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Basis for using activated sludge for bioremediation of soil contaminated with aromatic amines (aniline)

I. N. Shvetsova, G. M. Batrakova & T. A. Zaitceva
The article shows the results of theoretical studies of aniline transformation in aerobic and anaerobic soil conditions. Methods of biological decontamination of sewage water were considered and the possibility of using sludge for bioremediation of soils contaminated with aromatic amines was estimated. The process flowsheet for remediation of contaminated sites using liquid and dry biomass sludge was suggested.

International law principles of sustainable management of forests, ecological aspect

A.I. Karpilovich & E.M. Gordeyeva
The article considers the problems of working out contemporary international law principles of sustainable management of forests that are an important component of biospheric, ecological and economical safety. This fact was pointed out by the resolution of the General UNO Assembly that declared 2011 to be The Year of Forests

Почвообразование на техногенных озёрных илах

Е.В. Дабах
Статья посвящена почвам техногенного ландшафта (Technosols по WRB), формирующимся на загрязнённых техногенных озёрных отложениях, вышедших на дневную поверхность после изменения гидрологического режима и прекращения поступления в озеро загрязнённых сточных вод. Исследуемая территория расположена в долине р.Вятки в районе хвостохранилищ химических предприятий г. Кирово-Чепецка (Кировская область, Россия). Мощность почвенного профиля ограничена плотной гипсовой коркой, залегающей на глубине 30 см и способствующей переувлажнению почв. В отличие от окружающих кислых аллювиальных почв, они характеризуются щелочной реакцией, контрастностью верхней...

Influence of ecological conditions on molecular structure lekartsvennykh of plants of the dandelion (Taraxacum officinale Wigg) and chicory of ordinary (Cichorium intybus L.)

Kh. Yusupov, A. D. Bakhdavlatov & R. M. Marupov
The aim of this paper is to study the impact of environmental conditions on the molecular structure of a variety of wild medicinal plants dandelion (Taraxacum officinale Wigg.) and chicory ordinary (Cichorium intybus L.) growing in various regions of Tajikistan. The method of chemical modification of the wild medicinal plants, dandelion and chicory, was developed with the help of the method of spin labels. We studied the stability and molecular mobility of nitroxyl radical added...

Content of heavy metals in urban surface water bodies

E.G. Riabova
Today urban territories became the main habitat for people, but together with the rising level of economic and social advantages, they also have some ecological problems. And one of them is the pollution of urban water bodies with different toxicants, such as heavy metals. In this study, the analysis of surface water bodies carried out to containing of some heavy metals, such as: Pb, Fe, Mn, Sr, Zn, Cd and Cu, as well as comparison...

Ecotoxicants and human autoimmune diseases

V. Yu. Okhapkina
The article reviews the literature on the problem of autoimmune diseases of humans and the role of environmental pollution in the development and progression of this type of pathology.

Modern trends in the development of bioassay methodology of aquatic environments

A. S. Olkova
Bioassay is now an integral part of the “Effect-directed analysis” (EDA). We analyzed current research in the field of biodiagnostics and environmental monitoring programs, which used bioassay methods. The modern bioassay methodology is developing in the following areas: the development and implementation of new bioassay methods, the development of special bioassay devices, the detection of new informative test-functions based on the accounting of sublethal effects in laboratory organisms, the evaluation and interpretation of the results...

Changes in structure of summer population of birds in Bolshezemelskaya tundra as a result of activity of oil recovery

V. V. Anufriev
The article is about ecologically flexible bird species in habitats with technogenic transformation. Qualitative changes in structure of summer population of birds of Bolshezemelskaya tundra as a result of activity of oil recovery are considered. Questions of resistance of birds natural communities of different tundra vegetation zonal types to landscapes technogenic transformation are discussed.

Reaction of soil microbiota to pesticides (Review)

L. I. Domracheva, T. Ya. Ashikhmina, L. V. Kondakova & G. I. Berezin
The article presents the data on pesticides’ effect on populations of soil saprotrophic and phototrophic bacteria, algae, micromycetes, and on microbial complexes on the whole. The ambiguity of organisms’ responses to drugs of different chemical nature and different courses of action is shown. Characteristics of bioassay and bioindication methods assessing pesticides in the environment is given. The ways of utilizing destructor microorganisms for clearing soil from pesticide contamination are considered.

Comparative analysis of Features and Contents of Reactional Mass got at Destructing Lewisite by means of the Experimental and Balance Methods

O.Yu. Rastyegayev, A.O. Melishevskiy, T.P. Tolokonnikova, V.I. Maryin & V.N. Chupis
The method of balance calculations for wastes identification and control over technological process of lewisite alkali hydrolysis was worked out. Research of contents and properties of different parties of reaction mass resulting after lewisite decommission was carried out. Satisfactory correlation between the experimental and the balance methods of stating the contents lets utilize the both methods at once for technological and eclogical control.

Soil-like formation in technogenic landscapes history of study, terminology, modern aspects (review)

Intensive mining and industrial processing are inevitably accompanied by withdrawal of agricultural and forest land from the turnover. Alienation of land under mining in Siberia is accompanied by loss of the most fertile soils. Within historically formed soil areas technogenic landscapes appear, most of them result from piles of waste rocks. Their surface is weathered, leached, and gets populated with biota over time. Soil-like bodies are formed of these mineral substrates. They are characterized by...

Problems of establishing modern theory of environmental damage

O. Ya. Glibko
The scientific category of environmental damage was studied in connection with the problem of its definition and integration in modern science. The history of the issue, current approaches to the definition of damage, harm or loss to the environment, principles, techniques and methods for assessing environmental damage are considered.

Genetic variation of spring barley under the influence of potassium carbonate, and the emission of red band

G. P. Dudin & L. N. Dvinskikh
In article shows the results of studying of barley plants reaction on seeds soaking in K2CO3 solutions with concentration 0,01; 0,1; 1 M, as well as on radiation with red light (wave length is 632,8 and 754 nanometers), and on joint influence of these factors. Data on frequency and range of arising chlorophyll mutations and on morpho-physiological changes at plants of the second generation are provided. Seeds processing options with the greatest plants variability are...

Chemical Weapons Decomission – the 3d Stage

V.I. Kholstov
The article presents the results of Russia’s fulfillment of the third stage of the international chemical disarmament liability. For 2,5 years (from May 2007 to December 2009) 10 000 t. of poison substances is destroyed. During realization of the federal special program (FSP) «Chemical Weapon Stores Decommission in the RF» since 2002 5 chemical weapon decommission plants were launched on the territory of Russia. Objects of social and engineering infrastructure have been built to contribute...

Diversity of soil actinomycetes complexes conditioned by mycelial actinobacteria temperature adaptations

D. G. Zvyagintsev, G. M. Zenova, T. A. Grachova, A. I. Kurapova & M. S. Dubrova
The review considers questions of specificity of actinomycetes complexes diversity in different soil types in connection with mycelial prokaryotes temperature adaptation. The works dedicated to mechanisms of mycelia actynobacteria adaptation to high and low temperature are analysed. Temperature adaptation of mycelialn actynobacteria helps to keep actynomycetes diversity in soils different in temperature regimes.

Comprehensive assessment of ecological status of watercourses near the chemical weapons decommission plant in Pochep (Bryansk region)

L. V. Konnova
The results of hydrochemical and hydrobiological research of the rivers Sudost, Rozhok, Semchanka and Costa (Bryansk region) are given. The characteristics of macrozoobenthos species composition is given for the first time, that includes 72 species and taxa. Pollution indexes are calculated on the basis of hydrochemical characteristics for these rivers as well. The ecological assessment of condition of the rivers is given grounded on the species composition and structural characteristics of macrozoobenthos communities.

Assesment of water quality of the Ivkina river near the health resort area (basin of the Vyatka river) as for zoobenthos

M. L. Tsepeleva & V. N. Shubina
Zoobenthos research results are shown of the Ivkina river (inflow of the Vyatka river) under the influence of household drains from territory of the resort, as well as of agricultural drains from allotments, fields, pastures located on coast of the river. Biotic index of Woodiwiss and to Oligochaete index of Goodnight and Whitley estimate waters of the Ivkina river as clean and very clean. Chironomids index of Balushkina of the majority of the river stations...

Comparing the effectiveness of two methods of processing municipal organic waste (by the example of Kazan)

P. A. Kuryntseva, P. Yu. Galitskaya, L. R. Biktasheva & S. Yu. Selivanovskaya
Sewage sludge (SS), organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) and their mixture (in 2:1 ratio) were treated by three biological methods: anaerobic digestion, composting, and subsequent digestion and composting. After digestion for 25 days biogas yield for SS was 73, for OFMSW – 46 and for the mixture SS+OFMSW – 125 mL g-1 DM. After 90 days of composting, respiratory activity of the raw wastes ranged from 66 to 178 mg CO2 -C kg-1...

Grain yield and oats adaptability in the Volga-Vyatka region

I. I. Rusakova, G. A. Batalova, M. V. Tulyakova & G. P. Zhuravleva
The article presents the results of oats samples productivity and adaptability accession. Complex sources with high productivity and tolerance to drought and high soil acidity were found out.

Thermochemical recycling of polycarbonate consuming with producing sorption materials with desired properties

I. S. Glushankova, A. A. Surkov & D. V. Aseeva
This paper presents a technical and environmental analysis of the main methods of waste consumption of polycarbonate, and the results of experimental studies on the thermochemical processing of waste to produce sorption materials with desired properties. The influence of the ratio of the activating agent (potassium hydroxide) and carbonizate polycarbonate, temperature and time of activation on the formation of the porous structure of the samples sorbents and their sorption properties are found out. The research...

Ecological role of information in soil

L. O. Karpatchevskiy & T. A. Zubkova
The article presents the results of epizootic of epidemiological studies. The influence of objective and subjective reasons of diagnostic errors in alveococcosis diagnosis is considered. Besides, the possibility of using perfluorane to control intraoperative bleeding is investigated

Secondary structure of the macromolecules of humic acids

A.A. Mironov
The aim of the research was to create a 3D graphic model of the molecular structure of humic acids alluvial buried leaf litter on the basis of information received modern physico-chemical methods of research: CNHS – analysis, NMR 13 C spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, electronic analysis, EPR spectroscopy, TG, DTA. In pyrolysate of humic acids method GC-MS identified a number of alkanes from C12 to C and ISO-alkanes, menagerie cyclic system. Also, the presence of bi-,...

Analysis of sewage pollution of the cities in the middle part of the river Vyatka

Yu. Yu. Limonov, T. Ya. Ashikhmina & V. P. Savinikh
Comparative data of middle part of the river Vyatka water pollution with rain water and wastewater of the cities Slobodskoy, Kirovo-Chepetsk, Kirov, Orlov are presented. To reduce the negative impact it is offered to construct a rain water sewer system with facilities for further treatment of surface runoff, to reconstruct the city sewer system for trouble-free diversion of waste water, as well as to upgrade the existing wastewater treatment plant.

Biological consequences of radioactive contamination for rodents in the exclusion zone of the Сhernobyl NPP

A. I. Taskaev, L. D. Materiy, A. G. Kudyasheva, O. V. Ermakova, L. A. Baschlikova, N. G. Zagorskya & L. N. Shishkina
Monitoring of the radioactive contamination effects on the organism of different species of rodents was carried out in a 30-km zone of the Chernobyl accident in 1986–1993 and 2007 using ecological, radiochemical, morphophysiological, hematological, histomorphological, cytogenetic, biochemical and biophysical methods. The stages of forming and developing changes in the major systems of the organism were observed and the regulation processes in several generations of rodents inhabiting in the Chernobyl accident zone were studied. Despite the...

Soil evolution in relation to modern climate warming

O. I. Khudyakov & O. V. Reshotkin
In connection with warming, the current state of the climate relative to the climate normal is analyzed. In quantitative terms, the climate normal is a parameter of any characteristic of climate of atmosphere or soil sampled from 1961 to 1990 in a daily, ten-day, monthly, seasonal, or annual cycle. Currently, climatic changes occur on global, continental and regional level. On the global level, especially strong climate warming has been observed over the past 100 years:...

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