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Small-$x$ behavior of deep-inelastic structure functions F$_2$ and F$^{cc}_2$.

Anatoly Kotikov

The scalar mesons in multi-channel $\pi\pi$ scattering and decays of the $\psi$ and $\Upsilon$ families.

Yurii S. Surovtsev, Petr Bydzovsky, Thomas Gutsche, Robert Kaminski, Valery E. Lyubovitskij & Miroslav Nagy

Search for rare top quark decays.

Bruno Galhardo

Lectures on new physics searches in $B\to D^{(*)}\tau\nu_\tau$.

Svjetlana Fajfer & Ivan Nisandzic

Technical Design Report: Scientific Instrument High Energy Density Physics (HED)

Motoaki Nakatsutsumi, Karen Appel, Gerd Priebe, Ian Thorpe, Alexander Pelka, Bruno Muller & Thomas Tschentscher

Flavor changing neutral currents in top quark production and decay

Efe Yazgan

Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Top-Quark Physics (TOP 2013).

Ulrich Husemann, Hannes Mildner & Frank Roscher

Measurement of jet multiplicity distributions insemi-leptonic top quark pair events.

Shawn Williamson

Top charge asymmetry -- theory status fall 2013.

Susanne Westhoff

Leptons: $\mathbf{e}$, $\boldsymbol{\mu}$, $\boldsymbol{\tau}$ + systematic uncertainties.

Timothee Theveneaux-Pelzer & Javier Fernandez Menendez

Unfolding in particle physics: a window on solving inverse problems.

Francesco Spano

Separating single top quark signal from background using distribution mixture model.

Jiri Franc, Michal Stepanek, Vaclav Krus & Vladislav Simak

Experimental status of top charge asymmetry measurements.

Viatcheslav Sharyy

The top quark and the SM stability.

Mikhail Shaposhnikov

Measurement of the charge asymmetry in top quark pair production at CMS.

Frank Roscher

V+jets background and systematic uncertainties in top quark analyses.

Stefanie Adomeit & Reinhild Yvonne Peters

Signal modeling uncertainties in top quark production.

Thomas Peiffer

Measurement of the W-boson helicity in $\mathbf{t\bar t}$ lepton+jets events.

Annik Olbrechts

Probing QCD parameters with top-quark data.

Sebastian Naumann-Emme

$\mathbf{t\bar t}$ plus jets measurements.

Lluisa-Maria Mir

From the LHC to a future lepton collider.

Kirill Melnikov

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