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perez jolles 2017 involving latino parents in research the mpg.pdf

Mónica Pérez Jolles, Maria Martinez, San Juanita Garcia, Gabriela L. Stein, Mentor Parent Group Members & Kathleen C. Thomas
Background: Comparative effectiveness research (CER) is supported by policymakers as a way to provide service providers and patients with evidence-based information to make better health-care decisions and ultimately improve services for patients. However, Latina/o patients are rarely involved as study advisors, and there is a lack of documentation on how their voices contribute to the research process when they are included as collaborators. Objectives: The purpose of this article was to contribute to the literature...

Postn Paper 2016.pdf

Onur Kanisicak, Hadi Khalil, Malina Ivey, Bryan Maliken, Robert Correll, Matthew J. Brody, Sun-Chin J. Lin, Bruce J Aronow, Michelle D. Tallquist & Jeffery D. Molkentin
This is a manuscript characterizing the origin and function of cardiac fibroblasts responsible for physiological and pathological fibrosis.

Report on Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Youth Volume 17

Marc Atkins, Eric J. Burns, Steven W. Evans, Steven R. Forness, Kimberly Hoagwood, Peter S. Jensen, Mary McKay, Hil Walker, Mark D. Weist & John Weisz
All four issues of the 17th volume of the Report on Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in Youth.

Leukocyte-Expressed beta2AR Are Essential for Survival After Acute Myocardial Injury.pdf

Laurel A. Grisanti, Anna M. Gumpert, Christopher J. Traynham, Joshua E. Gorsky, Ashley A. Repas, Erhe Gao, Rhonda L. Carter, John W. Calvert, Andres Pun Garcia, Borja Ibanez, Joseph E. Rabinowitz, Walter J. Koch & Douglas G. Tilley
Background: Immune cell–mediated inflammation is an essential
process for mounting a repair response after myocardial infarction (MI).
The sympathetic nervous system is known to regulate immune system
function through β-adrenergic receptors (βARs); however, their role in
regulating immune cell responses to acute cardiac injury is unknown.
Methods: Wild-type (WT) mice were irradiated followed by isoformspecific
βAR knockout (βARKO) or WT bone-marrow transplantation (BMT)
and after full reconstitution underwent MI surgery. Survival was monitored
over time, and alterations in immune cell infiltration after MI...

2018-Numerical Parametric Study of Paravalvular Leak Following a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Deployment Into a Patient-Specific Aortic Root.pdf

Wenbin Mao, Qian Wang, Susheel Kodali & Wei Sun
Paravalvular leak (PVL) is a relatively frequent complication after transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) with increased mortality. Currently, there is no effective method to pre-operatively predict and prevent PVL. In this study, we developed a computational model to predict the severity of PVL after TAVR. Nonlinear finite element (FE) method was used to simulate a self-expandable CoreValve deployment into a patient specific aortic root, specified with human material properties of aortic tissues. Subsequently,computational fluid dynamics...

Lindsey et al 2015 JACC.pdf

Merry L. Lindsey, Rugmani Padmanabhan Iyer, Rogelio Zamilpa, Kristine Y. Deleon-Pennell, Michael E. Hall, Richard A. Lange, Gregg B. Fields & Lisandra De Castro Brás
BACKGROUND Proteolytically released extracellular matrix (ECM) fragments, matricryptins, are biologically active and
play important roles in wound healing. Following myocardial infarction (MI), collagen I, a major component of cardiac
ECM, is cleaved by matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs).
OBJECTIVES This study identified novel collagen-derived matricryptins generated post-MI that mediate remodeling of
the left ventricle (LV).
METHODS Recombinant collagen Ia1 was used in MMPs cleavage assays, the products were analyzed by mass spectrometry for identification of cleavage sites. C57BL6/J mice were given MI...

Novel PET and Near Infrared Imaging Probes for the Specific Detection of Bacterial Infections Associated With Cardiac Devices

Kiyoko Takemiya, Xinghai Ning, Wonewoo Seo, Xiaojian Wang, Mohammad Rafi, Giji Joseph, Jane S. Titterington, Colleen S. Kraft, Jonathan A. Nye, Niren Murthy, Mark M. Goodman & W. Robert Taylor
The maltohexaose-based imaging probes are potentially useful for the specific and sensitive diagnosis of infections associated with implantable cardiac devices.

Insulin regulates titin pre-mRNA splicing through the PI3K-Akt-mTOR kinase axis in a RBM20-dependent manner

Chaoqun Zhu, Zhiyong Yin, Bihua Tan & Wei Guo
Titin, a giant sarcomeric protein, is largely responsible for the diastolic properties of the heart. It has two major isoforms, N2B and N2BA due to pre-mRNA splicing regulated mainly by a splicing factor RNA binding motif 20 (RBM20). Mis-splicing of titin pre-mRNA in response to external stimuli may lead to altered ratio of N2B to N2BA, and thus, impaired cardiac contractile function. However, little is known about titin alternative splicing in response to external stimuli....

“You’ve got to settle down!” Mothers’ perceptions of physical activity in their young children_2015.pdf

Megan Pesch, Erin Wentz, Katherine L. Rosenblum, Alison Miller & Julie Lumeng
AbstractBackground: Mothers are important mediators of children’s physical activity (PA) level and risk of obesity, howeverprevious studies of maternal perceptions of child PA have been limited. Furthermore, it is unknown if maternalperceptions of child PA are predicted by family, mother and child characteristics. Therefore objectives of this studywere to 1) evaluate maternal perceptions of PA in their children and 2) test associations of family, mother and childcharacteristics with these perceptions.Methods: 278 low-income mothers of children...

Maternal discouragement and child intake of a palatable dessert A multilevel sequential analysis_2018.pdf

Megan Pesch, Kristoffer S. Berlin, Robert J. Cesaro, Tiffany M. Rybak, Alison L. Miller, Katherine L. Rosenblum & Julie Lumeng
Background: Family mealtimes are often marked by parent-child conflict, which may arise when children'seating behaviors do not match parental expectations. Little is known about how children respond to parents'comments to discourage eating.Objective: The objective of this study was to examine the likelihood of a child taking a bite following a maternalstatement to discourage child intake.Methods: 50 mother-child dyads (mean child age 71.8 months) participated in a laboratory eating task withcupcakes. Video recordings were reliably coded...

aat0344_Combined version.pdf

Changyu Zhu, Kyeongjin Kim, Xiaobo Wang, Alberto Bartolome, Marcela Salomao, Paola Dongiovanni, Marica Meroni, Mark Graham, Katherine P. Yates, Anna Mae Diehl, Robert F. Schwabe, Ira Tabas, Luca Valenti, Joel E. Lavine & Utpal Pajvani
Fibrosis is the major determinant of morbidity and mortality in patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
but has no approved pharmacotherapy in part because of incomplete understanding of its pathogenic mechanisms.
Here, we report that hepatocyte Notch activity tracks with disease severity and treatment response in patients with
NASH and is similarly increased in a mouse model of diet-induced NASH and liver fibrosis. Hepatocyte-specific
Notch loss-of-function mouse models showed attenuated NASH-associated liver fibrosis, demonstrating causality
to obesity-induced liver pathology. Conversely, forced...

Translating/Creating a Culturally Responsive Spanish-Language Mobile App for Visit Preparation: Case Study of "Trans-Creation".

Denise Ruvalcaba, Hidemi Nagao Peck, Courtney Lyles, Connie Uratsu, Patricia Escobar & Richard Grant
BACKGROUND: Health information technology (IT) tools are increasingly used to improve patient care. However, implementation of English-only health IT tools could potentially worsen health disparities for non-English speakers.OBJECTIVE: We aim to describe the "trans-creation" process of developing linguistically and culturally appropriate health IT tools through a detailed case analysis of a waiting room health mobile app designed to help Spanish-speaking Latino people prepare for primary care visits.METHODS: We adapted the English-language Visit Planner mobile app...

Biogenesis of Hydrogen Sulfide and Thioethers by Cystathionine Beta-Synthase

Tomas Majtan, Jakub Krijt, Jitka Sokolová, Michaela Krizkova, Maria A Ralat, Jana O. Kent, Jesse F. Gregory, Viktor Kožich & Jan P. Kraus
Aims: The transsulfuration pathway enzymes cystathionine beta-synthase (CBS) and cystathionine gammalyaseare thought to be the major source of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). In this study, we assessed the role of CBS inH2S biogenesis.Results: We show that despite discouraging enzyme kinetics of alternative H2S-producing reactions utilizingcysteine compared with the canonical condensation of serine and homocysteine, our simulations of substratecompetitions at biologically relevant conditions suggest that cysteine is able to partially compete with serine onCBS, thus leading to...

JOVE Manuscript

Jessica M. Miller, Nikhil M. Mardhekar, Vasanthi Rajasekaran, Jianyi Zhang & Ramaswamy Kannappan
See enclosed


Maliha Zahid, Kyle S. Feldman, Gabriel Garcia-Borrero, Timothy N. Feinstein, Nicholas Pogodizinski, Xinxiu Xu, Raymond Yurko, Michael Czachowski, Yijen Wu, Neal S. Mason & Cecilia . Lo
This publication details the biodistribution pattern of a cardiac targeting peptide and shows it's application as an imaging agent to target radioisotopes to the heart. Additionally, studies into its mechanism of transduction are presented.

On the effect of hyperaldosteronism-inducing mutation in Na/K pumps

Dylan J Meyer, Craig Gatto & Pablo Artigas
Primary aldosteronism, a condition in which too much aldosterone is produced and that leads to hypertension, is often initiated by an aldosterone-producing adenoma within the zona glomerulosa of the adrenal cortex. Somatic mutations of ATP1A1, encoding the Na/K pump α1 subunit, have been found in these adenomas. It has been proposed that a passive inward current transported by several of these mutant pumps is a "gain-of-function" activity that produces membrane depolarization and concomitant increases in...

Challenges encountered in the conduct of Optimal Health: A patient-centered comparative effectiveness study of interventions for adults with serious mental illness

Jane N Kogan, James Schuster, Cara Nikolajski, Patricia Schake, Tracy Carney, Sally C Morton, Chaeryon Kang & Charles F Reynolds
A cluster-randomized trial of two evidence-based interventions for improving health and wellness across 11 provider sites.

Robert A. AndersBariatric Arterial Embolization: Effect of Microsphere Size on the Suppression of Fundal Ghrelin Expression and Weight Change in a Swine Model

Yingli Fu, Clifford R. Weiss, • Kalyan Paudel, Eun Ji Shin, Dorota Kedziorek, Aravind Arepally, Robert A. Anders & Dara L Kraitchman
This is published .


Jay S. Naik, Jessica Osmond, Benjimen R. Walker & Nancy Kanagy
This paper describes the regulatory role of hydrogen sulfide on calcium entry and vascular control in rats.

JPET Resubmission.pdf

John A. Bennett
Acetylcholine inhibits platelet activation

JPET Resubmission.pdf

John A. Bennett
Acetylcholine inhibits platelet activation

GRK5-Mediated Exacerbation of Pathological Cardiac Hypertrophy Involves Facilitation of Nuclear NFAT Activity.pdf

Jonathan E. Hullmann, Laurel A. Grisanti, Catherine A. Makarewich, Erhe Gao, Jessica I. Gold, J. Kurt Chuprun, Douglas G. Tilley, Steven R. Houser & Walter J. Koch
Rationale: G protein–coupled receptor kinases (GRKs) acting in the cardiomyocyte regulate important signaling events that control cardiac function. Both GRK2 and GRK5, the predominant GRKs expressed in the heart, have been shown to be upregulated in failing human myocardium. Although the canonical role of GRKs is to desensitize G protein–coupled receptors via phosphorylation, it has been demonstrated that GRK5, unlike GRK2, can reside in the nucleus of myocytes and exert G protein–coupled receptor–independent effects that...

Maternal Concern for Child Undereating_2016.pdf

Callie L. Brown, Megan Pesch, Eliana Perrin, Alison Miller, Katherine L. Rosenblum & Julie Lumeng
ABSTRACTOBJECTIVE: To describe features of maternal concern for herchild undereating; examine maternal and child correlates ofmaternal concern for undereating; and determine whethermaternal concern for undereating is associated with feedingpractices.METHODS: This was a cross-sectional analysis of an observationalstudy with 286 mother–child dyads (mean child age, 71months). Maternal concern for undereating was assessed usinga semistructured interview. Mothers completed questionnairesto assess picky eating, food neophobia, and feeding practices.Feeding practices were further assessed using videotaped mealtimeobservations. Logistic regression was...

Forrester et al., 2018.pdf

Steven J. Forrester, Daniel Kikuchi, Marina S. Hernandes, Qian Xu & Kathy K. Griendling
Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are well known for their role in mediating both physiological and pathophysiological signal transduction. Enzymes and subcellular compartments that typically produce ROS are associated with metabolic regulation, and diseases associated with metabolic dysfunction may be influenced by changes in redox balance. In this review, we summarize the current literature surrounding ROS and their role in metabolic and inflammatory regulation, focusing on ROS signal transduction and its relationship to disease progression. In...

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