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Irish Home Rule

Conor Mulvagh
The campaign for Irish Home Rule lasted from 1870 until 1914. When Home Rule became a realistic possibility in 1912, a period of political turmoil ensued. Parliamentary solutions to the impasse were overtaken by the emergence of rival armed paramilitary groups.

Spy Fever 1914

Sebastian Bischoff

Civilian and Military Power (Japan)

Frederick R. Dickinson
Like the Sino- and Russo-Japanese Wars, the First World War gave an enormous boost to Japanese military operations and authority. The Imperial Navy deployed for the first time to the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and the Mediterranean and the army occupied Shandong, China, and Siberia. After withholding funds during peacetime, parliament returned to full support for targets in the 1907 Basic Plan of National Defense. However, the systematic global campaign to regulate arms and...

3. Internationaler Theobald-Böhm-Wettbewerb für Flöte und Altflöte

N. N.
Musik in Bayern, Band 79/80 (Jahrgang 2014/2015), München 2016

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