50 Works

Element-resolved Ultrafast Magnetization Dynamics in Ferromagnetic Alloys and Multilayers

Andrea Eschenlohr
PhD thesis

Anomalous Small Angle X-ray Scattering (ASAXS) analysis of nanocrystals in glass ceramics: structure and composition

Vikram Singh Raghuwanshi
PhD thesis

In situ Spannungs- und Strukturanalyse von Molybdän- und CuInS2-Dünnschichten mittels Röntgendiffraktion

Diana Thomas
PhD thesis

Elektronische Struktur epitaktischer Chalkopyrite und deren Heterokontakte für die Phorovoltaik

Andreas Hofmann
PhD thesis

Synthese und Charakterisierung neuartiger Dünnschicht-Photokathoden aus C3N4 und TaON für die Wasserstoffgewinnung

Steven Orthmann
diploma thesis

Ultrafast processes in molecules visualized with femtosecond pump-probe photoelectron spectroscopy

Torsten Leitner
PhD thesis

Structural, electronic and transport properties of amorphous/crystalline silicon heterojunctions

Tim Ferdinand Schulze
PhD thesis

Strukturelle Charakterisierung von Wasserstoff trennenden Gasseparationsmembranen auf Lantanoid-Wolframat-Basis

Tobias Scherb
PhD thesis

Investigation of the Influence of Perforation on the Water Transport in Gas Diffusion Layers of PEM Fuel Cells

Katja Dittmann
diploma thesis

Interactions of Proteins with Soft Polymeric Surfaces: Driving Forces and Kinetics

Nicole Welsch
PhD thesis

BER II Experimental Reports 2009

Andreas Rödig, Astrid Brandt & H.A. Graf

Einfluss von Strontium auf die Mikrostruktur von Aluminium-Silizium Legierungen

Melanie Timpel
PhD thesis

Hydrogen Passivation of Polycrystalline Si Thin Film Solar Cells

Benjamin Gorka

Magnetism of 3d Frustrated Magnetic Insulators: α-CaCr2O4, β-CaCr2O4 and Sr2VO4

Sandor Toth
PhD thesis

The Role of Cd and Ga in the Cu(In,Ga)S2/CdS Heterojunction Studied with X-Ray Spectroscopic Methods

Benjamin E. Johnson

Technical Design Study BESSSY VSR

A. Jankowiak, J. Knobloch, P. Goslawski & N. Neumann
technical report

Cd-freie Heterokontakte in Chalkopyrit-basierten Dünnschichtsolarzellen

David Kieven
PhD thesis

Supplement to: Machine learning classification for field distributions of photonic modes

Carlo Barth & Christiane Becker
Electromagnetic modes of photonic nanostructures can exhibit increased near-field energy densities which can be applied in many fields such as biosensing, quantum dot solar cells or photon upconversion. Optimizing such systems enforces to systematically analyze large amounts of numerically obtained three-dimensional field distribution data, as in the presented dataset. The simulated system is a silicon photonic crystal slab on glass (subspace) with a hexagonal lattice of cylindrical holes. The holes are filled with a medium...

Charakterisierung und Simulation von polykristallinen Silizium Dünnschichtsolarzellen

Ana-Maria Theodoreanu
master thesis

The Surface Charge of Soft and Hard Sphere Colloidal Particles – Experimental Investigation and Comparison to Theory

Christian Schneider
PhD thesis

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