559 Works

Dark Matter: experimental results and theory.

Marco Cirelli

Structural Relations between Harmonic Sums up to w=6

Johannes Blumlein & Sebastian Klein

Parity Violation Inelastic Scattering Experiments at 6 GeV and 12 GeV Jefferson Lab.

Vincent Sulkosky

Jefferson Lab physics overview: Recent results

Zein-Eddine Meziani

On a four dimensional formulation for dimensionally regulated amplitudes.

A.R. Fazio

Heavy Flavour Production in ATLAS with a focus on inclusive onia.

R.W.L. Jones

Measurements of CP Violation and Mixing in Charm Decays at LHCb.

Michael Alexander

Recent theoretical and experimental results on top quark mass measurements.

Roberto Franceschini

Recent developments in small-x physics

Arif.I. Shoshi

DIS charm cross-sections through D* and D meson tagging by the ZEUS detector

Hartmut Stadie

Hot and dense matter at RHIC and LHC.

Eugenio Scapparone

HERMES measurements of Collins and Sivers asymmetries from a transversely polarised hydrogen target

Markus Diefenthaler

Jet cross-sections and alpha(S) in DIS at HERA

Thomas Schorner-Sadenius

GPUs for the realtime low-level trigger of the NA62 experiment at CERN.

R. Ammendola, M. Bauce, A. Biagioni, S. Chiozzi, A. Cotta Ramusino, R. Fantechi, M. Fiorini, A. Gianoli, E. Graverini, G. Lamanna, A. Lonardo, A. Messina, I. Neri, F. Pantaleo, P. S. Paolucci, R. Piandani, L. Pontisso, F. Simula, M. Sozzi & P. Vicini

Prompt photon production in p-A collisions at LHC and the extraction of gluon shadowing

Francois Arleo & Thierry Gousset

Parity-Violating Electron Scattering.

Krishna S. Kumar

Spin structure function g(1) at small x and arbitrary Q**2: Total 0 of leading logarithms vs Standard Approach

B.I. Ermolaev, Mario Greco & S.I. Troyan

A Review of recent results from the Tevatron

Giorgo Chiarelli

W mass and width measurements at the Tevatron

Sarah Malik

Results on inclusive diffraction from the ZEUS experiment by the M(X)-method

Bernd Lohr

Neutrino Physics with the Precision IceCube Next Generation Upgrade (PINGU).

Tomasz Palczewski

High-E(T) dijet photoproduction at HERA

Hanno Perrey

Searches for dark matter and extra dimensions with the ATLAS detector.

Christophe CĂ©lment

Recent Results from the T2K ND280 Detector.

Jonathan Perkin

Inelastic electroproduction of charmonium at HERA

Michael Steder

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