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Responses of Bima Lhaco (consultant F16) during F4's narrative: “Lake and Plain: how the Lake was perceived from the Plain”

Alexis Michaud
This is one of the four channels recorded simultaneously: consultant F4 had a head-mounted microphone, faced a standard microphone placed in front of her, and carried the electrodes of an electroglottograph. Consultant F16, who acted as respondent during F4's narrative, carried a head-mounted microphone. This mono audio signal is time-aligned with the three other signals.

Acoustic record of a Xumi speaker Duoding (04)

Katia Chirkova, Angélique Amelot & Patricia Basset
Equipment: an AKG C520 headset microphone connected to a multichannel recording device (Digidesign 003 Rack+ Factory Pro Mixer 12U) and linked up to a Mac computer; Glottal Enterprises two-channel electroglottograph (model EGG2); Piezoelectric Accelerometer from K&K


Alexandre François
1/ Présentation du suivant 2/ La pêche

BK Narr

Alexandra Vydrina
Bintou Kamara is telling about her studying

Story about an immortal

Wang Dehe
This is a Duoxu translation of an Ersu traditional story entitled "呃莫隔这噶的故事".

Commented reading and translation into Vietnamese from page 40 to 44 of the "Story of a Princess"

Michel Ferlus
Commented reading and translation in Vietnamese of the EFEO manuscript Thaï10, "Story of a Princess"; from page 40, line 1 to page 44, line 1

ST Narr

Alexandra Vydrina
Samba Tedouno is telling about his work at the radio.

Pingweng Official

Katia Chirkova
Elan annotation file for the audio file with the same name. Verified with Garong Ci'er in November 2014

Khmu story 16

Michel Ferlus
Pʰa caw saam pʰeen ‘xx’, Sèn Kavang

Various Khmu stories

Michel Ferlus
Various Khmu songs and stories: Texts: sntaʔ tvaʔ "Legend of the Fern Clan (second version); trdɔh ʔom lmbat (rɨaŋ trdɔh law kɔːn joŋ) (end).

Commented reading of Minot's Tai Don text n°4 [No title]

Michel Ferlus & Trí Dõi Trần
Reading of Minot's Tai Don Text n°4 [No title]. From his "Vocabulaire Français - Thay Blanc, vol.1", pages 95 to 101

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