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Informing Future Risks of Record‐Level Rainfall in the United States

Allison Crimmins
One supplemental file, one link to a repository where the complete matlab code can be found to reproduce the study (41 files)

Projecting Changes in Expected Annual Damages From Riverine Flooding in the United States

Jeremy Martinich
Summary of datasets for flooding analysis reported in Wobus et al. (2019) 1) Wobus_Flood_Damages_huc10.xlsx – contains total flood damages for floods of each specified recurrence interval, organized by HUC10, for watersheds with RiskMAP data from 3 or 5 recurrence intervals. Also includes lookup table to crosswalk from HUC10 to NCA region, and from HUC10 to the ReachID associated with the modeled flow data. 2) CONUS_model_dT.xlsx – contains the year that each of the 29 models...

Li et al 20xx_Data set

Orin Shanks
Data available in Science Hub includes measurements used to generate Figures 1, 2, S3, and S4. All other data is reported in the manuscript text.

Effects of Increasing Aridity on Ambient Dust and Public Health in the U.S. Southwest Under Climate Change

Allison Crimmins
Supplemental information, excel spreadsheet of data behind figures in the paper, 11 files with code to reproduce the study.

Estimates of Present and Future Asthma Emergency Department Visits Associated With Exposure to Oak, Birch, and Grass Pollen in the United States

Allison Crimmins
Word file with supplemental figures and tables, including data behind figures in the paper

Climate damages and adaptation potential across diverse sectors of the United States

Jeremy Martinich
In this research paper, we summarize results from sectoral impact models applied within a consistent modelling framework to project how climate change will affect 22 impact sectors of the United States, including effects on human health, infrastructure and agriculture.

Unmix Optimum Input Data Files and Model Results

Gary Norris
Unmix Optimum input files and results for the LBL, and 40 Lakes regions (East, Central, West)

Validation of a dietary questionnaire to assess omega-3 fatty acids levels

Wan Shen
Includes the validity test results on the blood level of omega-3 fatty acids and calculated dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids using the dietary questionnaire

Coastal Shoreline Resilience Screening Data (CRSI & LQ)

Lisa Smith
Datasets provided include CRSI scores and regional ranks for original national assessment, and coastal regional rescale for coastal and coastal shoreline (ENOW) counties (Figure 3; Table 1). LQ values are provided for all GOM ENOW counties for total ocean economy employment and for each sector (Table 2). The percentile ranked values for the GOM counties with total ocean economy LQ values >1 are included for CRSI and LQ (Figure 4). Links to the publicly available...

River Metrics Data Ver 1

Paul Ringold
Transcripts from focus groups

Stream Tables Associated with the Case Study: Coal biomass to methanol, methanol to acetic acid, and life cycle results before and after implementing the pollution control units. All data are computer simulation results.

Gerardo Ruiz-Mercado
The dataset files contain the chemical process simulation results (mass and energy flows) for the production of acetic acid from coal and methanol. Also, it has the life cycle inventory (LCI) results when air emissions are treated by the pollution control unit (PCU) modules. The datasets show the full LCI input/output results from the application of the PCUs to the methanol-to-acetic acid (AA) sub-process.

Data set for Light absorption of organic carbon emitted from burning wood, charcoal, and kerosene in household cookstoves

Amara Holder
Optical properties of light absorbing organic aerosol emitted from cookstoves operating with different fuels.

Dataset associated with ORD-025118: Using a Gene Expression Biomarker to Identify DNA Damage-Inducing Agents in Microarray Profiles

Jon Corton
Datasets used in ORD-025118: Using a Gene Expression Biomarker to Identify DNA Damage-Inducing Agents in Microarray Profiles

Data for human cell spheroid model of embryonic tissue fusion in vitro.

Barbara Abbott
Epithelial-mesenchymal interactions drive embryonic fusion events during development and upon perturbation can result in birth defects. Cleft palate and neural tube defects can result from genetic defects or environmental exposures during development, yet very little is known about the effect of chemical exposures on fusion defects in humans because of the lack of relevant and robust human in vitro assays of developmental fusion behavior. Given the etiology and prevalence of cleft palate and the relatively...

Fluorinated Compounds in U.S. Fast Food Packaging

Mark Strynar
Paper samples, paper extracts (known), paper extracts (unknown)

Light-absorbing organic carbon from prescribed and laboratory biomass burning and gasoline vehicle emissions

Amara Holder
This dataset is a compilation of optical properties of the organic fraction of particulate matter emitted from prescribed burning and from gasoline vehicles.

Data for organotypic stem cell model for human embryonic palatal fusion.

Barbara Abbott
Cleft palate (CP) is a common birth defect, occurring in an estimated 1 in 1000 births worldwide. The secondary palate is formed by paired palatal shelves that grow toward each other, appose, attach and fuse. CP can result from disruption of any of these processes. The palatal shelves basically consist of a mesenchymal tissue core covered with a layer of epithelial cells. One of the mechanisms that can cause CP is failure of fusion, i.e.,...


Raymond Smith
Physicochemical and environmental data on compounds found in thermochemical and biochemical routes for producing biofuels.

Dearborn GC-MS organic speciation data

Matthew Landis
Ambient particulate matter organic speciation data from July - August, 2011.

Emissions characterization from a variety of coals on a pilot-scale facility_v1

Tiffany Yelverton
The current study not only characterizes emissions from three coals (bituminous, sub-bituminous, and lignite), but also investigates the use of instrumentation for improved measurement and monitoring techniques that provide real-time, continuous emissions data. Testing was completed using the U.S. EPA’s Multi-Pollutant Control Research Facility, a pilot-scale coal-fired combustor using industry-standard emission control technologies, in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Emissions were calculated based on measurements from the flue gas (pre- and post-electrostatic precipitator), to characterize...

Strontium removal jar test dataset for all figures and tables.

Darren Lytle
The datasets where used to generate data to demonstrate strontium removal under various water quality and treatment conditions.

Aerial energetic residue data from JBER C4 testing

Brian Gullett
Aerially-collected energetic residues from surface detonation of C4.

ENM final

Thabet Tolaymat
The data is the total number of manuscripts that were evaluated in each category. The data helped develop figure 2 and 3.

Inflammatory Cytokines and White Blood Cell Counts Response to Environmental

Joachim Pleil
This dataset contains a summary of compounds found in human blood samples.

Kidney injury biomarkers and urinary creatinine

Joachim Pleil
The original dataset contains identification information for the sample subjects and all of their descriptors including age, gender, race, and medical screening information. The analyzed data cannot be made publicly available.

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