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Wilson, Woodrow

Mark E. Benbow
Thomas Woodrow Wilson was the twenty-eighth president of the United States (1913-1921). Wilson unsuccessfully attempted to bring the belligerents to the negotiating table, but in 1917 reluctantly concluded that the U.S. should join the war as an “Associated Power.” His attempts to create a lasting peace created the League of Nations, but failed to prevent another world war.

Kreß von Kressenstein, Friedrich Freiherr

Oliver Stein
Kreß von Kressenstein was a Bavarian-German officer who, as member of the German military mission in the Ottoman Empire, led the offensives on the Suez Canal and the defense of Gaza. In June 1918, he left for Georgia as the head of the “German delegation in the Caucasus.”

Lanrezac, Charles Louis Marie

Michaël Bourlet
Considered one of the best generals in the French armed forces, Charles Lanzerac commanded the French Fifth Army during the Battle of the Frontiers. However, at the end of August 1914, he was replaced by General Franchet d’Espèrey because of his poor relationship with British Field Marshall John French and his opposition to General Joseph Joffre, who was commander-in-chief.

Albrecht, Duke of Württemberg

Wolfgang Mährle
Albrecht Duke of Württemberg was the commander-in-chief of the German 4th Army from 1914-1917 and the ''"Heeresgruppe Herzog Albrecht"'' ("Army Group Duke Albrecht") from 1917-1918. The 4th Army fought under Duke Albrecht’s command in the victorious Battle of Neufchâteau on 22 and 23 August 1914 and in the first two battles of Ypres.

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