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Wasserbecken für kleine und große Gärten; 1937

Harry Maasz & Constantin Rudolf Jelitto

Characterization data of reference cement CEM I 42.5 R used for Priority Program DFG SPP 2005 “Opus Fluidum Futurum - Rheology of reactive, multiscale, multiphase construction materials”

Zichen Lu, Michael Haist, Dimitri Ivanov, Cordula Jakob, Daniel Jansen, Sarah Leinitz, Julian Link, Viktor Mechtcherine, Jürgen Neubauer, Johann Plank, Wolfram Schmidt, Carsten Schilde, Christof Schröfl, Thomas Sowoidnich & Dietmar Stephan
A thorough characterization of starting materials is the precondition for further research, especially for cement, which contains various phases and presents quite a complex material for fundamental scientific investigation. In the paper at hand, the characterization data of the reference cement CEM I 42.5 R used within the priority program 2005 of the German Research Foundation (DFG SPP 2005) are presented from the aspects of chemical and mineralogical compositions as well as physical and chemical...

Uncovering the prominent role of metal ions in octahedral versus tetrahedral sites of cobalt-zinc oxide catalysts for efficient oxidation of water

Prashanth W. Menezes, Arindam Indra, Arno Bergmann, Petko Chernev, Carsten Walter, Holger Dau, Peter Strasser & Matthias Drieß
Dieser Beitrag ist mit Zustimmung des Rechteinhabers aufgrund einer (DFG geförderten) Allianz- bzw. Nationallizenz frei zugänglich.

Braess's Paradox in an Agent-based Transport Model

Theresa Thunig & Kai Nagel
Braess's paradox states that adding a link to the network can increase total travel time in a user equilibrium. In this paper, Braess's paradox is analyzed in the agent-based transport simulation MATSim. It can be observed, that two different types of the paradox occur: In the absence of spill back effects, the delay per agent caused by adding a new link is bounded, i.e. the delay per agent will not increase by extending the time...

Liquid phase crystallized silicon on sinusoidal textured glass substrates

Grit Köppel
The aim of this thesis is to identify a light trapping scheme for liquid phase crystallized silicon thin-film solar cells providing anti-reflective properties in the wavelength range of interest and to demonstrate its suitability for maintaining the silicon material quality. Since the silicon material quality is mainly determined by the crystallization step, the interplay between a substrate texture and the liquid phase crystallization process is analyzed. Nanoimprinted high-temperature stable front surface textures using hexagonal sinusoidal...

Developing and Standardising Definitions for Research Information: Framework and Methods of Successful Process Documentation

Mathias Riechert, Sophie Biesenbender & Christoph Quix
We present a framework for a transparency-oriented process of developing semantic definitions for research information. The framework is applied to the project “Research Core Dataset” (2013-2015) that provided the context for developing a set of core definitions for research information for the German science system.

A Model for the Development of Sustainable Innovations for the Early Phase of the Innovation Process

Tim Stock, Michael Obenaus, Amara Slaymaker & Günther Seliger
Current industrial development is faced by the global challenge to meet the continuously growing demand for capital and consumer goods in emerging countries while simultaneously ensuring a sustainable industrial growth in the social, environmental and economic dimension. By means of market dynamics of cooperation and competition in global value creation and knowledge networks, innovations geared towards sustainability can be essential drivers for realizing a sustainable development. The targeted development of new sustainable innovations is consequently...

Modelling National Research Information Contexts Based on CERIF

Christoph Quix & Mathias Riechert
We present the results of the data modelling in the project ‘Research Core Dataset’ (2013-2015) that provided the context for developing a set of core definitions for research information for the German science system. In this paper, we focus on the data modelling aspects of the project, whereas another submission focuses on the management of the discussion phase and visualization of the argumentation process in the project. We present how the data model has been...

Comparatively Assessing different Shapes of Lithium-ion Battery Cells

Robert Schröder, Muhammed Aydemir & Günther Seliger
Different shapes of lithium-ion batteries (LIB) are competing as energy storages for the automobile application. The shapes can be divided into cylindrical and prismatic, whereas the prismatic shape can be further divided in regard to the housing stability in Hard-Case and Pouch. Within this paper, the differences in manufacturing costs and efforts as well as the shape related advantages and disadvantages for an automobile application are discussed. Additionally, the process steps for manufacturing the prismatic...

Sustainability in Model-based Planning and Control of Global Value Creation Networks

Nicole Oertwig, Roland Jochem & Thomas Knothe
Manufacturing companies are affected by an increasing complexity driven thru fast changing requirements in the global market. To meet the large catalogue of requirements, enterprises are forming global value creation networks and provide services jointly. The existing time pressure and the involvement of many stakeholders results in a demand of methods and tools for a quick configuration of such networks. Beside the management of material, information and money flows the quest of a sustainable corporate...

Competitive Sustainable Globalization General Considerations and Perspectives

Francesco Jovane, Günther Seliger & Tim Stock
Globalization has essentially empowered both newly industrialized and early industrialized countries but also caused considerable global challenges on economic, environmental, and social stability. Trends and risks of globalization and sustainability are specified by reports of global stakeholders as IMF, OECD, UN and its related organizations, WEF, WTO, and WWF. Competitive Sustainable Globalization (CSG) is introduced as a new paradigm and as a means to cope with the respective challenges. Competitive Sustainable Manufacturing (CSM) can be...

Open Educational Resources as a Driver for Manufacturing-related Education for Learning of Sustainable Development

Ina Roeder, Mustafa Severengiz, Rainer Stark & Günther Seliger
Since the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) launched its OpenCourseWare program in 2002, the idea of an open and democratic education has spread rapidly all over the globe. Under the name of “Open Educational Resources” (OER), innumerable working sheets, curricular and teaching units have been developed and shared digitally under free commons licenses, connecting teachers and learners worldwide. Especially with regard to the UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Program, the concept has been allocated...

Increasing Construction Quality of External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) by Revealing on-site Degradation Factors

Virgo Sulakatko, Eneli Liisma & Erki Soekov
The installation of External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS) enables to protect building envelope from natural weather effects and increase energy efficiency. As the system can be installed externally with simple work methods the usage is growing in European countries. The quality of the outcomeisinfluencedby design, material selection, and on-site construction process. The on-site fixing process of ETICS is guided by numerous regulations and guidelines which have aninsignificant impact on the actual construction technology. A...

A Comparison of Best Practices of Public and Private Support Incentives for the Remanufacturing Industry

Thomas Guidat, Johnannes Seidel, Holger Kohl & Günther Seliger
In the context of resource constraints and the negative environmental and social impacts of the linear “take-make-dispose” pattern, remanufacturing offers a promising solution for the transformation of end of life (EOL) goods into products with equal or superior specifications and lifetime as compared with newly produced goods. The increasing success of this new industrial paradigm results from the possible combination of production costs reduction and profit maximization as well as efforts to increase environmental performance...

Dynamic Model of Chloralkali Membrane Process

Thomas Budiarto, Erik Esche, Jens-Uwe Repke & Edi Leksono
Chloralkali is one of the most important and energy intensive processes in the chemical industry. The process produces chlorine through electrochemical conversion. The process's energy consumption is a major production cost for the chloralkali industry. Since the demand for energy efficiency and environmentally friendly processes in industry increases, ion exchange membranes are used intensively in the process. One of the prospective energy sources for this process is renewable energy, which shows strong fluctuations and highly...

Automated Anomaly Detection in Virtualized Services Using Deep Packet Inspection

Marcel Wallschläger, Anton Gulenko, Florian Schmidt, Odej Kao & Feng Liu
Virtualization technologies have proven to be important drivers for the fast and cost-efficient development and deployment of services. While the benefits are tremendous, there are many challenges to be faced when developing or porting services to virtualized infrastructure. Especially critical applications like Virtualized Network Functions must meet high requirements in terms of reliability and resilience. An important tool when meeting such requirements is detecting anomalous system components and recovering the anomaly before it turns into...

STEAM: A Platform for Scalable Spatiotemporal Analytics

Bersant Deva, Philip Raschke, Sandro Rodriguez Garzon & Axel Küpper
Spatiotemporal datasets have become increasingly available with the introduction of a various set of applications and services trac- ing the behavior of moving objects. Recently, there has been a high demand in understanding these datasets using spatiotemporal analytics. While being considered of high value, spatiotemporal analytics did not yet see a wide spreading into the actual business workflow or the direct configuration of services and applications. The computational complexity for spatiotemporal datasets and the heterogeneity...

Substitution of Coolant by Using a Closed Internally Cooled Milling Tool

Eckart Uhlmann, Hendrik Riemer, Danny Schröter, Fiona Sammler & Sebastian Richarz
The saving of raw materials plays a major role in industry and is becoming increasingly important. In the field of cutting technology, the aim is to maximise practices such as the substitution of coolant and the steady increase of tool life in order to make an effective contribution towards environmental protection. Concerning the saving of coolant and to enhance the performance in dry machining a milling tool with a closed internally cooled system was developed....

Mapping and Integrating Value Creation Factors with Life-cycle Stages for Sustainable Manufacturing

Pinar Bilge, Soner Emec, Günther Seliger & I. S. Jawahir
Instead of implementing each element individually, engineers must be aware of multiple interactions among all major value creation factors and their life-cycle stages. Interactions are analyzed by a set of factors and hierarchical levels within a production system based on empirical observations and described in analytical models. Such analyses and missing information about the current condition of the system and its parts remain limited to addressing specific aspects of interactions among factors and stages for...

Towards single-valued polylogarithms in two variables for the seven-point remainder function in multi-Regge kinematics

Johannes Brödel, Martin Sprenger & Alejandro Torres Orjuela
We investigate single-valued polylogarithms in two complex variables, which are relevant for the seven-point remainder function in super-Yang–Mills theory in the multi-Regge regime. After constructing these two-dimensional polylogarithms, we determine the leading logarithmic approximation of the seven-point remainder function up to and including five loops.

MOCVD-ZnSe-Schichten als Puffer in CuInS2-Solarzellen

Olga Papathanasiou
Chalkopyrit-Solarzellen mit CuInS2-Absorber, welcher eine Bandlücke von 1.54 eV aufweist, sind eine viel versprechende Alternative zu Cu(In,Ga)Se2-Solarzellen. Es wurden bisher Wirkungsgrade von 11.4 % erzielt [Klaer '98]. Die höchsten Wirkungsgrade werden mit einer nasschemisch abgeschiedenen CdS-Pufferschicht erreicht. Aufgrund der hohen Ansprüche an die Umweltverträglichkeit der Solarzellen, soll das Schwermetall Kadmium durch ein weniger umweltbedenkliches Material ersetzt werden. In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird erstmalig als Alternative zum CdS-Puffer für die CuInS2-Solarzellen ein ZnSe-Puffer untersucht, welcher mittels...

Ein Beitrag zur Erzeugung nichtlinearer Entwurfsseegänge im numerischen Wellenkanal

Seong-Jae Jeong
Eine Extremwelle ist durch hohe Nichtlinearität gekennzeichnet und tritt typischerweise als transientes Ereignis auf. Der Energietransport bei der Wellenausbreitung bestimmt die extremen Wellenereignisse sog. "Freak waves" und kann mit der linearen Wellentheorie nicht mit ausreichender Genauigkeit berechnet werden. Für die Auslegung maritimer Systeme ist die genaue Kenntnis der maximal auftretenden Belastung infolge Welleneinwirkung essentiell. Hohe Bedeutung haben dabei nichtlineare Entwurfsseegänge mit definierter Oberflächenauslenkung, bei denen die gesamte Information des Wellenzuges sowohl im Orts- als auch...

Anisotropic plasmonic nanoparticle arrays for surface-enhanced biosensors

Dimitra Gkogkou
Plasmonic structures exhibiting surface enhancement properties can lead to hypersensitive, label-free and analyte-specific detection of organic molecules. The motivation of this work is the realization and study of optically anisotropic plasmonic substrates for combining SERS (surface enhanced Raman scattering) and SEIRA (surface enhanced infrared absorption) spectroscopy. These properties can be ultimately used for chemical- and bio-sensing purposes. Silver was deposited on pre-patterned rippled silicon surface, with ripple periodicity in the range of 40-50 nm. The...

Survey Musik und Medien 2012: Audio Media Usage in Germany - Audio Sources - Audio Sources used in 2012 - Versatile Traditionalists

Steffen Lepa
Where did everyday music come from in 2012? Audio Sources describe those distribution channels by means of which music is purchased, archived and made accessible. This includes physical recordings (CD, LP, MC etc.), electronic services in terms of downloading and streaming of digital music (iTunes, last.fm, Spotify etc.) as well as traditional radio reception and last but not least musical content on websites or digital storage media. Versatile Traditionalists constitute the most prevalent audio repertoire...

Measurement strategy for a production-related multi-scale inspection of formed work pieces

Andreas Loderer, Bogdan Galovskyi, Wito Hartmann & Tino Hausotte
Part of: Seliger, Günther (Ed.): Innovative solutions : proceedings / 11th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing, Berlin, Germany, 23rd - 25th September, 2013. - Berlin: Universitätsverlag der TU Berlin, 2013. - ISBN 978-3-7983-2609-5 (online). - http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:de:kobv:83-opus4-40276. - pp. 143–148.

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