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Earthquake location at teleseismic distances from 3-component records (Tutorial with exercise by hand)

Peter Bormann & Wendt Siegfried
New Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice 2 (NMSOP2)

Operational report about phase 1 of the Collisional Orogeny in the Scandinavian Caledonides scientific drilling project (COSC-1). Version 1.2

Henning Lorenz, Jan-Erik Rosberg, Christopher Juhlin, Leif Bjelm, Bjarne Almqvist, Théo Berthét, Ronald Conze, David Gee, Iwona Klonowska, Christophe Pascal, Karsten Pedersen, Nick M. W. Roberts & Chin-Fu Tsang
The Collisional Orogeny in the Scandinavian Caledonides (COSC) scientific drilling project focuses on mountain building processes in a major mid‐Paleozoic orogen in western Scandinavia and its comparison with modern analogues. The project investigates a subduction‐generated complex (Seve Nappes) and how these in part under ultra‐high pressure conditions metamorphosed outer continental margin and continent‐ocean transition zones (COT) assemblages were emplaced onto the Baltoscandian platform and there influenced the underlying allochthons and the basement in a section...

CO2 as an Asset?

Barbara Olfe-Kraeutlein, Henriette Naims, Thomas Bruhn, Ana Maria Lorente Lafuente & Mario Tobias
IASS Fact Sheet

Laser interferometry for future satellite gravimetry missions

Sheard B., Dehne M., Mahrdt C., Gerberding O., Müller V., Heinzel G. & Danzmann K.
This report presents an overview of the status of the ongoing research and development of laser interferometry for future satellite gravimetry missions at the Albert-Einstein-Institutein Hannover, Germany.

Water management options associated with the production of shale gas by hydraulic fracturing

Kelvin B. Gregory, Radisav D. Vidic & David A. Dzombak
Shale gas: factual scientific argument for and against ; the scientific perspective of the expert network of the Shale Gas Information Platform SHIP;

ICLEA Final Symposium 2017 : Climate Change, Human Impact and Landscape Evolution in the Southern Baltic Lowlands ; Abstract Volume & Excursion Guide

Markus J. Schwab, Mirosław Błaszkiewicz, Thomas Raab, Martin Wilmking & Achim Brauer
Scientific Technical Report STR; 17/03

Glacial-isostatic adjustment and sea-level change near Berkner Island, Antarctica

Sasgen Ingo, Mulvaney Robert, Klemann Volker & Wolf Detlef
The objective of this study is to calculate the RSL height at the location of theBerkner Island ice core during the last glacial cycle using a viscoelastic earth model andseveral glacial histories. Earlier glacial cycles are not considered, the basic assumptionbeing that the sediments were deposited during the last glacial cycle. However, tosome extent the results can be extrapolated further back into the past. The resultsimpose a constraint on the time of deposition of the...

Chemicals in ‘fracking’ for the extraction of unconventional natural gas resources

Martin Elsner, Carsten Vogt, Anett Georgi, Frank Dieter Kopinke, Wolfgang Calmano, Kathrin Schreglmann, Axel Bergmann, Bernhard Mayer & Franziska D.H. Wilke
Shale gas: factual scientific argument for and against ; the scientific perspective of the expert network of the Shale Gas Information Platform SHIP;

European LAB constrained from seismic anisotropy

Plomerova Jaroslava & Babuska Vladislav

Vulkanseismologie – ein Blick ins Innere der Vulkane

Torsten Dahm, Eleonora Rivalta, Thomas R. Walter, Sebastian Heimann, Birger-Gottfried Lühr & Philippe Jousset
System Erde; 6

InProTunnel : Interfacial Processes between Mineral and Tool Surfaces - Causes, Problems and Solutions in Mechanical Tunnel Driving

Feinendegen M., Spagnoli G., Stanjek H., Neher H. P., Ernst R., Weh M., Fernández-Steeger T. M., Ziegler M. & Azzam R.
During mechanical tunnel driving in fine grained soil or rock the excavated material often sticks to the cutting tools or conveying system, which may cause great difficulties in its excavation and transport. In the InProTunnel project this problem is faced on different scales particularly for the method of Earth Pressure Balanced (EPB) shield tunnelling. Major influences from tunnel boring machine (TBM) operation are identified by project data analyses, clogging propensity is evaluated by a new...

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