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Wartime and Post-war Societies (Denmark)

Annette Østergaard Schultz
The pivotal policy aspect for the Danish government during the First World War was to keep the country going and its people fed, while also maintaining Danish neutrality. Given that Denmark depended on foreign trade, not least with the two warring nations of Germany and Britain, the challenge was very real. The article below describes how the Danish government tackled the situation, how the emergency government was established, and the social consequences in cities and...

Kuhl, Hermann Joseph von

Markus Pöhlmann
A classic representative of pre-1914 Prussian officer education, Kuhl was a rising star within the peacetime general staff. Throughout the war, he served as chief of staff in three German armies and one army group on the Western Front. From 1918, Kuhl worked as an expert witness for the parliamentary enquiry commission on the war and engaged in military writing.

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