110 Works

Motivic Cohomology of Fat Points in Milnor Range

Park & Uenver

The $L^2$-Torsion Polytope of Amenable Groups

Florian Funke

Singularities of Moduli of Curves with a Universal Root


Characterizations of Morse Quasi-Geodesics via Superlinear Divergence and Sublinear Contraction

Arzhantseva, Cashen, Gruber & Hume

Potentially Crystalline Lifts of Certain Prescribed Types

Gee , Herzig, Liu & Savitt

Basic Operations on Supertropical Quadratic Forms

Izhakian & Knebusch

Cylindrical Wigner Measures

Marco Falconi

Abstract $\ell$--Adic $1$-Motives and Tate's Canonical Class for Number Fields

Greither & Popescu

The K-Theory of Versal Flags and Cohomological Invariants of Degree 3

Baek , Devyatov & Zainoulline

Positivity of Line Bundles and Newton-Okounkov Bodies

Küronya & Lozovanu

Embeddings of Quadratic Spaces


On the Center-Valued Atiyah Conjecture for L^2-Betti Numbers

Knebusch, Linnell & Schick

Relative Homological Algebra via Truncations

Chach\'Olski, Neeman, Pitsch & Scherer

Torsion 1-cycles and the coniveau spectral sequence


On Endoscopic $p$-Adic Automorphic Forms for $\SL_2$


Normal Form for Infinite Type Hypersurfaces in C^2 with Nonvanishing Levi Form Derivative

Ebenfelt , Lamel & Zaitsev

The Motivic Hopf Map Solves the Homotopy Limit Problem for $K$-Theory

R{\"O}Ndigs, Spitzweck & {\O}Stv{\Ae}R

Rost Nilpotence and Free Theories

Stefan Gille & Alexander Vishik

Graded Frobenius Cluster Categories

Grabowski & Pressland

Hochschild Cohomology of Polynomial Representations of $\GL_2$

Miemietz & Turner

A More General Method to Classify up to Equivariant KK-Equivalence

Bentmann & Meyer

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