682 Works

Versatile Virtual Materials Using Implicit Connectivity

Martin Wicke, Philipp Hatt, Mark Pauly, Matthias Müller & Markus Gross
Symposium on Point-Based Graphics

Perceptually Based Tone Mapping of High Dynamic Range Image Streams

Piti Irawan, James A. Ferwerda & Stephen R. Marschner
Eurographics Symposium on Rendering (2005)

Simultaneous Classification of Time-Varying Volume Data Based on the Time Histogram

Hiroshi Akiba, Nathaniel Fout & Kwan-Liu Ma
EUROVIS - Eurographics /IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization

Construction and Modification of 3D Geometry Using a Sketch-based Interface

Levent Burak Kara & Kenji Shimada
Eurographics Workshop on Sketch-Based Interfaces and Modeling

Particle-based Viscoelastic Fluid Simulation

Simon Clavet, Philippe Beaudoin & Pierre Poulin
Symposium on Computer Animation

Fast Techniques for Mosaic Rendering

G. DiBlasi, G. Gallo & M. Petralia
Computational Aesthetics in Graphics, Visualization and Imaging

Experimental Analysis of BRDF Models

Addy Ngan, Frédo Durand & Wojciech Matusik
Eurographics Symposium on Rendering (2005)

Version-Centric Visualization of Code Evolution

S. Lucian Voinea, Alexandru Telea & Michel Chaudron
EUROVIS 2005: Eurographics / IEEE VGTC Symposium on Visualization

Perceived Quality of Simplified Polygonal Meshes: Evaluation using Observer Studies

Samuel Silva, Carlos Ferreira, Joaquim Madeira & Beatriz Sousa Santos
SIACG 2006: Ibero-American Symposium in Computer Graphics

Video-Based Character Animation

J. Starck, G. Miller & A. Hilton
Symposium on Computer Animation

Adaptive Visibility-Driven View Cell Construction

Oliver Mattausch, Jirí Bittner & Michael Wimmer
Symposium on Rendering

Multi-resolution Morphological Representation of Terrains

E. Danovaro, L. De Floriani, M. Vitali & L. Papaleo
4th Eurographics Italian Chapter Conference

A Multi Modal Table-Top 3D Modeling Tool in Augmented Environments

Tom Novotny, Irma Lindt & Wolfgang Broll
Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments

Data-driven Tetrahedral Mesh Subdivision

Lyudmila Rodríguez, Isabel Navazo & Álvar Vinacua
SIACG 2006: Ibero-American Symposium in Computer Graphics

Flexible Interaction with Large Point-Based Datasets

A. Rosiuta, G. Reina & T. Ertl
Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2006

Reflecting on the Creation of an Authentic Aural Experience in the Digital Songlines Game Engine: Part of a Contextualised Cultural Heritage Knowledge Toolkit

C. Gibbons, Theodor G. Wyeld, B. Leavy & J. Hills
VAST: International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Intelligent Cultural Heritage

Interactive Data Annotation in Virtual Environments

I. Assenmacher, B. Hentschel, C. Ni, T. Kuhlen & C. Bischof
Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments

Octree-Based Progressive Geometry Coding of Point Clouds

Yan Huang, Jingliang Peng, C.-C. Jay Kuo & M. Gopi
Symposium on Point-Based Graphics

Sorted Pipeline Image Composition

Marcus Roth & Dirk Reiners
Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization

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