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GROTOAP2 sample

Dominika Tkaczyk, Pawe\U0142 Szostek & Bolikowski, \U0141ukasz
A sample of 132 ground truth files along with a bash script for downloading the corresponding PDF files. The full GROTOAP2 dataset can be obtained from [http://cermine.ceon.pl/grotoap2/](http://cermine.ceon.pl/grotoap2/).

Calcium removal in hemodialysis

Jacek Waniewski, Malgorzata Debowska, Alicja Wojcik-Zaluska, Andrzej Ksiazek & Wojciech Zaluska
Data included in this collection are connected with the article "Quantification of Dialytic Removal and Extracellular Calcium Mass Balance during a Weekly Cycle of Hemodialysis" in PLOS ONE.

D\u0142ugi ogon internetu

Karol Kr\Xf3l
Strategia d\u0142ugiego ogona w internetowej promocji agroturystyki, d\u0142ugi ogon, wyszukiwanie, widoczno\u015b\u0107, dost\u0119pno\u015b\u0107, optymalizacja


Dorota Dzierzbicka
The tables present documentary papyri that form the source base for the published research paper "Wine dealers and their networks in Roman and Byzantine Egypt. Some remarks", Proceedings of the 28th International Congress of Papyrology, Barcelona 2016, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona 2019). They constitute supplementary data for the paper.

Atlas dost\u0119pno\u015bci do us\u0142ug publicznych

Marcin St\U0119pniak, S\U0142awomir Goliszek & Rafa\U0142 Wi\U015bniewski
Atlas dost\u0119pno\u015bci do us\u0142ug publicznych zawiera kartograficzn\u0105 ilustracj\u0119 wynik\xf3w projektu GIService - Zastosowanie GIS w badaniach dost\u0119pno\u015bci przestrzennej us\u0142ug - koncepcje, metody, implikacje, finansowanego ze \u015brodk\xf3w Narodowego Centrum Nauki na podstawie decyzji nr DEC-2013/09/D/HS4/02679. W analizach uwzgl\u0119dniono pi\u0119\u0107 kategorii us\u0142ug publicznych: administracj\u0119 publiczn\u0105, opiek\u0119 nad dzie\u0107mi, edukacj\u0119, s\u0142u\u017cb\u0119 zdrowia oraz plac\xf3wki kultury. Ka\u017cdemu zagadnieniu po\u015bwi\u0119cono osobny arkusz, a mapy dost\u0119pno\u015bci do us\u0142ug medycznych zamieszczono na dw\xf3ch arkuszach. Ostatni arkusz zawiera mapy pokazuj\u0105ce przestrzenne zr\xf3\u017cnicowanie warto\u015bci...

Baza danych z badania Uwarunkowania adaptacyjno\u015bci mazowieckich przedsi\u0119biorstw

Dominik Batorski, Marek B\U0142a\U017cewicz, Dominika Czerniawska & Maria Pacuska
Kompletny zbi\xf3r danych z badania w formacie .csv


Marta Hoffman-Sommer, Christine Klaus & Edda Klipp
This file contains images of graphs obtained by plotting the processed data from the file MAPK-PP-normalized_data. Descriptions of the plots can be found in the ReadMe file.

Time-resolved photocrystallographic data for model tetranuclear copper(I) complex (November 2018 14-ID-B APS)

Katarzyna N. Jarzembska, Rados\U0142aw Kami\U0144ski, Sylwia E. Kutniewska & Dariusz Szarejko
Time-resolved (TR) laser-pump / X-ray-probe data sets collected at the BioCARS 14-ID-B APS beamline. The repository also contains additional data related to the beamline, data collection procedures and data processing results. Numbering of data sets is arbitrary. Additionally, in-house (IH) data sets are provided which serve as a reference for various TR diffraction data sets, and are analysed in the source article.


Dominika Tkaczyk
GROTOAP2-citations (GROund Truth for Open Access Publications) is a dataset useful for training and performance evaluation of citation parsing. The dataset was built automatically from Cora-ref and PubMed Central Open Access Subset resources. It contains 6,858 parsed citations, storing both the raw citation strings as well as fragments marked as authors, title, source, volume, issue, pages and year.

The data from GeneSilico MetaServer for CASP9 (2010) targets

Lukasz Kozlowski & Janusz Bujnicki
GeneSilico Metaserver data for all CASP9 targets (predictions, models and alignments).

Single-crystal X-ray diffraction datasets for the high-temperature phase of hypoxantinium nitrate hydrate

Ma\U0142gorzata Katarzyna Cabaj & Paulina Maria Dominiak
The crystals of the title compound were investigated by means of X-ray diffraction at four different temperatures: 240, 255, 270 and 285 K. The dataset contains eight zip files:\r\n\r\n* Hx1_HT_240K_raw with unprocessed diffraction data from hypoxanthinium nitrate hydrate collected at 240 K.\r\n* Hx1_HT_240K_model with the final structure model obtained from the raw data collected at 240 K.\r\n* Hx1_HT_255K_raw with unprocessed diffraction data from hypoxanthinium nitrate hydrate collected at 255 K.\r\n* Hx1_HT_255K_model with the final structure...


Milosz Ruszkowski
X-ray diffraction dataset for Medicago truncatula inorganic pyrophosphatase; I23 crystal form

High-resolution single-crystal X-ray diffraction dataset for 2,6-diaminopurine hydrate at 90K

Urszula Anna Budniak, Katarzyna Natalia Jarzembska & Paulina Maria Dominiak
The crystals of the title compound were obtained by slow solvent evaporation technique. 15 mg of 2,6-diaminopurine (approximately 0.1 mmol) was added to 5 ml of water in a glass vial and heated for ca. 15 minutes with stirring. To improve dissolving, few drops of 0.5 M NaOH solution were added. The hot mixture was allowed to cool down to the room temperature in vial, covered with a thin layer of parafilm with tiny holes...

Isoelectric point for Swissprot proteins Dec 2015

Lukasz P. Kozlowski
__Predicted isoelectric point for all SwissProt proteins (Dec 2015) done using 18 different algorithms. __ Over 500k of protein sequences. Compressed using 7zip. \r\n\r\n__Primary reference: __ Kozlowski LP (2016) IPC - Isoelectric Point Calculator. Biology Direct 11:55. doi: 10.1186/s13062-016-0159-9\r\n\r\n__www:__ http://isoelectric.ovh.org

Results of pulse wave analysis performed in hemodialysis patients and healthy subjects

Jan Poleszczuk
Two standard hemodialysis (HD) sessions were monitored in 35 anuric, prevalent hemodialysis patients. At the time of the study none of the patients had diagnosed cardiovascular disease. All patients underwent their regular treatment with ultrafiltration volume set to achieve patient-specific post-disalytic dry weight . All patients had arteriovenous fistulas. We enrolled an additional group of 32 healthy volunteers (control group) in order to investigate further the differences between HD and general population. The only enrollment...


Dominika Tkaczyk, Artur Czeczko, Krzysztof Rusek, Bolikowski, \U0141ukasz & Roman Bogacewicz
A test set useful for training and performance evaluation of page segmentation and zone classification tasks. The test set contains input articles in a digital form and corresponding ground truth files. All input documents included in the test set have been selected from DOAJ database, which indexes articles published under CC-BY license. The whole test set is available under the same license.

Kwestionariusz z badania Uwarunkowania adaptacyjno\u015bci mazowieckich przedsi\u0119biorstw

Dominik Batorski, Marek B\U0142a\U017cewicz, Dominika Czerniawska & Maria Pacuska
Kwestionariusz z badania Uwarunkowania adaptacyjno\u015bci mazowieckich przedsi\u0119biorstw

Time-course data of the phosphorylation of MAP kinases in yeast cells treated with alpha-factor and/or salt

Marta Hoffman-Sommer, Christine Klaus & Edda Klipp
This dataset contains the results of an experiment meant to investigate crosstalk between Ste11-dependent mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathways in cells of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Yeast cells were stimulated with the hormone alpha-factor and with salt (NaCl) in three different scenarios: (1) only alpha-factor, (2) alpha-factor and salt simultaneously, (3) only salt. Samples were drawn from the cultures at defined time points after stimulation, total proteins were isolated and analyzed by Western blotting with...

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