213 Works

Ethnocentric behaviour in consumption among Hungarian students from Cluj-Napoca

Attila Deák

„My gypsy". Informal economical relations between gypsies and Hungarians

Stefánia Toma

The role of clusters in regional development

Gergely Török

Regionalisation in Romania: 1859–2013

Hunor Bajtalan

Reflections on Transfer Market. Theoretical Sketch of a Market Value Predictive Model

Előd Balázs & László Péter

Health education?

Béla Szabó & Katalin Szabó

Turism as a potential means of regional development: the example of the Körösrév/ Vadul Crișului micro-region

Attila Gábora, Gyöngyi Pásztor & László Péter

National identity of Hungarian minority differentiated by social status

Valér Veres

The position on the labor-market of young people starting out on their carreers

Zsombor Csata, Botond Dániel & Carmen Pop

Particular versus peripheral. Informal financial/economic strategies of the students in Kolozsvár

Katalin Gál

Projections of the symbolic conflict in Kolozsvár

Réka Plugor

MigRom – Patterns of the Migration of Romanian Roma, Relations and Effects at Home

Stefánia Toma

Career-paths of Hungarian college graduates in Transylvania

Zsombor Csata, Botond Dániel, Dénes Kiss, Emese Ruszuly & Zsuzsa Sólyom

Neighbors and neighborhoods in Transilvania

Dénes Kiss

Gender and physical discipline in Romanian families

Ágnes Dávid-Kacsó & Imola Antal

“We Have to Organize Ourselves”

Ágnes Hajdu

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