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Wartime and Post-war Economies (Sweden)

Henric Häggqvist
World War I had devastating effects on many European economies. Even a neutral country such as Sweden couldn’t completely escape this fact, finding itself no better off economically as a result of the war. Economic growth was severely halted towards the end of the war when international trade was cut off and recovery was put to a quick stop with a post-war recession in 1920-1921. By 1921, Sweden was no richer than it had been...

Propaganda at Home (Germany)

Vanessa Ther
This article introduces the changing sources, intentions and themes of war propaganda at the German home front before, during and (very briefly) after the First World War. By exploring its origins in the pre-war period and focusing on the paradigm shift of official propaganda in 1916, it contextualizes the development of both official and popular attempts to define the symbolic parameters and ideals of Germany’s wartime identity.

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