulating Exposure to Abacavir on the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Events in Patients From the Swiss HIV Cohort Study

Jim Young, Yongling Xiao, Erica E M Moodie, Michal Abrahamowicz, Marina B Klein, Enos Bernasconi, Patrick Schmid, Alexandra Calmy, Matthias Cavassini, Alexia Cusini, Rainer Weber & Heiner C Bucher

Transmissions within the tarsal gearbox

P Wolf, A Stacoff, R Luechinger, P Boesiger & E Stuessi

Dual-source computed tomography in patients with acute chest pain: feasibility and image quality

T Schertler, H Scheffel, T Frauenfelder, L Desbiolles, S Leschka, P Stolzmann, Burkhardt Seifert, T G Flohr, B Marincek & H Alkadhi

CD141+ dendritic cells produce prominent amounts of IFN-α after dsRNA recognition and can be targeted via DEC-205 in humanized mice

Sonja Meixlsperger, Carol S Leung, Patrick C Rämer, Maggi Pack, Liliana D Vanoaica, Gaëlle Breton, Steve Pascolo, Andres M Salazar, Andrzej Dzionek, Jürgen Schmitz, Ralph M Steinman & Christian Münz

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