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Einstein@Home discovers a radio-quiet gamma-ray millisecond pulsar

C.J. Clark, H.J. Pletsch, J. Wu, L. Guillemot, M. Kerr, T.J. Johnson, F. Camilo, D. Salvetti & Allen, B.; Et Al.
Millisecond pulsars (MSPs) are old neutron stars that spin hundreds of times per second and appear to pulsate as their emission beams cross our line of sight. To date,radio pulsations have been detected from all rotation-powered MSPs. In an attempt to discover radio-quiet gamma-ray MSPs,we used the aggregated power from the computers of tens of thousands of volunteers participating in the Einstein@Home distributed computing project to search for pulsations from unidentified gamma-ray sources in Fermi...

Genome-based prediction of time to curd induction in cauliflower

A. Rosen, Y. Hasan, W. Briggs & R. Uptmoor
The development of cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis) is highly dependent on temperature due to vernalization requirements, which often causes delay and unevenness in maturity during months with warm temperatures. Integrating quantitative genetic analyses with phenology modeling was suggested to accelerate breeding strategies toward wide-adaptation cauliflower. The present study aims at establishing a genome-based model simulating the development of doubled haploid (DH) cauliflower lines to predict time to curd induction of DH lines not used...

Functional land-use change effects on soil fungal communities in Chilean temperate rainforests

C. Marín, R. Godoy, E. Valenzuela, M. Schloter, T. Wubet, J. Boy & S. Gschwendtner
By reducing soil organic matter and litter input, land-use changes are predicted to decrease total soil fungal diversity, but at functional levels this have been poorly studied. It is expected, though, that increasing disturbance decreases saprotrophic and mycorrhizal fungi biodiversity. This study aimed to determine the effects of land-use changes on the phylogenetic and functional diversity of soil fungi in the Southern Andes. We assessed the fungal communities of Andosol topsoil at 1 cm and...

Functional diversity of AAA+ protease complexes in Bacillus subtilis

A.K.W. Elsholz, M.S. Birk, E. Charpentier & K. Turgay
Here, we review the diverse roles and functions of AAA+ protease complexes in protein homeostasis, control of stress response and cellular development pathways by regulatory and general proteolysis in the Gram-positive model organism Bacillus subtilis. We discuss in detail the intricate involvement of AAA+ protein complexes in controlling sporulation, the heat shock response and the role of adaptor proteins in these processes. The investigation of these protein complexes and their adaptor proteins has revealed their...

First low-frequency Einstein@Home all-sky search for continuous gravitational waves in Advanced LIGO data

B.P. Abbott, R. Abbott, T.D. Abbott, F. Acernese, K. Ackley, C. Adams &
We report results of a deep all-sky search for periodic gravitational waves from isolated neutron stars in data from the first Advanced LIGO observing run. This search investigates the low frequency range of Advanced LIGO data, between 20 and 100 Hz, much of which was not explored in initial LIGO. The search was made possible by the computing power provided by the volunteers of the Einstein@Home project. We find no significant signal candidate and set...

Feasibility of Round Window Stimulation by a Novel Electromagnetic Microactuator

W.J. Van Drunen, M. Mueller, A. Glukhovskoy, R. Salcher, M.C. Wurz, T. Lenarz & H. Maier
Introduction. Most implantable hearing aids currently available were developed to compensate the sensorineural hearing loss by driving middle ear structures (e.g., the ossicles). These devices are successfully used in round window (RW) stimulation clinically, although this was initially not the intended use. Here, a novel microactuator, specifically designed for RW stimulation, was tested in human temporal bones to determine actuator performance and applicability. Methods. Stapes footplate response to RW stimulation was determined experimentally in human...

Fatigue behaviour of grouted connections at different ambient conditions and loading scenarios

P. Schaumann, A. Raba & A. Bechtel
Grouted connections are frequently used as structural detail of offshore wind turbines and platforms for the load transferring connection between piles and support structure. At latticed substructures this connection is commonly located at mudline. However, a potential influence of the surrounding water on the connection's fatigue behaviour was neglected in earlier tests and consequential design methods. Herein described experimental investigations at small and large-scale fatigue tests in submerged conditions showed a significant reduction of endurable...

Extraction of pluvial flood relevant volunteered geographic information (VGI) by deep learning from user generated texts and photos

Y. Feng & M. Sester
In recent years, pluvial floods caused by extreme rainfall events have occurred frequently. Especially in urban areas, they lead to serious damages and endanger the citizens' safety. Therefore, real-Time information about such events is desirable. With the increasing popularity of social media platforms, such as Twitter or Instagram, information provided by voluntary users becomes a valuable source for emergency response. Many applications have been built for disaster detection and flood mapping using crowdsourcing. Most of...

Extracting and Conserving Production Data as Test Cases in Executable Business Process Architectures

D. Lübke
Because executable business processes are an important and critical software asset of organizations because they control and integrate critical information systems. Thus, testing them thoroughly is a very important task within the software development process. However, failures due to implementation defects still occur in production, which in turn means that the development team needs to analyze, fix and repair the failing processes. In order to support the activities of reproducing the problem outside of the...

Evaluation of Alternative Paths for Reliable Routing in City Logistics

P.-O. Groß, J.F. Ehmke, I. Haas & D.C. Mattfeld
Due to varying traffic volumes and limited traffic infrastructure in urban areas, travel times are uncertain and differ during the day. In this environment, city logistics service providers (CLSP) have to fulfill deliveries in a cost-efficient and reliable manner. To ensure cost-efficient routing while satisfying promised delivery dates, information on the expected travel times between customers needs to be considered appropriately. Typically, vehicle routing is based on information from shortest paths between customers, to determine...

Energy-Saving performance of flap-Adjustment-based centrifugal fan

G. Chen, W. Xu, J. Zhao & H. Zhang
The current paper mainly focuses on finding a more appropriate way to enhance the fan performance at off-design conditions. The centrifugal fan (CF) based on flap-Adjustment (FA) has been investigated through theoretical, experimental, and finite element methods. To obtain a more predominant performance of CF from the different adjustments, we carried out a comparative analysis on FA and leading-Adjustment (LA) in aerodynamic performances, which included the adjusted angle of blades, total pressure, efficiency, system-efficiency, adjustment-efficiency,...

Electron capture detector based on a non-radioactive electron source: Operating parameters vs. Analytical performance

E. Bunert, A.T. Kirk, J. Oermann & S. Zimmermann
Gas chromatographs with electron capture detectors are widely used for the analysis of electron affine substances such as pesticides or chlorofluorocarbons. With detection limits in the low pptv range, electron capture detectors are the most sensitive detectors available for such compounds. Based on their operating principle, they require free electrons at atmospheric pressure, which are usually generated by a β- decay. However, the use of radioactive materials leads to regulatory restrictions regarding purchase, operation, and...

Efficient farming options for German apple growers under risk - A stochastic dominance approach

M.B.K. Röhrig, B. Hardeweg & W. Lentz
For a sustainable economic performance of apple production, the determination of efficient farming options considering production risk is crucial. Relying on a permanent crop, apple producers are less flexible to react upon disturbances. Based on data of 134 apple producers operating in the two main production areas in Germany, we compare and determine efficient production options. Furthermore, appropriate risk management instruments (RMIs) are identified using stochastic dominance criteria. In addition, we use Stochastic Efficiency with...

Efficient conceptual design for LED-based pixel light vehicle headlamps

M.P. Held & R. Lachmayer
High-resolution vehicle headlamps represent a future-oriented technology that can be used to increase traffic safety and driving comfort. As a further development to the current Matrix Beam headlamps, LED-based pixel light systems enable ideal lighting functions (e.g. projection of navigation information onto the road) to be activated in any given driving scenario. Moreover, compared to other light-modulating elements such as DMDs and LCDs, instantaneous LED on-off toggling provides a decisive advantage in efficiency. To generate...

Effects of data quality vetoes on a search for compact binary coalescences in Advanced LIGO's first observing run

B.P. Abbott, R. Abbott, T.D. Abbott, M.R. Abernathy, F. Acernese, K. Ackley & Al. Et
The first observing run of Advanced LIGO spanned 4 months, from 12 September 2015 to 19 January 2016, during which gravitational waves were directly detected from two binary black hole systems, namely GW150914 and GW151226. Confident detection of gravitational waves requires an understanding of instrumental transients and artifacts that can reduce the sensitivity of a search. Studies of the quality of the detector data yield insights into the cause of instrumental artifacts and data quality...

Dynamic Bid Pricing for an Optimized Resource Utilization in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

B. Denkena, M.-A. Dittrich & S. Stamm
Sales revenues of small and medium-sized enterprises are subject to seasonal fluctuation. This leads often to overloaded or underutilized manufacturing resources. Either way, this results in revenue losses. Therefore, companies have to optimize their resource utilization. This paper describes a new methodology for a dynamic bid price system by using correlations of revenue management in production planning to level the resource utilization. The methodology supports especially small and medium-sized enterprises, which are often affected by...

DMC practical experience and accuracy assessment

M. Madani, C. Dörstel, C. Heipke & K. Jacobsen
Accuracy of digital image data is expected to be better or at least the same as for analogue images. Since Z/I introduced its Digital Mapping Camera (DMC) into the market in early 2003, multiple projects have successfully been flown by different customers. The processing steps from data post processing to the final product generation are described. Investigations revealed a geometric accuracy which was at least similar and sometimes better than that usually achieved with analogue...

Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells into Functional Endothelial Cells in Scalable Suspension Culture

R. Olmer, L. Engels, A. Usman, S. Menke, M.N.H. Malik, F. Pessler, G. Göhring, D. Bornhorst, S. Bolten, S. Abdelilah-Seyfried, T. Scheper, H. Kempf, R. Zweigerdt & U. Martin
Endothelial cells (ECs) are involved in a variety of cellular responses. As multifunctional components of vascular structures, endothelial (progenitor) cells have been utilized in cellular therapies and are required as an important cellular component of engineered tissue constructs and in vitro disease models. Although primary ECs from different sources are readily isolated and expanded, cell quantity and quality in terms of functionality and karyotype stability is limited. ECs derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells...

Dielectric properties of single wall carbon nanotubes-based gelatin phantoms

M.M. Altarawneh, G.A. Alharazneh & O.Y. Al-Madanat
In this work, we report the dielectric properties of Single wall Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNTs)-based phantom that is mainly composed of gelatin and water. The fabricated gelatin-based phantom with desired dielectric properties was fabricated and doped with different concentrations of SWCNTs (e.g., 0%, 0.05%, 0.10%, 0.15%, 0.2%, 0.4% and 0.6%). The dielectric constants (real (Formula presented.) and imaginary (Formula presented.) were measured at different positions for each sample as a function of frequency (0.5–20(Formula presented.)GHz) and...

Developing a micro-simulation tool for autonomous connected vehicle platoons used in city logistics

I. Haas & B. Friedrich
The future holds great promise for the use of autonomous vehicles. Many daily activities which require the use of extensive manpower, will soon be performed with much less human interference, if at all. City logistics is an example of one such arena, which will most surely benefit from the introduction of autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicles will replace human couriers in the near future, and conduct delivery tasks. Given the current trends in the freight industry,...

Design and evaluation of split-ring resonators for aptamer-based biosensors

T. Reinecke, J.-G. Walter, T. Kobelt, A. Ahrens, T. Scheper & S. Zimmermann
Split-ring resonators are electrical circuits, which enable highly sensitive readout of split capacity changes via a measurement of the shift in the resonance frequency. Thus, functionalization of the split allows the development of biosensors, where selective molecular binding causes a change in permittivity and therefore a change in split capacity. In this work, we present a novel approach using transmission line theory to describe the dependency between permittivity of the sample and resonance frequency. This...

Curved WDVV equation and supersymmetric mechanics

N. Kozyrev, S. Krivonos, O. Lechtenfeld, A. Nersessian & A. Sutulin
We extend the relation between the Witten-Dijkgraaf-Verlinde-Verlinde equation and N = 4 supersymmetric mechanics to arbitrary curved spaces. The resulting curved WDVV equation is written in terms of the third rank Codazzi tensor. We provide the solutions of the curved WDVV equation for the so(n) symmetric conformally flat metrics. We also explicitly demonstrate how each solution of the flat WDVV equation can be lifted up to the curved WDVV solution on the conformally flat spaces....

Improving the seismic isolation for the AEI 10 m prototype

Gerald Bergmann
The first detection of gravitational waves (GWs) on September 14, 2015 as well as the subsequent observations brought forth a new era in astronomy, which offers new insights into the nature of the universe. Future GW observatory networks, with even higher sensitivity, will make GW observations a routine occurrence. Test facilities, such as the AEI 10m prototype, provide an environment for developing novel technologies for these future detectors. The AEI 10m prototype offers a low...

Comparison of six different silicones in vitro for application as glaucoma drainage device

C. Windhövel, L. Harder, J.-P. Bach, M. Teske, N. Grabow, T. Eickner, U. Hinze, B. Chichkov & I. Nolte
Silicones are widely used in medical applications. In ophthalmology, glaucoma drainage devices are utilized if conservative therapies are not applicable or have failed. Long-term success of these devices is limited by failure to control intraocular pressure due to fibrous encapsulation. Therefore, different medical approved silicones were tested in vitro for cell adhesion, cell proliferation and viability of human Sclera (hSF) and human Tenon fibroblasts (hTF). The silicones were analysed also depending on the sample preparation...

Culturally sensitive adaptation of the concept of relational communication therapy as a support to language development: An exploratory study in collaboration with a Tanzanian orphanage

Ulrike Schütte
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of the study was to adapt the German concept of relational communication therapy (RCT) as a support to language development in a Tanzanian early childhood education context in a culturally sensitive way. Following the adaptation of the concept, a training programme for Tanzanian caregiver students was developed to compare their competencies in language didactics before and after training.METHODS: A convergent mixed methods design was used to examine changes following training in 12...

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