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Long-lived neutralinos as probes of gravitino dark matter

Jan Hajer
Supersymmetric extensions of the Standard Model with small R-parity and lepton-number violating couplings are naturally consistent with primordial nucleosynthesis, thermal leptogenesis and gravitino dark matter. We consider both supergravity models with universal boundary conditions at the grand unification scale and a scalar tau or bino-like neutralino as the next-to-lightest supersymmetric particle (NLSP) as well as hybrid gauge-gravity mediation models with a higgsino-like neutralino as the NLSP. Fermi-LAT data on the isotropic diffuse gamma-ray flux yield...

Studies of light Mesons at COMPASS.

Sebastian Uhl
Contribution to Proceedings

Top Quark Precision Physics at Linear Colliders.

Frank Simon
Contribution to Proceedings

Search for a $\pi\Lambda N-\pi\Sigma N$ dibaryon in p$+$p@3.5 GeV.

J.C. Berger-Chen & L. Fabbietti
Contribution to Proceedings

Proceedings of the GPU Computing in High-Energy Physics 2014 Conference (GPUHEP2014)

Claudio Bonati, Massimo D'Elia, Gianluca Lamanna & Marco Sozzi
Contribution to Proceedings

Inclusive Deep-Inelastic Scattering at HERA.

Zhiqing Zhang
Contribution to Proceedings

Recent charmonium results from HERA-B

Martin Zur Nedden
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.901-904, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

Determination of Delta G / G from open charm events at COMPASS

S. Koblitz
One of the main goals of the COMPASS experiment at CERN is the determination of the gluon polarisation in the nucleon, Delta G/G. It is determined from spin asymmetries in the scattering of 160 GeV/c polarised muons on a polarised LiD target. The gluon polarisation is accessed by the selection of photon-gluon fusion (PGF) events. A very clean selection of PGF events can be obtained with charmed mesons in the final state. Their detection is...

Discovering Matter-Antimatter Asymmetries with GPUs.

Stefanie Reichert
Contribution to Proceedings

Prompt photon production in p-A collisions at LHC and the extraction of gluon shadowing

Francois Arleo & Thierry Gousset
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.353-356, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

Update on the OLYMPUS two-photon exchange experiment.

Noaryr Akopov
Contribution to Proceedings

New physics searches with b-hadrons at the ATLAS experiment.

Lidia Smirnova
Contribution to Proceedings

Novel master formula for twist-3 soft-gluon-pole mechanism to single transverse-spin asymmetry

Yuji Koike & Kazuhiro Tanaka
We prove that twist-3 soft-gluon-pole (SGP) cross section for single spin asymmetries is determined by a certain ``primordial'' twist-2 cross section up to kinematic and color factors in the leading order perturbative QCD. This unveils universal structure behind the SGP cross sections in a variety of hard processes, and also the special role of the scale invariance in the corresponding primordial cross section, which leads to remarkable simplification of the SGP cross sections for the...

On Parton Number Fluctuations.

St├ęphane Munier
Contribution to Proceedings

Summary of alphas determinations at ZEUS

Claudia Glasman
The jet cross-section and structure-function measurements done with the ZEUS detector to extract the strong coupling constant and to test its energy-scale dependence are summarised. The values of alphas thus obtained and the HERA average are also presented.

GPU-based Online Tracking for the PANDA Experiment.

Andreas Herten
Contribution to Proceedings

Inclusive Deep-Inelastic Scattering at HERA.

Zhiqing Zhang
Contribution to Proceedings

Top mass and decay properties

Jeannine Wagner
Proceedings of DIS 2007, p.431-434, ISBN 978-3-935702-23-2, ISSN 1435-8077

Status of the Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino Experiment KATRIN.

Kathrin Valerius
Contribution to Proceedings

Hyperon-nucleon interaction in chiral effective field theory.

Johann Haidenbauer
Contribution to Proceedings

Recent theoretical and experimental results on top quark mass measurements.

Roberto Franceschini
Contribution to Proceedings

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