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Tutorial 1 -Advanced Radiosity:Complex Scenes and Glossy Reflections

Marc Stamminger, Daniel Wexler, Wolfram Kresse, Nicolas Holzschuch & Per H. Christensen
Eurographics 1999 - Tutorials

High quality images from 2.5D video

Robert-Paul Berretty & Fabian Ernst
Eurographics 2003 - Short Presentations

Liquid Diffusion Model that Accounts for a Variety of Dyeing Parameters

Morimoto Yuki, Masayuki Tanaka, Reiji Tsuruno & Kiyoshi Tomimatsu
EG Short Papers

A web-enabled Geovisual Analytics tool applied to OECD Regional Data

Mikael Jern, Monica Brezzi & Lars Thygesen
Eurographics 2009 - Areas Papers

Key Techniques for interactive Virtual Garment Simulation

Pascal Volino, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Bernhard Thomaszewski & Markus Wacker
Eurographics 2005 - Tutorials

Adaptive Tessellation for Trimmed NURBS Surface

Ma YingLiang & Terry Hewitt
Eurographics 2002 - Short Presentations

5D Multi-Purpose Land Information System

Charalabos Ioannidis, Styliani Verykokou, Sofia Soile & Chryssy Potsiou
The complexity of modern urban environments has led to the introduction of 3D Land Information Systems (LISs), which tend to replace traditional 2D LIS architectures for the purposes of urban planning and regeneration, land administration, real estate management and civil development. Both the need for 3D visualization of the geometry of buildings in various time instances through the years and the need for acquisition of 3D models in various levels of detail (LoDs), which not...

Programming the Cell BE for High Performance Graphics

Bruce D'Amora & Michael McCool
Eurographics 2007 - Tutorials

Predictive fixed-frame rate tessellation of NURBS surfaces

H. Sanchez, A. Moreno & A. Garcia-Alonso
Eurographics 2003 - Posters

Cloth Animation and Rendering

Michael Hauth, Olaf Etzmuss, Bernd Eberhardt, Reinhard Klein, Ralf Sarlette, Mirko Sattler, Katja Daubert & Jan Kautz
Eurographics 2002 - Tutorials

Evaluation Test for 3D Computer Graphics Content Production Capability based on Simulation Methodology

Ayumi Miyai, Tagiru Nakamura, Koji Mikami, Motonobu Kawashima & Yasushi Yamaguchi
EG Education Papers

Real-Time Simulation of Flexible Materials in Avango Virtual Environment Framework

Stanislav Klimenko, Lialia Nikitina & Igor Nikitin
Eurographics 2003 - Slides and Videos

Egocentric Normalization of Kinematic Path

Eray Molla & Ronan Boulic
We focus on retargetting the class of movements involving self-interactions onto characters with different size and proportion. Such postures may produce self-collisions and/or alter the intended semantics. We introduce a technique to normalize the spatial relationship vectors between the body parts of the source character. This allows for morphological adaptation of these vectors onto the target characters, hence preserving the semantics in postures with and without body-contact.

Geodesic Voronoi Diagrams with Polyline Generators

Chunxu Xu, Yong-Jin Liu, Qian Sun, Jinyan Li & Ying He
Symposium on Geometry Processing 2014 - Posters

GOCS - The GKS-oriented Communication System

Chr. Egelhaaf & G. Schuermann
We present a system which offers a distributed GKS in an open network. The GKS kernel and the workstations are located on different hosts. There is no restriction to the full level 2b functionality of GKS due to the distribution. The workstation interface WSI and the communication modules, which are based on the transport protocol T.70, are discussed.

A Dynamic Caching System for Rendering an Animated Crowd in Real-Time

Wayne Lister, Robert G. Laycock & Andrew M. Day
Eurographics 2009 - Short Papers

Distributed Processing of Large Polygon Meshes

Daniela Cabiddu & Marco Attene
A system is described to remotely perform complex geometry processing on arbitrarily large triangle meshes. A distributed network of servers provides both the software and hardware necessary to undertake the computations, while the overall execution is managed by a central engine that both invokes appropriate Web services and handles the data transmission. Nothing more than a standard web browser needs to be installed on the client machine hosting the input mesh. The user interface allows...

Interactive Conformance Testing for PHIGS

John V. Cugini
Conformance testing for the Programmer’s Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System (PHIGS) standard presents certain novel difficulties, especially the indirect effect of many functions, and the inaccessibility to the program of visual effects. The PHIGS Validation Tests (PVT) incorporate several innovative design features in order to address these difficulties. The model of deductive inference suggests ways to organize a system as logically complex as the PVT. This complexity makes the use of certain database concepts quite valuable...

Optimal Texture Mapping

Song De Ma & Hong Lin
Texture mapping is one of the most important techniques for highquality image synthesis. It can enhance immensely the visual richness of raster-scan images. We address in this paper the problem of mapping planar texture pattern onto arbitrarily curved surfaces. It is well known that such a mapping will inevitably produce distortion for any undevelopable surface. Although many techniques for texture mapping have been presented in the literature [1], to our knowledge, no general method existed...

Low Cost Decomposition of Direct and Global Illumination in Real Scenes

Elena Garces, Fernando Martin & Diego Gutierrez
Recent advances in the field of computational light transport have made it possible to solve previously unsolvable problems thanks to incorporating new devices and techniques. One of these problems is the decomposition of the illumination into its local and global components in real scenes. Previous work has managed to perform such a decomposition by projecting several light patterns on a target scene and processing its captures. In this work we build on that approach and...

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