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Aditya Pratama
The convergence condition of bucket brigades with worker collaboration with fully and partially cross-trained workers under a three-workstation, two-worker production line

ENSO hindcast skill of the IAP-DecPreS near-term climate prediction system: comparison of full-field and anomaly initialization

Qian SUN, Bo WU, Tian-Jun ZHOU & Zi-Xiang YAN
Model initialization is a key process of climate predictions using dynamical models. In this study, the authors evaluated the performances of two distinct initialization approaches—anomaly and full-field initializations—in ENSO predictions conducted using the IAP-DecPreS near-term climate prediction system developed by the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP). IAP-DecPreS is composed of the FGOALS-s2 coupled general circulation model and a newly developed ocean data assimilation scheme called ‘ensemble optimal interpolation-incremental analysis update’ (EnOI-IAU). It was found that,...

Public health impact of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine infant immunization programs: assessment of invasive pneumococcal disease burden and serotype distribution

Patricia Izurieta, Priti Bahety, Richard Adegbola, Christopher Clarke & Bernard Hoet
Introduction Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) impact studies have reported substantial reductions in the incidence of invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) after implementation of childhood PCV programs. Heterogeneity in surveillance systems, local epidemiology and PCV programs hampers comparisons between studies. We aimed to better understand the impact of childhood PCV programs on overall IPD and serotype distribution. Areas covered We analyzed the impact of PCV programs on the incidence of overall IPD, and the distribution of vaccine...

Assessing self-reported disability in a low-literate population with chronic low back pain: cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric testing of Igbo Roland Morris disability questionnaire

Chinonso N. Igwesi-Chidobe, Chinwe Obiekwe, Isaac O. Sorinola & Emma L Godfrey
Purpose: Cross-culturally adapt and validate the Igbo Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire. Method: Cross-cultural adaptation, test–retest, and cross-sectional psychometric testing. Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire was forward and back translated by clinical/non-clinical translators. An expert committee appraised the translations. Twelve participants with chronic low back pain pre-tested the measure in a rural Nigerian community. Internal consistency using Cronbach’s alpha; test–retest reliability using intra-class correlation coefficient and Bland–Altman plot; and minimal detectable change were investigated in a convenient...

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Francesca Bertolini
Supplementary word for A genomic investigation of Porcine Periweaning Failure to Thrive Syndrome (PFTS)

AFS_data_analyse_170323 -labview 2016

Douwe Kamsma
analyse software

Integrin-β4 is a novel transcriptional target of TAp73

Ningxia Xie, Polina Vikhreva, Margherita Annicchiarico-Petruzzelli, Ivano Amelio, Richard A. Knight & Gerry Melino
As a member of p53 family, p73 has attracted intense investigations due to its structural and functional similarities to p53. Among more than ten p73 variants, the transactivation (TA) domain-containing isoform TAp73 is the one that imitates the p53's behavior most. TAp73 induces apoptosis and cell cycle arrest, which endows it the capacity of tumour suppression. Also, it can exert diverse biological influences on cells through activating a complex and context dependent transcriptional programme. The...

A synthesis of barriers to and enablers of pro-poor climate change adaptation in four South African municipalities

Meggan Spires & Sheona E. Shackleton
Qualitative case studies were undertaken to explore the multiple, interacting factors that hinder and/or facilitate planned pro-poor climate change adaptation in four South African municipalities. A comparison of barriers and enablers across the cases revealed several key themes. Municipalities struggle to implement climate change adaptation within contexts of significant social, economic and ecological challenges. These contextual barriers, when combined with certain cognitive barriers, led to reactive responses. Existing municipal systems and structures make it difficult...

2012 SMHE Informa Conference

Alexander Hayes
In 2012 I attended the SMHE Informa Conference held in Sydney on the 26th and 27th June 2012. I spoke about the onset of wearables in the higher education sector and a number of other topics related.

Need to Fix HP Printer Issues With Experts?

Ashley John
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Increasing trunk flexion transforms human leg function into that of birds despite different leg morphology

Soran Aminiaghdam, Christian Rode, Roy Muller & Reinhard Blickhan
Data-set collected from 12 participants contains: A) Gait parameters: velocity, stance time, step length, swing time, duration of the breaking phase relative to the duration of the stance time and cadence. B) Kinematic variables: hip, knee and ankle angles throughout the gait cycle, and the CoM positions throughout stance. Related parameters were the values of the kinematic variables at the instants of TD and TO, their range of motion, and their maximal values (ankle: dorsiflexion...

Theileria annulata, past, present and future.pptx

Mohamed Gharbi & Mohamed Aziz Darghouth
Past, present and future of tropical theileriosis in the Maghreb region.


Jordi Cortés, 0000-0002-3113-4779, 0000-0002-3534-5602, 0000-0002-7558-8473, 0000-0003-3529-2739, 0000-0001-5692-0891, Maria Nuncia Medina & Markus Vogler
Data from 208 parallel clinical trials with quantitative outcome published in years 2004, 2007, 2010 and 2013. The main collected variables are: title; link to PubMed abstract; type of outcome (measured or scored); type of intervention (pharmacological or not); type of measure (automatic or assessed); if the main endpoint was significant; the standard deviations of the main outcome in both arms at the baseline and at the end of the study.

Simplification for Generalization

Juliet Pulliam & Steven Bellan
An introduction to how to use simplified models of the world to make generalized theories about how the world works with applications to influenza, and simple SIR models of infectious disease dynamics.

EDiP: the Epitope Dilution Phenomenon. Lessons learnt from a malaria vaccine antigen and its applicability to polymorphic antigens

Kwadwo Asamoah Kusi, Bart W. Faber, Gerrit Koopman & Edmond Joseph Remarque
Introduction: Polymorphism in vaccine antigens poses major challenges to vaccinologists. The Plasmodium falciparum Apical Membrane Antigen 1 (AMA1) poses such a challenge. We found that immunization with a mixture of three variants yielded functional antibody levels to all variants comparable to levels induced by monovalent immunization. The mechanism behind the observed broadening was shown to be an increase in the fraction of cross-reactive antibodies, most likely because strain-specific epitopes are present at lower frequency relative...

Repurposing of archived CO1 sequence data reveals unusually high genetic structure between North American and European zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha)

Andrew A. David & Kendall Gardner
The invasion of the zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha in the Great Lakes of North America is regarded as one of the most catastrophic ecological events in recent history. Previous studies showed a close kinship between European zebra mussels and their invasive cohorts in the Great Lakes. In this study, we repurposed and reanalyzed archived CO1 sequence data from Lake Superior and multiple sites in Europe that were collected between 1991 and 2011 to illustrate an...

SpringerNature ConBio2017 Workshop 1AW01

Yoko Shintani
効果的なデータ共有は研究の再現性を促進し、出版された研究のインパクトを高めます。このような立場から、ネイチャー・リサーチ・ジャーナルではデータ共有が研究出版の重要な一部であるという方針をとってきました。しかし、研究データセットの内容が複雑化し、その容量が増大するにつれ、科学者にとって再利用可能な形でのデータ共有、そして透明性のある形でのデータ共有が困難になっています。本講演では、オープン・アクセス・データに特化したジャーナルである『Scientific Data』の刊行経験を踏まえながら、研究者のみなさまがどのようにすれば、再利用を促進し、研究成果の信頼性を保ち、クレジットを得られるような効果的なデータ共有ができるかについてお伝えします。また、データに富んだ論文の書き方、利用しやすいデータセットの示し方、そしてご自身の研究データに相応しいリポジトリの探し方、『Scientific Data』の編集方針、さらに過去の査読とデータ出版で得られた興味深い経験もご紹介します。

Adaption to climate change: a case study of two agricultural systems from Kenya

Julia Olivera Stefanovic, Hong Yang, Yuan Zhou, Bahareh Kamali & Sarah Ayeri Ogalleh
This study contributes to a better understanding of climate change adaptation by investigating different farming systems and by including cognitive factors as explanatory variables. We compared a food crop and a horticultural farming system, regarding applied adaptation measures and factors influencing adaptation. The data were based on a field survey of 267 smallholder farmers in Laikipia County of Kenya. A binary logistic regression was conducted against individual adaptation measures to identify determinants of adaptation. Adaptation...

Dengue Vaccination Roll-out

Carl Pearson
A presentation on a simulation modeling study to help understand how best to rollout the new dengue vaccine.

Models and Data Introduction to Model Fitting

Steven Bellan
An introduction to model fitting, starting with a review of the linear model and proceeding to a definition of likelihood and then an introduction to fitting dynamical models to data.

Model-based inference and the bigger picture

Steven Bellan
Two examples of how mechanistic model-based inference can advance public health and a bigger picture explanation of how these inferences differ from those made using statistical models.

The Life Cycle of a Modelling Project: Modelling the determinants of growth for an insect vector population

John Hargrove
An introduction to how mathematical modeling research projects differ from empirical projects in terms of the life cycle from project inception to publication.

Use of models in study design for dynamic systems: Ebola vaccine trial design

Steven Bellan
An introduction to simulation for clinical trial design with an example application to the design of a vaccine trial in Sierra Leone during the 2014-2016 Ebola virus disease epidemic.

Reed-Frost Models

Carl Pearson
A short introduction to Reed-Frost epidemic models.

What is Science?

Brian G Williams
An introduction to science from the perspectives of physics, biology, and infectious disease epidemiology

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