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Diffractive open charm production at H1

Paul Thompson
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.923-926, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

Nuclear p(t)-broadening at HERMES

Yves Van Haarlem, Anton Jgoun & Pasquale Di Nezza
The first direct measurement of p_t-broadening effects in cold nuclear matter has been studied as a function of several kinematic variables for different hadron types. The data have been accumulated by the HERMES experiment at DESY, in which the HERA 27.6 GeV lepton beam scattered off several nuclear gas targets.

Lattice QCD based on OpenCL.

Owe Philipsen, Christopher Pinke, Alessandro Sciarra & Matthias Bach
Contribution to Proceedings

The QCD critical end point driven by an external magnetic field in asymmetric quark matter.

Pedro Costa, Márcio Ferreira, Constança Providência, Hubert Hansen & Débora P. Menezes
Contribution to Proceedings

Prospects for Higgs and BSM searches at LHC

Daniela Rebuzzi
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.477-480, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

GPGPU for track finding in High Energy Physics.

L. Rinaldi, M. Belgiovine, R. Di Sipio, A. Gabrielli, M. Negrini, F. Semeria, A. Sidoti, S. A. Tupputi & M. Villa
Contribution to Proceedings

Recent Results from the Telescope Array Experiment.

Thomas Stroman
Contribution to Proceedings

Vector Boson $+$ Jets Production at CMS.

Yun-Ju Lu
Contribution to Proceedings

LHCb results in proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC.

Katharina Müller
Contribution to Proceedings

Precision Tests of the Standard Model with Kaon Decays at CERN.

Tommaso Spadaro
Contribution to Proceedings

Hadron structure from lattice QCD - outlook and future perspectives.

Constantia Alexandrou
Contribution to Proceedings

Recent theoretical and experimental results on top quark mass measurements.

Roberto Franceschini
Contribution to Proceedings

The New Muon $g-2$ Experiment at Fermilab.

David Kawall
Contribution to Proceedings

IsoDAR and DAE$\delta$ALUS.

Joshua Spitz
Contribution to Proceedings

Anisotropic flow from hard partons in ultra-relativistic nuclear collisions.

Boris Tomášik & Martin Schulc
Contribution to Proceedings

Multi-particle decays of light mesons measured by PHENIX at RHIC

Alexander Milov
The PHENIX experiment at RHIC measured K0S, eta and omega-meson production at high pT in p+p, d+Au and Au+Au collisions at sqrt(s_NN)=200 GeV. Measurements performed in different hadronic decay channels give consistent results. This paper presents measured meson-to-pi0 ratios and Nuclear Modification factors in the most central d+Au and Au+Au collisions. No suppression seen in d+Au interactions is in contrast to a strong suppression of meson yields revealed in central Au+Au collisions at the same...

DIS charm cross-sections through D* and D meson tagging by the ZEUS detector

Hartmut Stadie
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.801-804, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

Recent Results from MINERvA.

Jonathan Miller
Contribution to Proceedings

Fragmentation function measurements at Belle

Akio Ogawa, Matthias Grosse Perdekamp & Ralf Seidl
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.575-578, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

Proton-lead measurements using the ATLAS detector.

Martin Spousta
Contribution to Proceedings

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