7,367 Works

Complexity Hierarchies and Higher-Order Cons-Free Rewriting

Cynthia Kop & Jakob Grue Simonsen

Real Interactive Proofs for VPSPACE

Martijn Baartse & Klaus Meer

Narrativity and Textuality in the Study of Stories

Moshe Simon-Shoshan

A Framework for Static Analysis of VHDL Code

Marc Schlickling & Markus Pister

Fast matching statistics in small space

Djamal Belazzougui, Fabio Cunial & Olgert Denas

Matrix Completion and Related Problems via Strong Duality

Maria-Florina Balcan, Yingyu Liang, David P. Woodruff & Hongyang Zhang

Random Fruits on the Zielonka Tree

Florian Horn

Ordered Tree-Pushdown Systems

Lorenzo Clemente, Pawel Parys, Sylvain Salvati & Igor Walukiewicz

Lyrics-to-Audio Alignment and its Application

Hiromasa Fujihara & Masataka Goto

Introspecting Preferences in Answer Set Programming

Zhizheng Zhang

Train Scheduling and Rescheduling in the UK with a Modified Shifting Bottleneck Procedure

Banafsheh Khosravi, Julia A. Bennell & Chris N. Potts

Bounds for Blind Rate Adaptation

Seth Gilbert, Calvin Newport & Tonghe Wang

Quantifying the Resiliency of Fail-Operational Real-Time Networked Control Systems

Arpan Gujarati, Mitra Nasri & Björn B. Brandenburg

Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning (Dagstuhl Seminar 14381)

Artur D'Avila Garcez, Marco Gori, Pascal Hitzler & Luís C. Lamb

Deterministic Automata and Extensions of Weak MSO

Mikolaj Bojanczyk & Szymon Torunczyk

Optimizing Society? Ensuring Fairness in Automated Decision-Making (Invited Talk)

Sorelle Friedler

Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization

Florian Brandner

The Synchronization Power of Atomic Bitwise Operations

Damien Imbs

Program Analysis to Support Concurrent Programming in Declarative Languages

Romain Demeyer

Federated Byzantine Quorum Systems

Álvaro García-Pérez & Alexey Gotsman

Some Lower Bounds in Dynamic Networks with Oblivious Adversaries

Irvan Jahja, Haifeng Yu & Yuda Zhao

Balanced Interval Coloring

Antonios Antoniadis, Falk Hueffner, Pascal Lenzner, Carsten Moldenhauer & Alexander Souza

Semantic Versioning Checking in a Declarative Package Manager

Michael Hanus

Approximating Maximum Diameter-Bounded Subgraph in Unit Disk Graphs

A. Karim Abu-Affash, Paz Carmi, Anil Maheshwari, Pat Morin, Michiel Smid & Shakhar Smorodinsky

Leaving the Nest: Nominal Techniques for Variables with Interleaving Scopes

Murdoch J. Gabbay, Dan R. Ghica & Daniela Petrisan

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