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Die Baulichkeiten des Zoologischen Gartens in Berlin; 1877

Hermann Ende & Wilhelm Böckmann

Vorlagen zum Zeichnen von Gartenplänen; 1896

Friedrich Lucas & Pomologisches Institut Reutlingengndhttp://D-Nb.Info/Gnd/Http://D-Nb.Info/Gnd/5090834-0Pomologisches Institut Reutlingen

Die Gartenstadtbewegung; 1909

Hans Kampffmeyer

Towards exact molecular dynamics simulations with invariant machine-learned models

Stefan Chmiela
Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations constitute the cornerstone of contemporary atomistic modeling in chemistry, biology, and materials science. However, one of the widely recognized and increasingly pressing issues in MD simulations is the lack of accuracy of underlying classical interatomic potentials, which hinders truly predictive modeling of dynamics and function of (bio)molecular systems. Classical potentials often fail to faithfully capture key quantum effects in molecules and materials. In this thesis, we develop a combined machine learning...

GIS-Based Mapping of Ecosystem Services: The Case of Coral Reefs

Luke Brandner, Florian Eppink, Jan Philipp Schägner, Pieter Van Beukering & Alfred Wagtendonk
This chapter illustrates the process of mapping ecosystem service values with an application to coral reef recreational values in Southeast Asia. The case study provides an estimate of the value of reef-related recreation foregone, due to the decline in coral reef area in Southeast Asia, under a baseline scenario for the period 2000 – 2050. This value is estimated by combining a visitor model, meta-analytic value function and spatial data on individual coral reef ecosystems...

Monitoring recreation across European nature areas: A geo-database of visitor counts, a review of literature and a call for a visitor counting reporting standard

Jan Philipp Schägner, Joachim Maes, Luke Brandner, Maria Luisa Paracchini, Volkmar Hartje & Gregoire Dubois
Nature recreation and tourism is a substantial ecosystem service of Europe’s countryside that has a substantial economic value and contributes considerably to income and employment of local communities. Highlighting the recreational value and economic contribution of nature areas can be used as a strong argument for the funding of protected and recreational areas. The total number of recreational visits of a nature area has been recognised as a major determinant of its economic recreational value...

Mapping ecosystem services' values: Current practice and future prospects

Jan Philipp Schägner, Luke Brandner, Joachim Maes & Volkmar Hartje
Mapping of ecosystem services' (ESS) values means valuing ESS in monetary terms across a relatively large geographical area and assessing how values vary across space. Thereby, mapping of ESS values reveals additional information as compared to traditional site-specific ESS valuation, which is beneficial for designing land use policies for maintaining ESS supply. Since the well-known article by Costanza et al. (1997), who mapped global ESS values, the number of publications mapping ESS values has grown...

On the spatial resolution of virtual acoustic environments for head movements in horizontal, vertical, and lateral direction

Alexander Lindau & Stefan Weinzierl
Dynamic binaural synthesis based on binaural room impulse responses (BRIRs) for a discrete grid of head orientations can provide an auralization naturally responding to head movements in all rotational degrees of freedom. Several experiments have been conducted in order to determine thresholds of just detectable BRIR grid resolution for all three rotational directions of head movements using an adaptive 3-AFC procedure. Different audio stimuli as well as BRIR datasets measured in different acoustic environments were...

Synchronization and learning in networks of chemical oscillators

Enrico Fengler
In this thesis, the collective behavior of chemical oscillators in adaptive networks with time-dependent coupling weights is studied theoretically and experimentally. About 100-150 micro meter in size catalytic beads based on the Belousov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) oscillatory chemical reaction are fixed in an array of conical slots covered by a gel layer, and are placed into contact with BZ solution in an open reactor to maintain stationary non-equilibrium conditions. Using the light-sensitive redox catalyst Ru(dmbpy)32+, the individual...

Coupled system of Maxwell equations and circuit equations in electro-magnetism

Helia Niroomand Rad
This thesis is devoted to modeling electro-magnetic coupling, the so-called crosstalk phenomenon, in circuit simulation, where a new modeling approach via bilateral coupling of the Maxwell equations with circuit equations is considered. Using the bilaterally coupled model allows full simulation of the crosstalk phenomenon in the evolution of time, when the disturbances generated by the excitation current are themselves causing the excitation current to be influenced. In fact, the additional coupling relation corresponding to the...

Untersuchungen an weich schaltenden DC/DC Konvertern zur Versorgung von Hochleistungs-Diodenlasern

Tammo Winkler
Gedruckt erschienen im Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin, ISBN 978-3-7983-3078-8 (ISSN 2367-3761).

The reimbursement of new medical technologies in German inpatient care: What factors explain which hospitals receive innovation payments?

Patricia Ex, Verena Vogt, Reinhard Busse & Cornelia Henschke
Most hospital payment systems based on diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) provide payments for newly approved technologies. In Germany, they are negotiated between individual hospitals and health insurances. The aim of our study is to assess the functioning of temporary reimbursement mechanisms. We used multilevel logistic regression to examine factors at the hospital and state levels that are associated with agreeing innovation payments. Dependent variable was whether or not a hospital had successfully negotiated innovation payments in...

Changing payment instruments and the utilisation of new medical technologies

Patricia Ex & Cornelia Henschke
This paper empirically investigates the impact of additional reimbursement instruments on the diffusion of new technologies in inpatient care. Using 2010–2014 German panel data on hospital level for every patient undergoing coronary angioplasty, this study examines the utilisation of drug-eluting balloon catheters (DEB) over time while additional payment instruments changed. Hypothesising that the utilisation of DEB increased abruptly when a new reimbursement instrument came into force, we estimate a fixed effects regression comparing years with...

Neutrophile Eisenbakterien

Bertram Schmidt
The aim of this work was to study a group of bacteria, which has been investigated since many years but still remains mysterious: the neutrophilic iron bacteria. These were explored on the one hand in their natural habitats, which were places in the National Park "Lower Oder Valley" in Germany and newly found sites on the island Tierra del Fuego in Argentina. Furthermore there was the opportunity to take part in an expedition to search...

Lüftung und Heizung von Schulen; 2019

Hermann Rietschel

Deutsche Dendrologie; 1880

Wilhelm Lauche

Effects of bank filtration on lake ecosystems

Mikael Gillefalk
With ongoing population growth and increasing urbanisation the pressure on urban water bodies increases. In 2015 four billion people, more than half of the world’s population, lived in cities. The task to provide them with safe drinking water is massive. In case of severe pollution the production of drinking water using surface water can be risky and expensive. The preferred raw water source is therefore groundwater. But groundwater resources are often scarce; groundwater depletion is...

Shaping of membranes by arc-like particles

Francesco Bonazzi
This dissertation analyzes the interaction of biomembranes with arc-like particles, which gives rise to complex morphologies of organelles inside cells. The shaping of membranes is investigated with coarse-grained modeling and Monte Carlo simulations. In the coarse-grained model, the membrane is described as a discretized elastic surface, and the particles as segmented arcs. Concave arc-like particles, i.e. particles interacting with the membrane on their concave side, shape membranes by inducing positive curvature at their binding sites....

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