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Global Gas Flaring activity and Black Carbon emissions based on Sentinel-3 SLSTR

Alexandre Caseiro & Johannes Kaiser
The dataset contains the following information (orthogonal Latitude Longitude grid at the 0.025 degrees spatial resolution): - Ths: yearly average flaring temperature - Ahs: yearly average flaring area - RP: yearly average flaring radiative power, computed using the Stefan-Boltzmann equation - BCM: yearly flared gas volume, in billion cubic meters. Minimum, best and maximum estimates (BCM_min, BCM_best and BCM_max, respectively) - BC: yearly emitted black carbon, in grams. Minimum, best and maximum estimates (BC_min, BC_best...

Global GNSS IWV data at 436 stations over the 1994-2018 period

Olivier Bock
Global GNSS IWV data at 436 sites built up from CODE REPRO_2015 solution for the period 1994-2014 and CODE operational solution for the period 2005-2018. Summary of data processing details: Bernese GNSS software v5.3 ; observations: GPS (1994..2011) and GPS+GLONASS (2002..2018); ephemerids, ERPs, station coordinates, and tropospheric parameters estimated from one inversion of the normal equations based on a long-arc (3-days) solution. Full information about GNSS data processing can be found at : ftp.aiub.unive.ch/REPRO_2015 and...

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  • 2019

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