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Anwar Shaikh
An open-source simulation environment for multi-cell, single-cell-based modeling of tissues, organs and organisms. Uses Cellular Potts Model to model cell behavior.


Shaikh Ahmed, Saumitra Mehrotra, Matteo Mannino, Gerhard Klimeck, Dragica Vasileska, Xufeng Wang, Himadri Pal & Gloria Budiman
Simulates the current-voltage characteristics for bulk and SOI Field Effect Transistors (FETs)

Base Motion Calculations

Daniel Kiracofe
Automates the calculations in the paper by Kiracofe and Raman, Nanotechnology 2011

Schottky-Barrier CNFET

Arash Hazeghi, Tejas Krishnamohan & H.-S. Wong
Simulate Carbon Nanotube field Effect transistor with Schottky Barriers

Spatial Pattern Formation in Cell Based Models

Ben Duggan & John Metzcar
Exploring spatial pattern formation in cell-based models, starting with Turing patterns in PhysiCell

Band Structure Lab

Samik Mukherjee, Abhijeet Paul, Neophytos Neophytou, Raseong Kim, Junzhe Geng, Michael Povolotskyi, Tillmann Kubis, Arvind Ajoy, Bozidar Novakovic, Sebastian Steiger, Michael McLennan, Mark Lundstrom & Gerhard Klimeck
Computes the electronic and phonon structure of various materials in the spatial configuration of bulk , quantum wells, and wires

Nanosphere Electrostatics Lab

JCS Kadupitiya, Nicholas Brunk, Sohile Ali, C., Fox, & Vikram Jadhao
The Nanosphere Electrostatics Lab empowers users to simulate the self-assembly of ions near a spherically shaped nanoparticle, and extract the effective electrostatic properties.

PN Junction Lab

Dragica Vasileska, Matteo Mannino, Michael McLennan, Xufeng Wang, Gerhard Klimeck, Saumitra Mehrotra & Benjamin Haley
Everything you need to explore and teach the basic concepts of P-N junction devices

Thermophotovoltaic Experiment

Evan Schlenker, Zhou Zhiguang & Peter Bermel
Simulates thermophotovoltaic system, accounting for thermal losses.

PhysiCell: infected system and off-site immune system

Parichit Sharma & Yafei Wang
Studying the interaction between an ODE driven offsite system and a system under invasion through Agent Based Modelling in PhysiCell.

VEDA: Virtual Environment for Dynamic AFM

Daniel Kiracofe, John Melcher, Arvind Raman, Sudharsan Balasubramaniam, Steven Johnson & Shuiqing Hu
A suite of dynamic AFM simulators for air/liquid/vacuum on soft or hard samples.

Replication Competent Oncolytic Virus expressing secretable trimeric TRAIL: hypothesis testing

Adrianne Jenner & Paul Macklin
Using PhysiCell to simulate a replication competent oncolytic virus expressing secretable trimeric TRAIL which induces apoptosis in nearby cells

Nano Heatflow

Joe Ringgenberg, P. Greaney, Daniel Richards, Jeffrey Grossman, Jeffrey Neaton & Justin Riley
Study the transfer of energy between the vibrational modes of a carbon nanotube.

Polymer Modeler

Benjamin Haley, Nate Wilson, Chunyu Li, Andrea Arguelles, Eugenio Jaramillo & Alejandro Strachan
Build thermoplastic polymer chains and run LAMMPS to relax the chains and study mechanical properties

Resonant Tunneling Diode Simulation with NEGF

Hong-Hyun Park, Zhengping Jiang, Arun Akkala, Sebastian Steiger, Michael Povolotskyi, Tillmann Kubis, Jean Sellier, Yaohua Tan, SungGeun Kim, Mathieu Luisier, Samarth Agarwal, Michael McLennan, Gerhard Klimeck & Junzhe Geng
Simulate 1D RTDs using NEGF.


Jeremy Smith, Jacob Faucheaux, Sarah White, AbderRahman Sobh, John Feser, Prashant Jain & Nahil Sobh
Calculate scattering and absorption of light by targets with arbitrary geometries and complex refractive index.

nicktest title update33

Alissa Nedossekina, Xufeng Wang, Steven Clark, Arun Akkala & Nicholas Kisseberth
testing contribtool delta

Composite Laminate Analysis

Andrew Ritchey
Uses basic laminate theory to estimate effective laminate properties and residual stresses, strains and deformations due to thermal loading.

Replication Competent Oncolytic Virus in Epithelial cell layer

Adrianne Jenner
PhysiCell simulation of a replication competent oncolytic virus release from two veins, diffusing through a layer of epithelial cells.

DDSCAT Discrete Dipole Approximation

Jeremy Smith, Jacob Faucheaux, Sarah White, AbderRahman Sobh, John Feser, Prashant Jain & Nahil Sobh
Calculate scattering and absorption of light by targets with arbitrary geometries and complex refractive index.

Illinois Tools: NanoGromacsDemo

Dairui Chen, Derrick Kearney, Jay Mashl, Nahil Sobh & Eric Jakobsson
Implementation of the popular molecular dynamics software suite GROMACS

Jupyter Notebook (hub version 6.0)

Martin Hunt
Jupyter notebook running in anaconda-6 environment

Wound Healing - Physicell

Juliano Gianlupi & Vedang Narain
Wound healing simulation using physicell

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