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Data set of pressure, temperature and light profile collected by one southern elephant seal equipped with Time-Depth-Recorders and Argos locations.

Christophe Guinet, Jade Vacquie-Garcia, François Royer, Anne Cécile Dragon, Morgane Viviant & Fredéric Bailleul
The foraging ecology of Southern elephant seals in Kerguelen has been investigated since 2003 with annual deployments of CTD-SRLDs (Argos-linked conductivity–temperature–depth-Satellite Relayed Data Logger / Sea Mammal Research Unit –SMRU-, University of St Andrews Scotland). In 2009, newly developped devices (MK9 -Time Depth Recorders (Wildlife Computers, Washington, USA)) have been deployed and combined with CTD-Fluo-SRDLs . We thus recorded fine scale diving behaviors of SES thanks to high resolution measures (every 2 s) of pressure,...

Calibration procedures and first data set of Southern Ocean chlophyll-a profiles collected by elephant seal equipped with a newly developed CTD-fluorescence tags

Christophe Guinet, Xiaogang Xing, Pascal Monestiez, Stéphane Marchand, Baptiste Picard, Thomas Jaud, Matthieu Authier, Cédric Cotté, Anne Cécile Dragon, Emily Diamond, David Antoine, Philipp Lovell, Stephane Blain, Fabrizio Dortenzio & Hervé Claustre
In-situ observation of the marine environment has traditionally relied on ship-based platforms. The obvious consequence is that physical and biogeochemical properties have been dramatically undersampled, especially in the remote Southern Ocean (SO). In this research program, we use an innovative sampling fluorescence approach to quantify phytoplankton concentration at sea. For the first time, a low energy consumption fluorometer was added to Argos CTD- SRDL tags, and these novel instruments were deployed on 27 southern elephant...

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  • 2012