491 Works

Rare phenomena and W production in electron proton scattering at HERA

Gilles Frising

Signal Development in silicon sensors used for radiation detection

Julian Becker

Entwicklung und Test der dritten H1-Triggerstufe

Jürgen Naumann

Measurement of charm fragmentation in DIS at HERA

Zuzana Rurikova

High P(T) leptons and single W boson production at HERA

Katherine Korcsak-Gorzo

SIMCON 3.1: LLRF system control board measurements

Rafal Pietrasik

Synchronic, optical transmission data link integrated with FPGA circuits

Jerzy S. Zielinski

CAST: Status and Latest Results.

T. Dafni, S. Aune, K. Barth, A. Belov, S. Borghi, H. Braeuninger, G. Cantatore, J.M. Carmona, S.A. Cetin, J.I. Collar, M. Davenport, C. Eleftheriadis, N. Elias, C. Ezer, G. Fanourakis, P. Friedrich, J. Galan, J.A. Garcia, A. Gardikiotis, E.N. Gazis, T. Geralis, I. Giomataris, S. Gninenko, H. Gomez, E. Gruber … & K. Zioutas

Multijets in photoproduction at HERA

Kaloyan Krastev

Nucleon nucleon potential using Dirac constraint dynamics

Bayansan Davaadorj

Deeply virtual Compton scattering off an unpolarised hydrogen target at HERMES

Jonathan R.T. Burns

Ultrahigh energy cosmic neutrinos and physics beyond the standard model

Huitzu Tu

ATLAS MPI tunes with various PDFs

Deepak Kar

Exclusive rho0 production measured with the HERMES recoil detector

Roberto Francisco Perez Benito

Hadron showers in a highly granular calorimeter

Benjamin Lutz

Precise determinations of the strong coupling constant at HERA

O. Gonzalez Lopez

Search for squark production in R-parity violating supersymmetry at HERA

Johannes Haller

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