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Theoretical aspects of landfill leachate recirculation

T. V. Voronkova & S. U. Chudinov
This paper deals with leachate recirculation caused by landfill of solid domestic waste. Recirculation is defined as one of the mechanisms helping to control emissions. In addition, recirculation is viewed as an instrument that affects the duration of landfill life cycle.

The Influence of brewing industry waste on enzymatic activiti of chernozem soil polluted with oil

Е. Yu. Rudenko
Influence of the basic waste of the brewing industry on the enzymatic activity of the petropolluted chernozem soil is studied. The spent grain and the fulfilled diatomite variate activity of catalase more, than activity of invertase of the chernozem soil polluted by oil more. A brewing waste can be applied to stimulation of a biological potency of the petropolluted chernozem soil.

Primary successions on quarries as a full-scale model for study of terrestrial ecosystems development

Sumina O. I.
Quarries for the building materials extraction as territories with complex relief and a set of various habitats are a good full-scale model for study of vegetation development processes within heterogeneous landscape. In 2 forest-tundra quarries, where recovering time was 3 and 30 years, vegetation mapping took place in 1995, 1999, 2003 (in the new quarry), and in 1999, 2003 (in the old one). The analyses of the obtained 5 maps allowed revealing the common features...

Soil algae and cyanobacteria of coniferous phytocenosis with different levels of anthropogenic impact

L. V. Kondakova, L. I. Domracheva, К. A. Bezdenezhnykh, I. A. Kondakova & T. Ya. Ashikhmina
A comparative analysis of the algal flora of coniferous phytocoenoses with different levels of anthropogenic impact was carried out: pine forest in the buffer zone of the “Nurgush” Nature Reserve (background site), pine and spruce forests near the chemical weapons destruction plant Maradykovskiy, and suburban forests of the city of Kirov. 97 species and varieties of algae and Cyanobacteria were identified in the studied phytocoenoses, including Cyanobacteria – 23, Chlorophyta – 47, Ochrophyta – 15,...

Estimation of phytoecdysteroids’s effect on processes of lipid peroxidation in rat’s liver in experiments in vitro and in vivo

Z. A. Khyshbaktova, A. V. Tzaruk, V.M. Gukasov & V.N. Syrov
Ecdysterone and turkesterone exert an inhibiting influence on processes of lipids peroxidation in experiments in vitro (retardation of the development of ferrum-induced chemoluminescence in homogenates of rats liver) as well as in vivo (significant decrease of malonic dialdehyde content in liver after administration of the preparations to animals). Cyasterone differed from ecdysterone and turkesterone by the presence of lactonic ring in the structure, in experiments in vitro exerts prooxidant action, but in vivo it manifests...

Effect of cyanobacteria Fischerella muscicola and streptomycetes on plants in the model experimentt

Е. V. Тоvstik, I. G. Shirokikh & L. I. Domracheva
In the model experiment the ability of two cultures of soil sterptomicetes Streptomyces wedmorensis 38.11 and S. noursei 75.5 in symbiotic association both with the cyanobacteria Fischerella muscicola 300 and individually to make a growth regulatory and biocontrol effect on wheat seedlings of was studied. Morphometric parameters of seedlings varied in different ways depending on the variant of inoculation: monoculture or binary association. Under normal conditions stimulation of seedlings growth was shown as a result...

Algoindication characteristics of mineral hydromorphic soils

L. V. Kondakova
The algae reaction of mineral hydromorphic soils on change of water regime was investigated. The species indicating water regime in soil of various degrees of gley are shown. Ecological characteristics of algoflora is presented.

Formation and role of humic substances in biosphere

S. N. Chukov
The role of humic substances as the largest reservoir of carbon in the biosphere can not be overestimated. They play a crucial role in the preservation of nutrients and energy in the biosphere, and their unique biology-cal and physiological activity makes them a kind of ATP biosphere similar to ATP of a living organism. In the soil, where it crosses the great geological and small biological cycle, migration routes of macro- and microelements, their value...

Content of mercury in soils and biological objects of natural and technogenic territories

A. G. Gorokhova, A. I. Ivanov, N. A. Yazynina, S. E. Ermolaev & M. V. Ferezanova
The article deals with the problem of mercury (Hg) content in soils and biological objects of the CWD plant protective measures zone in the village of Leonidovka in Penza region. Researche proves the average Hg content in gray forest soils in the area to be much lower than the maximum permissible concentration and is 0.019 mg/kg. The average content of Hg in woody plants was slightly higher (0.0334 mg/kg). This is probably due to the...

Actinomycete regulation of symbiotic relationship of rhizobium with red clover

I. G. Shirokikh, O. V. Ryabova & А. A. Shirokikh
The experimental data show that the actinomycete Streptomyces platensis influences symbiotic relations of clover with Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii. in a different way, depending on availability of polymer source of carbon. The possibility of mycelial prokaryotes participating in roots infecting with rhizobia at early stages of symbiosis is discussed.

Degradation of Acid Orange 7 in a persulphate-bisulfite system under visible light

Heng Zhong, Jia Fang, Lei Sun, Hui Zhao, Aihua Xu, Dongsheng Xia & V. Nevsky A.
Textile industry is one of the most significant manufacturing sectors that produce large volumes of highly polluted and toxic wastewater. Dyes represent an important part of waste effluents. In this study, the degradation of Acid Orange 7 dye (AO7) in a persulfate-bisulfite (PS-BS) system under visible (Vis) light (wavelength more than 420 nm) was performed. All batch experiments were conducted in a 100 mL undivided glass beaker containing 50 mL solution at about 25 о...

Diagnostics Technologies of geo-ecological state of natural-technogenic gas-transport systems

A.V. Sadov, S.G. Pavlov & O.B. Napolov
The article deals with problems connected with technical diagnostics of geo-ecological state of natural-technical gastransport systems. It states scientific methodological principles of gas-transport systems diagnostics, considers the structure of organization of pipe diagnostics, characterizes the distance methods used at diagnostics of gas-transport systems.

On the experience of using the simplest means of chemical control chemical weaponson storage and destruction plants

A. Yu. Karmishin, I. V. Kovalenko, N. D. Stepanov & A. S. Kochkin
The main types of the simplest means of controlling toxic substances used in the chemical weapons storage and destruction plants are considered. The description and basic specifications of the simplest means of controlling toxic substances, such as indicator tubes IT 51, IT 52, IT-13-37 and IT-36, and indicator elements of flat-FOV IFE and IFE- Lewisite are given. The experience of operation of the simplest means of controlling toxic substances at the chemical weapons storage and...

Multilevel system of industrial environmental control and monitoring of chemical weapons stockpiles decommission in the Russian Federation

V. I. Kholstov, A. P. Treghub & T. Ya. Ashikhmina
The article contains material on the structure, organization forms, and content of multilevel industrial environmental control and monitoring at chemical weapons decommission plants. The data on the organization of control and monitoring systems at all the existing facilities of the Russian Federation is given.

Simulation analysis of the ionic composition of the wastewater of the solid waste landfill of Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan

K. M. Karimov, Kh. E. Yorov, D. T. Bobokalonov, Z. K. Mukhidinov & M. A. Kukaniyev
The article presents the results of the analysis of chemical composition of drainage water from the landfill of the municipal solid waste (MSW) and simulation reactor for waste decomposition forecasting. The analysis of cationic and anionic water drainage under accelerated MSW fracture simulation has shown that in the initial period in the drainage water disposal mainly carbonates, chlorides, fluorides pass, and then sulfates and nitrates. After covering the polygon anaerobically chlorides sulfates and carbonates share...

Perspective Approaches to Reorganizing Chemical Weapon Decommission Objects. Reagent Technologies of Extracting Arsenic from Arsenic-containing Reaction Masses and Wastes

V.N. Chupis, O.Yu. Rastegayev & А.О. Malishevskiy
The article considers the problems connected with the conception of reorganizing chemical weapons decommission plants as high technology objects. Technological aspects of converting Arsenic-containing substances and wastes into products in demand are shown

Malaria in the European part of Russia in the XXI century: forecasting experience

S. M. Malkhazova & N. V. Shartova
The article discusses the experience of forecasting model for three-day-malaria epidemiological situation in European Russia, especially in the key area – the Moscow region. Forecasting is based on the data of climate modeling within the project CMIP3 with «A2» IPCC scenario. It is found out that in the future, beginning with the second half of the XXI century, conditions for malaria development will improve throughout the world, epidemic risk will increase

Selection of settlements as a model for studying the effect of anthropogenic and climatic and geographical factors on human

D. A. Kuznetsova, E. N. Sizova & V. I. Tsirkin
To study the influence of anthropogenic factors on the human body in different geographical latitudes, the environmental and climatic, demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the four settlements is given (respectively 6, 16, 7 and 24 indicators taken from official sources in the public domain). Two of them are located in the middle latitudes (Kirov and Yaransk), and two - in the European North (Ukhta and Sedyu). Based on indicators such as the concentration of suspended...

Legal basis for forest management in the Republic of Poland

E.M. Gordeeva & K. Khlebovsky
The article considers forest management legal provisions in the Republic of Poland. Since 1945, after the World War II, the amount of forest lands has increased by 10%. The figure is the result of effective sustainable forest management under the requirements of the international law forest principles: biodiversity perseverance, non-exhausting, renewable forest usage, its protection and territory covered by forests increase.

The biological characteristics of local isolates polypores and some aspects of their cultivation

G.F. Zaripova, A. A. Shirokikh & I. G. Shirokikh
In forest ecosystems of the southern taiga subzone of the European North-East collected fruit bodies of polypores as promising producers of biologically active compounds and pharmaceuticals. Isolated in mycelial culture 18 strains from eight species and three genera (Trametes spp., Daedaleopsis confragosa and Cerrena unicolor). Studied cultural and microscopic properties of fungi on the solid medium. Revealed differences on growth rate, color, density of filamentous cover and other specific characteristics are of interest for the...

Prospects of using Fisherella muscicola and sodium azide for suppression of Fusarium solani development

A. R. Gayfutdinova, L. I. Domrachava & L. V. Trefilova
The article shows the possibility of using the chemical agent sodium azide together with the cyanobacteria Fisherella muscicola as a germ-a-antagonist to suppress anti-plant pathogenic fungus Fusarium solani. Fungistatic and fungicidal effect of the agents used in the saprophytic phase of the fungus, as well as the healing effect of cyanobacteria in growing barley in soil contaminated with Fusarium are proved.

Number, biomass and cell size of bacteria in the rhizosphere and rhizoplane of some plants

I. P. Pinchuk, N. P. Kirillova, L. M. Polyanskaya & D. G. Zvyagintsev
Number, biomass and size of bacterial cells were studied in the rhizosphere and rhizoplane of six different species of higher plants. These indexes are higher in the root zone of plants than in soil without plants. Average size of the bacterial cells in rhizoplane and rhizosphere increases, as compared with the soil by root exudates. Calculated rhizospheric and edaphopheric effects confirmed that the basal area is favorable for growth and development of bacteria. Number of...

Assessment of toxic effects according to the response of methylphosphonic acid biochemical reactions of phototrophic organisms

E. V. Koval, L. S. Svinolupova & S. Yu. Ogorodnikova
Response biochemical reactions of natural biofilms with dominating of Nostoc commune and barley seeds during germination to methylphosphonic acid (MPA) are studied. It is found out that MPA initiates oxidative processes in cyanobacteria cells, which results in accumulation of lipid peroxidation products and decrease of chlorophyll a content. Seed germination in presence of MPA reduces peroxidase activity in seeds, as well as barley viability and germination. The biochemical parameters under research can be used to...

Environmental aspects of life safety of people affected by aircraft noise

V. N. Zinkin, A. V. Bogomolov, I. M. Akhmetzyanov & P. M. Sheshegov
It is stated that the cumulative impact of aircraft noise is a significant threat to environmental safety of life of aviation staff and the population of the areas adjacent to airports, airfields and aviation businesses

Complex Monitoring of Environmnetal State in the Zone of Chemical Weapons Storage and Decommission Plants in the Town Potchep in Bryansk Region

N.V. Akimenkov, S.A. Bachegov, G.V. Brilyova, V.P. Ivanov, I.Yu. Adamovich, I.N. Glazun & S.I. Marchenko
The article shares the experience of systematic complex ecological monitoring of the affected zone of the complex of plants of chemical weapons storage and decommission in Potchep town in Bryansk region. The main directions of the analysis of ecological system background condition are set forth in detail.

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