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SEV06-CLD : A MODIS-like SEVIRI cloud products dataset

G. Wind, S. Platnick, J. Riedi, A. Heidinger, S. Ackerman & B. Baum
The SEV06-CLD dataset provides cloud properties derived from the SEVIRI instrument series using algorithms that have been historically developped for the processing of MODIS data. SEV06-CLD uses MODIS-like algorithms for cloud optical and microphysical property retrievals, and a modified GOES-R Algorithm Working Group (AWG) algorithm for cloud-top temperature and pressure. Cloud masking is obtained from the Météo France Satellite Application Facility for supporting NoWCasting (SAFNWC) software package. The SEV06-CLD datasets share a common retrieval core...

IAGOS ancillary data (L4) - CO contributions to the aircraft measurements

Bastien Sauvage, Philippe Nédélec & Damien Boulanger
In order to help analyzing the IAGOS carbon monoxide (CO) observations and understanding the processes driving their evolutions, we provide ancillary parameters calculated with SOFT-IO (Sauvage et al., 2017; http://dx.doi.org/10.25326/2) along aircraft observations. CO contribution is defined as follow. CO mixing ratio is calculated for each IAGOS observations (every 0.5° in latitude or longitude at cruising altitude; every 10hPa during ascent or descent of the plane) and sorted by source origin (biomass burning and anthropogenic...

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  • 2017

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