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1. Basic Transportation Test: Team smARTLab

Jan Carstensen, Simon Aden, Johann Wigger, Eduard Popp, Lennart Claassen, Marina Kollmitz & Florian Köhler

Data visualisation - Design and principles - 22 March 2018

Martin Schweitzer
A good data visualisation does not only convert large amounts of data into images, but when done well, it engages the viewer and tells a story. It draws the viewer in and allows them to explore the data and see patterns in data that they were not previously aware of. this is the first of a two part webinar series to learn more about data visualisation from Martin Schweitzer, Data Technologist, ANDS. This webinar will...

Tools and Techniques - April 12, 2018

Martin Schweitzer
Following on from the webinar presented by Martin Schweitzer on Thursday March 22 which focussed on data visualisation design and principles, this second webinar focuses on tools and techniques for creating data visualisations. People preparing a data visualisation are now spoilt for choices. There are many tools available and it is now easier than ever to create superb visualisations with interactive components and dazzling effects. Unfortunately it is also easier than ever to create bad...

Erweiterter Euklidischer Algorithmus Teil 2

Christian Spannagel
Vorlesung von Prof. Christian Spannagel an der PH Heidelberg.

Myotis myotis (Vespertilionidae) - Geburt

Anton Kolb
Mausohrfledermaus. Der Geburtsbeginn ist erkennbar an den Bewegungen des Embryos und der sichelförmigen Haltung der Schwanzflughaut. Das Junge kann sich aktiv an der Geburt beteiligen. Das Muttertier befreit es von den Embryonalhäuten; das Junge saugt an der Brustzitze, hängt sich dann neben der Mutter auf, die die Nachgeburt frißt und die Nabelschnur abbeißt.

Becoming a (Research) Data Librarian: Starting from project officer - Pt 1 - 13 May 2014

Cathy Miller
Cathy Miller from the University of Adelaide takes us through her journey from project officer to research data librarian. Part 2: Becoming a (Research) Data Librarian...the adventures of Philippa Broadley Part 3: Becoming a Data Librarian: Managers perspective - David Groenewegen - 13 May 2014 Data Librarian, Data Services Specialist, eResearch Specialist ...these job titles are becoming increasingly common in libraries across the higher education and research sector. And for many librarians, data management is,...

Mid-infrared semiconductor laser based trace gas technologies: recent advances and applications

Frank Tittel
The quantum cascade laser is a semiconductor laser operating in the mid-infrared and Terahertz region of the spectrum. Its operation is based on two counter-intuitive phenomena characteristic of quantum mechanics: quantum confinement and tunneling. One of the most striking aspects of the quantum cascade laser is the fact that, in contrast to all the other lasers before, its operation and performance critically depends on quantum design of tens of layers of atomic thicknesses arranged in...

Putting Cross Development Support into OBS

Martin Mohring
FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Development European Meeting) is a European event centered around Free and Open Source software development. It is aimed at developers and all interested in the Free and Open Source news in the world. Its goals are to enable developers to meet and to promote the awareness and use of free and open source software.

(3) Routing I

Max Mühlhäuser & Ralf Steinmetz

What does "Monitoring" mean?

Brian Brazil
Monitoring can mean very different things to different people, and this oftenleads to confusion and misunderstandings. There are many offerings both freesoftware and commercials, and it's not always clear where each fits in thebigger picture. This talk will look a bit at the history of monitoring, andthen into the general categories of Metrics, Logs, Profiling and Distributedtracing and how each of these is important in Cloud-based environment.

Chelus fimbriatus (Chelidae) - Beuteerwerb

Erhard Peter Thomas
Eine Fransenschildkröte (Matamata) fängt lebende und tote Fische mittels Saugschnappen. Zeitdehnung: 480 B/s.

Lightning Talks OSM

Jochen Topf, Philipp Unger, Christoph Bünte, Tobias Preuss & Thomas Skowron

Lecture 17. Electrochemistry Pt. 2.

Ramesh D. Arasasingham
UCI Chem 1C General Chemistry (Spring 2013) Lec 17. General Chemistry -- Electrochemistry -- Part 2 Instructor: Ramesh D. Arasasingham, Ph.D. Description: UCI Chem 1C is the third and final quarter of General Chemistry series and covers the following topics: equilibria, aqueous acid-base equilibria, solubility equilibria, oxidation reduction reactions, electrochemistry; kinetics; special topics. Index of Topics: 0:00:00 Balancing Redox Reaction Review 0:14:46 Balancing Redox Reaction in Acidic or Basic Solution 0:19:07 Balancing Redox in Acidic...

From basic distance search to a complex multi criteria search

Antonin Lacombe
Antonin Lacombe - From basic distance search to a complex multi criteria search This case study show how to start from a simple distance search on elasticsearch and haystack and implement a production ready search like airbnb. The talk will explain decay functions works with the different curves (linear, exponential, gauss) and how to send them with query scores to elasticsearch. With that you will be able to mix the distance, the price, the user...

GRASS GIS 7: your reliable geospatial number cruncher

Markus Neteler
GRASS GIS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) looks back to the longest development history in the FOSS4G community. Having been available for 30 years, a lot of innovation has been put into the new GRASS GIS 7 release. After six years of development it offers a lot of new functionality, e.g. enhanced vector network analysis, voxel processing, a completely new engine for massive time series management, an animation tool for raster and vector map time...


Massimiliano Stucchi & Amedeo Beck Peccoz
Running an ISP can be a tedious task of putting different pieces of boxed hardware together to make the network work, but can also be a fun and entertaining work of research on the right solution to accommodate your customer's needs. The market is full of vendors, big and small, ready to sell you a pre-packaged solution for your (supposed) needs, but what if you'd like to use BSD to serve your customers ? This...

Die Briggs-Rauscher-Reaktion als Modell einer chemischen Uhr

Bertold Hock & Alfred Bolze
Chemical oscillation reactions are made visible by the periodic appearance and disappearance of an iodine-starch complex. The oscillation is based on autocatalytic reactions, in which intermediary compounds are oxidized and reduced in rhythmic sequence. The total reaction is driven by the decarboxylation of malonic acid. With time-lapse.

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