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Deciphering the $X(3872)$ via its polarization in prompt production at the CERN LHC

Mathias Butenschoen, Zhi-Guo He & Bernd A. Kniehl
Physical review letters 123(3), 032001 (2019). doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.123.032001

Determination of electroweak parameters in polarised deep-inelastic scattering at HERA

Daniel Britzger, Stefan Schmitt, Sergey Levonian & Hubert Spiesberger
The European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics (EPS-HEP), EPS-HEP 2019, Ghent, International Convention Center and Ghent University - Campus Ledeganck, Belgium, 10 Jul 2019 - 17 Jul 2019

XGANDALF – extended gradient descent algorithm for lattice finding

Yaroslav Gevorkov, Oleksandr Yefanov, Anton Barty, Thomas A. White, Valerio Mariani, Wolfgang Brehm, Aleksandra Tolstikova, Rolf-Rainer Grigat & Henry N. Chapman
Acta crystallographica / A 75(5), 694 - 704 (2019). doi:10.1107/S2053273319010593

Azimuthal asymmetries of back-to-back $\pi^\pm-(\pi^0,\eta,\pi^\pm)$ pairs in $e^+e^-$ annihilation

H. Li, A. Vossen, H. Aihara, D. M. Asner, V. Aulchenko, T. Aushev, V. Babu, I. Badhrees, A. M. Bakich, J. Bennett, V. Bhardwaj, T. Bilka, J. Biswal, A. Bobrov, M. Bračko, M. Campajola, L. Cao, D. Červenkov, V. Chekelian, A. Chen, B. G. Cheon, H. E. Cho, K. Cho, Y. Choi, S. Choudhury … & V. Zhulanov
This work reports the first observation of azimuthal asymmetries around the thrust axis in $e^+e^-$ annihilation of pairs of back-to-back charged pions in one hemisphere, and $\pi^0$ and $\eta$ mesons in the opposite hemisphere. These results are complemented by a new analysis of pairs of back-to-back charged pions. The $\pi^0$ and $\eta$ asymmetries rise with the relative momentum $z$ of the detected hadrons as well as with the transverse momentum with respect to the thrust...

First measurement of the CKM angle $\phi_3$ with $B^{\pm}\to D(K_{\rm S}^0\pi^+\pi^-\pi^0)K^{\pm}$ decays

P. K. Resmi, J. Libby, K. Trabelsi, I. Adachi, H. Aihara, S. Al Said, D. M. Asner, V. Aulchenko, T. Aushev, V. Babu, I. Badhrees, A. M. Bakich, C. Beleño, J. Bennett, V. Bhardwaj, B. Bhuyan, T. Bilka, J. Biswal, A. Bozek, M. Bračko, M. Campajola, D. Červenkov, A. Chen, B. G. Cheon, H. E. Cho … & V. Zhilich
We present the first model-independent measurement of the CKM unitarity triangle angle $\phi_3$ using $B^{\pm}\to D(K_{\rm S}^0\pi^+\pi^-\pi^0)K^{\pm}$ decays, where $D$ indicates either a $D^{0}$ or $\overline{D}^{0}$ meson. Measurements of the strong-phase difference of the $D \to K_{\rm S}^0\pi^+\pi^-\pi^0$ amplitude obtained from CLEO-c data are used as input. This analysis is based on the full Belle data set of $772\times 10^{6}$ $B\overline{B}$ events collected at the $\Upsilon(4S)$ resonance. We obtain $\phi_3 = (5.7~^{+10.2}_{-8.8} \pm 3.5 \pm...

Observation of $ \tau^- \rightarrow \pi^- \nu_{\tau} e^+ e^- $ and search for $\tau^- \rightarrow \pi^- \nu_{\tau} \mu^+ \mu^-$

Y. Jin, H. Aihara, D. Epifanov, I. Adachi, S. Al Said, D. M. Asner, V. Aulchenko, T. Aushev, R. Ayad, V. Babu, I. Badhrees, S. Bahinipati, V. Bansal, P. Behera, M. Berger, V. Bhardwaj, T. Bilka, J. Biswal, A. Bobrov, G. Bonvicini, A. Bozek, M. Bračko, M. Campajola, L. Cao, D. Červenkov … & V. Zhukova
Observation of $ \tau^- \rightarrow \pi^- \nu_{\tau} e^+ e^- $ and search for $\tau^- \rightarrow \pi^- \nu_{\tau} \mu^+ \mu^-$We present the first measurements of branching fractions of rare tau-lepton decays, τ−→π−ντℓ+ℓ− (ℓ=e or μ), using a data sample corresponding to 562 fb−1 collected at a center-of-mass energy of 10.58 GeV with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e+e− collider. The τ−→π−ντe+e− decay is observed for the first time with 7.0σ significance. The partial branching...

Observation of a new structure near 10.75 GeV in the energy dependence of the $e^+e^-\to\Upsilon(nS)\pi^+\pi^-$ ($n=1,2,3$) cross sections

A. Abdesselam, I. Adachi, K. Adamczyk, J. K. Ahn, H. Aihara, S. Al Said, K. Arinstein, Y. Arita, D. M. Asner, H. Atmacan, V. Aulchenko, T. Aushev, R. Ayad, T. Aziz, V. Babu, I. Badhrees, S. Bahinipati, A. M. Bakich, Y. Ban, V. Bansal, E. Barberio, M. Barrett, W. Bartel, P. Behera, C. Beleño … & N. Zwahlen
13th International Workshop on Heavy Quarkonium , QWG 2019, Turin, Italy, 13 May 2019 - 17 May 2019; 31 pp. (2019).

Coherent Control of the Rotation Axis of Molecular Superrotors

Alec Owens, Andrey Yachmenev & J. Küpper
The journal of physical chemistry letters 9(15), 4206 - 4209 (2018). doi:10.1021/acs.jpclett.8b01689

Exclusive Physics at HERMES and COMPASS

Caroline Riedl
16th Conference on Elastic and Diffractive Scattering (EDS Blois 2015), EDS Blois 2015, Borgo, France, 29 Jun 2015 - 4 Jul 2015 ; Acta physica Polonica / B / Proceedings supplement 8(4), 875 - 881(2015). doi:10.5506/APhysPolBSupp.8.875

Search for electroweak production of supersymmetric states in scenarios with compressed mass spectra at $\sqrt{s}=13$ TeV with the ATLAS detector

ATLAS Collaboration
A search for electroweak production of supersymmetric particles in scenarios with compressed mass spectra in final states with two low-momentum leptons and missing transverse momentum is presented. This search uses proton-proton collision data recorded by the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider in 2015-2016, corresponding to 36.1 fb$^{-1}$ of integrated luminosity at $\sqrt{s}=13$ TeV. Events with same-flavor pairs of electrons or muons with opposite electric charge are selected. The data are found to be...

Angle-resolved photoemission from the $NaCl (100)$ face

F. J. Himpsel & W. Steinmann
Physical review / B 17(6), 2537 - 2544 (1978). doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.17.2537

Neutrino Interferometry for High-Precision Tests of Lorentz Symmetry with IceCube

M. G. Aartsen, M. Ackermann, J. Adams, J. A. Aguilar, M. Ahlers, M. Ahrens, I. Al Samarai, D. Altmann, K. Andeen, T. Anderson, I. Ansseau, G. Anton, Carlos Argüelles, J. Auffenberg, S. Axani, H. Bagherpour, X. Bai, J. P. Barron, S. W. Barwick, V. Baum, R. Bay, J. J. Beatty, J. Becker Tjus, K.-H. Becker, S. BenZvi … & M. Zoll
Nature physics 14(9), 961 - 966 (2018). doi:10.1038/s41567-018-0172-2

Flavour breaking effects in the pseudoscalar meson decay constants

V. G. Bornyakov, R. Horsley, Y. Nakamura, H. Perlt, D. Pleiter, P. E. L. Rakow, G. Schierholz, A. Schiller, H. Stüben & J. M. Zanotti
Physics letters / B 767, 366 - 373(2017). doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2017.02.018

ASAP$^3 $– New Data Storage and Analysis facility for PETRA III Experiments

Martin Gasthuber, Steve Aplin, Stefan Dietrich, Uwe Ensslin, Manuela Kuhn & Marco Strutz
European XFEL and DESY Photon Science Users Meeting 2015, Hamburg, Germany, 28 Jan 2015 - 30 Jan 2015

Reductive power of the archaea right-handed coiled coil nanotube (RHCC-NT) and incorporation of mercury clusters inside protein cages

Matthew McDougall, Kevin McEleney, Olga Francisco, Benchmen Trieu, Efehi Kelly Ogbomo, Gregg Tomy & Jörg Stetefeld
Journal of structural biology 203(3), 281 - 287 (2018). doi:10.1016/j.jsb.2018.05.013

Coplanar and grazing incidence x-ray-diffraction investigation of self-organized SiGe quantum dot multilayers

V. Holý, A. A. Darhuber, J. Stangl, S. Zerlauth, F. Schäffler, G. Bauer, N. Darowski, D. Lübbert, U. Pietsch & I. Vávra
Physical review / B 58(12), 7934 - 7943 (1998). doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.58.7934

Higgs boson measurements and extended scalar sector searches in fermionic final states at the CMS experiment

Teresa Lenz
25th International Workshop on Deep Inelastic Scattering and Related Topics, DIS2017, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 3 Apr 2017 - 7 Apr 2017

Identification of heavy-flavour jets with the CMS detector in pp collisions at 13 TeV

A. M. Sirunyan, Armen Tumasyan, Wolfgang Adam, Federico Ambrogi, Ece Asilar, Thomas Bergauer, Johannes Brandstetter, Erica Brondolin, Marko Dragicevic, Janos Erö, Alberto Escalante Del Valle, Martin Flechl, Markus Friedl, Rudolf Fruehwirth, Vasile Mihai Ghete, Johannes Grossmann, Josef Hrubec, Manfred Jeitler, Axel König, Natascha Krammer, Ilse Krätschmer, Dietrich Liko, Thomas Madlener, Ivan Mikulec, Elias Pree … & Nathaniel Woods
Journal of Instrumentation 13(05), P05011 (2018). doi:10.1088/1748-0221/13/05/P05011

Combination of Whole Genome Sequencing, Linkage, and Functional Studies Implicates a Missense Mutation in Titin as a Cause of Autosomal Dominant Cardiomyopathy With Features of Left Ventricular NoncompactionCLINICAL PERSPECTIVE

Robert Hastings, Carin P. De Villiers, Charlotte Hooper, Liz Ormondroyd, Alistair Pagnamenta, Stefano Lise, Silvia Salatino, Samantha J. L. Knight, Jenny C. Taylor, Kate L. Thomson, Linda Arnold, Spyros Chatziefthimiou, Petr Konarev, Matthias Wilmanns, Elisabeth Ehler, Andrea Ghisleni, Mathias Gautel, Edward Blair, Hugh Watkins & Katja Gehmlich
Circulation / Cardiovascular genetics 9(5), 426 - 435(2016). doi:10.1161/CIRCGENETICS.116.001431

Identification of $\tau$ leptons from single W $\to \tau \nu_\tau$ production with the ZEUS detector

Chi Nhan Nguyen
Universität Hamburg, Diss., 2002; 96 pp., (2002). doi:10.3204/DESY-THESIS-2002-024

Using the BFKL Resummation to Fit DIS Data: Collinear and Running Coupling Effects

M. Hentschinski, A. Sabio Vera & C. Salas
20th International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects, DIS 2012, Bonn, Germany, 26 Mar 2012 - 30 Mar 2012; Hamburg : Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, DESY 429-432 (2012). doi:10.3204/DESY-PROC-2012-02/97

Amphiphilic polymers bearing gluconolactone moieties: Synthesis and long side-chain crystalline behavior

M. L. Cerradaa, V. Bordege, A. Munoz-Bonilla, O. Leon, R. Cuervo-Rodriguez, M. Sanchez-Chaves & M. Fernandez-Garcia
Carbohydrate polymers 94, 755-764 (2013). doi:10.1016/j.carbpol.2013.01.053

Structural study of X-ray induced activation of carbonic anhydrase

B. Sjöblom, M. Polentarutti & K. Djinovic-Carugo
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 106, 5 (2009). doi:10.1073/pnas.0904184106

Small angle x-ray scattering with a beryllium compound refractive lens as focusing optic

A. Timmann, R. Döhrmann, T. Schubert, H. Schulte-Schrepping, U. Hahn, M. Kuhlmann, R. Gehrke, S. V. Roth, A. Schropp, C. Schroer & B. Lengeler
Review of scientific instruments 80, 4 (2009). doi:10.1063/1.3104186

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