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Bianca Falcidieno & Michela Spagnuolo
This paper presents a method for extracting and representang features of a topographic surface approximated by triangular tales An algorithm as given which computes characteristic regions (a. e. regions having concave, convex or planar shape), characteristic lanes (ridges, ravines, generic creases) and characteristic points (maxima, minima, saddle points) The result as a new surface description an terms of an attributed hypergraph representation called Characteristic Region Configuration Graph, an which characteristic regions are considered the basic...

Approach for software development of parallel real-time VE systems on heterogenous clusters

C. Winkelholz & T. Alexander
This paper presents our approach for the development of software for parallel real-time virtual environment systems (VE) running on heterogenous clusters of computers. This approach is based on a framework we have developed to facilitate the set-up of immersive virtual environment systems using single components coupled by an isolated local network. The framework provides parallel rendering of multiple projection screens and parallel execution of application and interaction tasks on components spread across a cluster. Main...

Tutorial 1 -Advanced Radiosity:Complex Scenes and Glossy Reflections

Marc Stamminger, Daniel Wexler, Wolfram Kresse, Nicolas Holzschuch & Per H. Christensen
Eurographics 1999 - Tutorials

Generating Large-scale Details: Altering Soil Surface and Structure with Tracks

Alexandre Peyrat, Olivier Terraz, Stephane Merillou, Eric Galin & Djamchid Ghazanfarpour
Workshop in Virtual Reality Interactions and Physical Simulation "VRIPHYS" (2011)

Size Functions for 3D Shape Retrieval

S. Biasotti, D. Giorgi, M. Spagnuolo & B. Falcidieno
Symposium on Geometry Processing

Efficient Point Based Global Illumination on GPU

Beibei Wang, Zhen Xu, Yanning Xu & Xiangxu Meng
Eurographics 2012 - Posters

Spatial Recognition and Grouping of Text and Graphics

Michael Shilman & Paul Viola
We present a framework for simultaneous grouping and recognition of shapes and symbols in free-form ink diagrams. The approach is completely spatial, that is it does not require any ordering on the strokes. It also does not place any constraint on the relative placement of the shapes or symbols. Initially each of the strokes on the page is linked in a proximity graph. A discriminative classifier is used to classify connected subgraphs as either making...

Spectral Surface Reconstruction From Noisy Point Clouds

Ravikrishna Kolluri, Jonathan Richard Shewchuk & James F. O'Brien
Symposium on Geometry Processing

Parallelized Algorithms for Rigid Surface Alignment on GPU

Aviad Zabatani & Alex M. Bronstein
Eurographics 2012 Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval

High quality images from 2.5D video

Robert-Paul Berretty & Fabian Ernst
Eurographics 2003 - Short Presentations

Optimization-based Fluid Simulation on Unstructured Meshes

Marek Krzysztof Misztal, Robert Bridson, Kenny Erleben, Jakob Andreas Bærentzen & François Anton
Workshop in Virtual Reality Interactions and Physical Simulation "VRIPHYS" (2010)

Interacting with Stock Market Data in a Virtual Environment

Keith Nesbitt
Virtual Environment technology enables new styles of user interfaces that provide multi-sensory interactions. For example, interfaces can be designed which immerse the user in a 3D space and provide multi-sensory feedback. Many information spaces are multivariate, large and abstract in nature. It has been a goal of Virtual Environments to widen the human to computer bandwidth and so assist in the interpretation of these spaces by providing models that allow the user to interact 'naturally'....

A Tele-immersive System Based On Binocular View Interpolation

Pierre Boulanger, Martha Benitez & Winston Wong
The main idea behind tele-immersive environment is to create an immersive virtual environment that connect people across networks and enable them to interact not only with each other, but also with various other forms of shared digital data (video, 3D models, images, text, etc.). Tele-immersive environments may eventually replace current video and telephone conferencing, and enable for a better and more intuitive way to communicate between people and computer systems. To accomplish this, participants to...

A Creative First Assignment in the Modern Graphics Pipeline

Elodie Fourquet & Lillian Pentecost
This paper describes a first assignment in an Introduction to Computer Graphics course taken by undergraduate students at a liberal arts college. The assignment marries the technical challenges found at the lowest level of the modern graphics pipeline with the artistic concerns of reproducing a piece of art. To do so, students extend provided code in WebGL, which includes GLSL shaders and no additional libraries, to reproduce a work of art of their own choosing....

Liquid Diffusion Model that Accounts for a Variety of Dyeing Parameters

Morimoto Yuki, Masayuki Tanaka, Reiji Tsuruno & Kiyoshi Tomimatsu
EG Short Papers

Judgment Error in Pie Chart Variations

Robert Kosara & Drew Skau
Pie charts and their variants are prevalent in business settings and many other uses, even if they are not popular with the academic community. In a recent study, we found that contrary to general belief, there is no clear evidence that these charts are read based on the central angle. Instead, area and arc length appear to be at least equally important. In this paper, we build on that study to test several pie chart...

Towards Enabling More Effective Locomotion in VR Using a Wheelchair-based Motion Platform

Loren Puchalla Fiore, Ella Coben, Samantha Merritt, Peng Liu & Victoria Interrante
Joint Virtual Reality Conference of EGVE - EuroVR

A web-enabled Geovisual Analytics tool applied to OECD Regional Data

Mikael Jern, Monica Brezzi & Lars Thygesen
Eurographics 2009 - Areas Papers

Path Visualization for Adjacency Matrices

Zeqian Shen & Kwan-Liu Ma
Eurographics/ IEEE-VGTC Symposium on Visualization

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