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Wartime and Post-war Societies (Sweden)

Lina Sturfelt
The First World War and its aftermath had a profound and enduring impact on Swedish society. As a neutral state, Sweden did not have to deal with the vast consequences of mass death and destruction, but the dire effects of total war were still felt. Inflation, food scarcity, epidemics, rampant inequality, and revolution abroad led to violent conflict, paving the way for democracy, women’s enfranchisement and the expanding welfare state, but also generating deep societal...

Centenary (Computer Games)

Chris Kempshall
The First World War centenary saw an emergence of new portrayals of the conflict in computer games. These new games sought either to tell new stories of war and conflict during the time period or to utilise the fact that it was a little-explored war in games to bring their audience something new. The success of these games was mixed; they did achieve notable results in portraying elements of the conflict not often understood by...

Wartime and Post-war Economies (Sweden)

Henric Häggqvist
World War I had devastating effects on many European economies. Even a neutral country such as Sweden couldn’t completely escape this fact, finding itself no better off economically as a result of the war. Economic growth was severely halted towards the end of the war when international trade was cut off and recovery was put to a quick stop with a post-war recession in 1920-1921. By 1921, Sweden was no richer than it had been...

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