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Furfural, By-Product of Sugarcane Bagasse Ethanol. A Simulation Study

M. Morales, L. Mesa, E. González, J. Pedraza, M. Moya, I. Romero & E. Castro

Waste Wood Gasification in an Allothermal Gasifier

C.M. Van Der Meijden, W. Sierhuis, A. Van Der Drift & B.J. Vreugdenhil

Stumps for Bioenergy: Comparison of Two Harvesting Methods and Study of the Fuel Quality

L. Pari, F. Gallucci, M. Barontini, G. Picchi, R. Spinelli & A. Scarfone

Cellulosic Ethanol Production from Tunisian Lif of Date Palm Phoenix Dactylifera L.

Y. Antit, K. Zaafouri, I. Olivares, M. Handi & S. Sánchez

Biomass Mobilisation for Industrial-Scale Bioenergy Plants - Practical Approach for Establishing Real Biomass Supply Pathways in Austria

R. Ehrig, M. Wörgetter, C. Kristöfel, N. Ludwiczek, C. Pointner & C. Strasser

Wheat Straw Hydrolytic Pretreatment Using Maleic Acid to Enhance Ethanol Production from Sugars

D.K. Sidiras, D.V. Politi & G.N. Katsamas

Dedicated Biomass Plants for Combined Heat & Power (CHP). The Portuguese National Strategy

H. Viana, D. Lopes & J. Aranha

Purification of Crude Biodiesel Fuel by Electrical Fields Part I - A new Separator Using Simplified Concept of Multi Extraction Stages

H. Takanashi, R. Kubo, T. Nakajima, A. Ohki, T. Kai, T. Funakawa, M. Iba & M. Maruyama

Power and Biomass-to-Liquid (PBtL): a Promising Approach to Produce Biofuels using Electricity

D.H. König, F.G. Albrecht & R-U. Dietrich

Processing and Energetic use of Woody Landscape Material

C. Letalik

Experimental Investigation of Olive Tree Pruning Gasification in a Bench-Scale Fluidized Bed

S. Nilsson, A. Gómez-Barea, D. Fuentes Cano, G. Pinna & P. Garcia-Haro

Biomass for Energy in Multi-Purpose Forests in Mediterranean Areas: How to Estimate?

E. Melis, P.F. Orrù, C. Pilo & M. Puxeddu

Design, Construction and Performance Evaluation of a Soya Milk Extractor

M. Siphiwe, N. Rebecca, X. Zukile, T. Workneh & A. Senzanje

Dissolution of Model Biomass in Hydrothermal Pretreatment in Semi-Batch Reactor

P.P. Phothisantikul, T. Leewisuttikul, T. Charnpanitkul, M. Kanna & Y. Matsumura

Status of Biomass Fired District Heating Systems in IEA Countries

T. Nussbaumer & S. Thalmann

Biodiversity and Sustainability of Biofuels

C. Ortolan, F. Oliveira, A. Walter & M.R.L.V. Leal

Principles of Biomethanization, Management and Optimization of The Biological Process in The Framework of The Orion Project.

M. Aragno, S. Crelier, F.R. Mahrer, S. Angeloni, S. Capaccioli, J.-B. Michel & J. Maguire

On Thermal Decomposition of Biogas Digestate to Syngas

S. Szwaja, A. Poskart & M. Zajemska

Development of a Highly Efficient Micro-Scale CHP System Based on Fuel-Flexible Gasification and a SOFC

T. Brunner, C. Ramerstorfer, I. Obernberger, M. Kerschbaum, P.V. Aravind, R. Makkus, S. Megel, M. Hauth, M. Seidl, S. Weissensteiner, T. Goetz & W. Zappa

Performance of Five Close Relatives of Wheatgrass Grown for Biomass in a Small Scale Experiment

N. Piquero, M.D. Curt & J. Fernández

The Logistics of New Biomass Chains on a Regional Scale in the Netherlands

E. Annevelink & R.M. De Mol

Uses of a Water-Algae-Photo-Bio-Scrubber for Syngas Upgrading and Purification

G. Allesina, S. Pedrazzi, L. Arru, M. Altunöz Hatipoğlu, M. Puglia & P. Tartarini

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