244 Works

Elastic $Z^{0}$ production at HERA.

Takuya Nobe

Matrix Elements with Vetoes in the CASCADE Monte Carlo Event Generator.

M. Deak, F. Hautmann, H. Jung & K. Kutak

Two-Loop Gluon Regge Trajectory from Lipatov's Effective Action

Grigorios Chachamis, Martin Hentschinski, Jose Daniel Madrigal & Agustin Sabio Vera

Inclusive Measurement of Diffractive Deep Inelastic Scattering at HERA.

Emmanuel Sauvan

Dijet Production in QCD and N=4 SYM.

Grigorios Chachamis, Jose Daniel Madrigal & Agustin Sabio Vera

Top-quark pair-production with one jet and parton showering at hadron colliders.

Simone Alioli, Juan Fuster, Adrian Irles, Sven-Olaf Moch, Peter Uwer & Marcel Vos

Measurement of W/Z production with the ATLAS detector.

Jean-Baptiste Sauvan

The ATLAS Upgrade programme.

Claudia Gemme

Production of Heavy Flavor and Quarkonia at CDF.

Manuel Kambeitz

Spacelike and Timelike Compton Scattering: Progress report.

H. Moutarde & F. Sabatie

Determination of the Integrated Luminosity at HERA using Elastic QED Compton Events.

Stefan Schmitt

The ALICE Upgrade Program.

Thomas Peitzmann

Inclusive D-Meson Production at the LHC.

Hubert Spiesberger

Helicity Parton Distributions at an EIC.

Elke C. Aschenauer, Rodolfo Sassot & Marco Stratmann

J/$\psi$ Photoproduction in ultra-peripheral Au+Au collisions measured by RHIC-PHENIX.

Akihisa Takahara

COMPASS results on transverse spin asymmetries in two-hadron production in SIDIS.

Christopher Braun

Technical Design Report: Scientific Instrument SQS

M. Meyer

The Non-Forward BFKL Equation and Infrared Effects

G. Chachamis, A. Sabio Vera & C. Salas

Using the BFKL Resummation to Fit DIS Data: Collinear and Running Coupling Effects

M. Hentschinski, A. Sabio Vera & C. Salas

Technical Design Report: X-Ray Optics and Beam Transport

H. Sinn, M. Dommach, X. Dong, D. La Civita, L. Samoylova, R. Villanueva & F. Yang

Conceptual Design Report: Undulator Control Systems

A. Beckmann, S. Karabekyan & J. Pfluger

Technical Design Report: Scientific Instrument FXE

Ch. Bressler, A. Galler & W. Gawelda

Estimates of the Fluorescence-Induced Backscattered Dose for the LPD Detector

Steffen Hauf & Andreas Koch

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