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Charm physics at B factories

Galina Pakhlova
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.875-878, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

Neutrinos in Nuclear Physics.

R.D. McKeown
Contribution to Proceedings

Proceedings of the 20th Particles and Nuclei International Conference (PANIC2014)

Christian Sander & Alexander Schmidt
Proc. of PANIC2014; DESY-PROC-2014-04; ISBN 978-3-935702-91-1; ISSN 1435-8077

Search for Higgs Bosons Beyond the Standard Model with the CMS Detector.

Matthias Schröder
Contribution to Proceedings

Charm fragmentation function and charm fragmentation fractions at ZEUS

Shuangshi Fang
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.817-820, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

Vector Meson production from NLL BFKL

Dmitry Yu. Ivanov & Alessandro Papa
The amplitude for the forward electroproduction of two light vector mesons can be written completely within perturbative QCD in the Regge limit with next-to-leading accuracy, thus providing the first example of a physical application of the BFKL approach at the next-to-leading order. We study in the case of equal photon virtualities the main systematic effects, by considering a different representation of the amplitude and different optimization methods of the perturbative series.

Deeply pseudoscalar meson electroproduction with CLAS and Generalized Parton Distributions.

Michel Guidal & Valery Kubarovsky
Contribution to Proceedings

A FPGA-based Network Interface Card with *GPUDirect enabling realtime GPU computing in HEP experiments..

Alessandro Lonardo, Fabrizio Ameli, Roberto Ammendola, Andrea Biagioni, Angelo Cotta Ramusino, Massimiliano Fiorini, Ottorino Frezza, Gianluca Lamanna, Francesca Lo Cicero, Michele Martinelli, Ilaria Neri, Pier Stanislao Paolucci, Elena Pastorelli, Luca Pontisso, Davide Rossetti, Francesco Simeone, Francesco Simula, Marco Sozzi, Laura Tosoratto & Piero Vicini
Contribution to Proceedings

Multi-gluon production at high energies

Michael Lublinsky
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.345-348, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

Measurement of the CKM angles at BaBar and Belle

Nick Barlow
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.455-458, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

Constraints on PDFs from CDF

Aidan Robson
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.297-300, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

Fast algorithm for real-time rings reconstruction..

R. Ammendola, M. Bauce, A. Biagioni, S. Capuani, S. Chiozzi, A. Cotta Ramusino, G. Di Domenico, R. Fantechi, M. Fiorini, S. Giagu, A. Gianoli, E. Graverini, G. Lamanna, A. Lonardo, A. Messina, I. Neri, M. Palombo, F. Pantaleo, P. S. Paolucci, R. Piandani, L. Pontisso, M. Rescigno, F. Simula, M. Sozzi & P. Vicini
Contribution to Proceedings

A General Search for New Phenomena at HERA

E. Sauvan
A model-independent search for deviations from the Standard Model prediction is performed in $e^+ p$ and $e^- p$ collisions at HERA II using all high energy data recorded by the H1 experiment. This corresponds to a total integrated luminosity of 337 pb$^{-1}$. All event topologies involving isolated electrons, photons, muons, neutrinos and jets with high transverse momenta are investigated in a single analysis. Events are assigned to exclusive classes according to their final state. A...

Measurements with electroweak bosons at LHCb.

Katharina Müller
Contribution to Proceedings

XENON100 and XENON1T Dark Matter Search with Liquid Xenon.

Gaudenz Kessler
Contribution to Proceedings

Quark gluon plasma studies within a partonic transport approach.

Florian Senzel, Moritz Greif, Jan Uphoff, Christian Wesp, Zhe Xu & Carsten Greiner
Contribution to Proceedings

Dilepton Production in Transport-based Approaches.

Janus Weil, Stephan Endres, Hendrik Van Hees, Marcus Bleicher & Ulrich Mosel
Contribution to Proceedings

The STAR Heavy Flavor Tracker (HFT).

Joachim Schambach, Eric Anderssen, Giacomo Contin, Leo Greiner, Joe Silber & Thorsten Stezelberger
Contribution to Proceedings

Soft Probes of the Quark-Gluon Plasma ATLAS.

Krzysztof W. Wozniak
Contribution to Proceedings

Single top studies with MCFM

Francesco Tramontano
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.439-442, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

Universality of QCD traveling waves with running coupling

Guillaume Beuf, Robert B. Peschanski & Sebastian Sapeta
``Geometric scaling'', i.e. the dependence of DIS cross-sections on the ratio Q/Q_S, where Q_S(Y) is the rapidity-dependent \saturation scale, can be theoretically obtained from universal ``traveling wave'' solutions of the nonlinear Balitsky-Kovchegov (BK) QCD evolution equation at fixed coupling. We examine the similar mean-field predictions beyond leading-logarithmic order, including running QCD coupling.

Search for electroweak supersymmetry production at CMS.

Mario Masciovecchio
Contribution to Proceedings

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